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As you can see, Texas Roots has a new design, a new address and is hosted at an entirely different location.  Along with these changes also comes a new mission.  That mission is stated in the tagline above...."The Gateway to Your Texas Ancestry."  It is my goal to make Texas Roots your primary site for research into your Texas ancestral connections.

You'll see a lot of new developments over the coming months.  The developments will focus on helping you discover and explore your Texas Ancestry.  But, you'll also continue to see the things with which you are familiar.  For example, my Cox Family Genealogy will still be online and so will the Limestone County, Texas cemetery surveys. 

I am reworking the cemetery surveys.  As many of you know, the database began having a corruption problem several months ago.  It seems that the harder I try to fix the problem, the worse the problem becomes.  So, I'm completely redoing the database and will be posting those updates as they are completed.

Please bookmark the site and return regularly to see the progress.  And, be sure to sign up for my new newsletter.  In it, you'll get lots of general genealogy tips, Texas specific tips and regular updates on the status of developments here at Texas Roots.

Oh, one more thing.  Let me make a comment about the flags above and to your right.  Yes, those are Confederate flags.  The Confederate flag flew over Texas from 1861-1865.  There were several different flag designs of the Confederacy and each of these flags is one of the actual designs.  I'm not making a political statement with these flags.  I'm simply showing a slice of Texas history.  That is, after all, one of the reasons this site exists.

Thanks for visiting and...

Happy Hunting!

Harvey L. Cox

There are 2156 individuals and 792 families representing 543 surnames in my Cox Family database. 
The most common surnames are Boone, Cox, Ellis, Follis, Head, Hendrix, Kilpatrick, McGee, Seale, Tidwell

These records are for all cemeteries in Limestone County, Texas.  The records were originally compiled in the mid-1980s.  If you find information in these records you know to be inaccurate, please email me the corrections along with any evidence you may have for the correct data. 





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