B J Holloway's film of A Voyage to Arcturus

Catalogue entry

Still from Barry Holloway's filmMany, many thanks to Robert Whitaker Sirignano for providing the following information and still, from the catalogue of Audio Brandon, a film distribution company (now out of business):

Aided by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, B J Holloway has made an unusually absorbing independent feature, based on David Lindsay's science-fiction allegory. The story concerns a young man's journey to Tormance, the only inhabited planet of the double star Arcturus. On Tormance, the youth travels through strange lands, where he slays dragons, eats hallucinogenic fruits, and is helped and challenged by Arcturian men and women, who are able to read his mind. When Allpain, the second sun, rises over the great ocean, the youth discovers the terrible secret of Arcturus.

Working with and extremely low budget and actors drawn from the students and faculty of Antioch College, Holloway has created a surprisingly professional and gripping film. Excellent use of special effects and natural locales provides an eerie mood throughout.


A Voyage to Arcturus
Director B J Holloway
Screenplay B J Holloway and Sally Holloway, based on a novel by David Lindsay
Photography and editing B J Holloway
Featuring David Eldred, Tom Hastings, Susan Junge and Leon Holster
Duration 80 minutes
Released 1971
Of the above participants, I could only find one name on IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase), and that was Leon Holster, who has one credit as a "document reader." Click here to go to it.

If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of any copies of this film, please let me know.

Above text taken from the Audio Brandon catalogue