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Welcome to the home of the Nintendo WebRing! If your interested and would like to know more about the WebRing then your in the right place; The Nintendo WebRing is a ring about pages that are about Nintendo games, systems, people, etc. Any Nintendo related site can join, not just sites about the N64, or the SNES. Any company or any game, if it's appeared on a Nintendo system then please join!

S t e p s f o r J o i n i n g

1) Make sure your site follows all the rules for joining.
2) Join the queue. You'll get the HTML for the Ring.
3) Insert the WebRing HTML into your website
4) E-mail kukumoogle@geocities.com or someone else in the Ring to add you.
5) Wait to be added and let those hits come. :)

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The Finale - Super Mario 64

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