Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 7, 2000 (4 Chicchan, 13 Tzotz, 9 Eb)

Greetings! We come with valuable information for you. At present, your home-world is in transition. Mother Earth is activating many regions on her surface to redistribute a vast accumulation of energy now contained in her lower crust. If not attended to soon, this energy has the potential to create a number of truly worldwide major seismic events and to trigger some major volcanic eruptions. To prevent such tragedy, we are putting you on notice that such catastrophes are possible. We ask that you assist us by using your wonderful energies to help Mother Earth as she relieves her crust of these forces. In addition, your Sun continues to send to her many daughter planets enormous amounts of her energies, which are helping to destabilize some of the many safeguards that the Galactic Federation of Light fleets have put into place. Fortunately, these fleets have begun specific activities to strengthen these safeguards. As always, our various procedures contain our proper degree of monitoring, as well as of our constant adjustments.

      Our works are tied into yours. This project is a divine mission, whose purpose is to assure your transition into full consciousness. Hence, your reality has surrounded your scientists with many strange abnormalities. These earthly and celestial portents are a sign that your reality has changed, indeed, and that you are thoroughly engulfed in a Creation that your present form of limited consciousness cannot possibly learn to comprehend. Instead, you need to reach out and garner a higher degree of awareness. This process is part of what your current procedures are all about. Another major part is the divine reconnection to your spiritual and space families, which promises to truly set you free! You are traveling along a path filled with many strange events, accompanied by a large number of assorted aches and pains and a vivid reminder of many past unpleasant emotional events. All of these are being accomplished to transform you, and to swiftly integrate you in a new and most amazing manner. This process can be viewed as a motley combination of Creation's many macro- and microcosms.

      As noted in numerous past messages, you exist, simultaneously, on many different levels. You embody the grandness of your celestial Order and the great Life-stream that contains your Soul. In addition, you are participating in many physical lifetimes. All of these elements can be found within you. Yet, you remain largely ignorant of their existence. These extraordinary things are to become apparent to you when you achieve full consciousness. However, blessed Hearts, you already possess the ability to use this for the to accelerate your inner growth. What you presently lack is the awareness with which to employ these gifts. To this end, we have begun to mutate your RNA/DNA protein strands and the numerous modules that are located throughout your central nervous system. These items are attached to practically every cell in your body. Their activation is a two-step procedure. First, you need to be able to handle a greater amount of special information energy, as happens when the base frequency of your body and the capture frequency found in your DNA are increased. Then, you must develop a means to utilize this energy.

      The means to fully utilize this energy comes from practicing a daily consciousness-expanding ritual, for example, a group or individual meditation. Various physical exercises can be further employed, both to strengthen the body and allow it to unblock the movement of its energies. Useful exercises such as these are found in both Eastern and Western traditions. We ask simply that, once again, you use your inner discernment to discover what type of meditation or system of energy-enhancing exercises you intend to choose. Once you have done so, stick to your practice and see it not as an obligation, but as a procedure that you both enjoy and look forward to. Remember that you are a physical Angel who is quickly rediscovering your lost identity. Do so with diligence and in a way that brings you joy. Never lose sight of the importance of feeding your inner and outer joy. Ultimately, this glee is your natural state. Be ever aware how wonderful is this joy and how close you are to living, constantly, in its divine grace.

      As this energy intensifies within you, you become more aware of Spirit. You start to realize that your physical body is, indeed, a form of specially concentrated Light. This Light possesses another quite similar form, vastly higher in its frequency and inter-dimensional in its capability. Yet, somehow, it is attached to you and seems to be integrating with your physical body. This 'Lightbody' contains your access to Spirit and, in some way, regulates the physical one. These parts are, in fact, a perfect whole that you are only just beginning to explore. This oneness, or integrated body, permits you to enter the amazing worlds of Mother/Father God's endless Creation, which contain both a physical and a spiritual aspect. These facts you already know and accept. What you need to understand is how close you are to learning about them first-hand. Currently, you exist in a dark room and are busily groping to find its light switch.

      Our objective, simply, is to provide you with those clues that can help you to find the now-hidden light switch. This task means that we have had to intervene in your inner and outer development. The inner process has been the subtler of the two. Still, it is a procedure that, now, is changing you enormously. Your various governments' attempts to keep knowledge of our existence largely secret have seriously hindered any outer intervention. Nevertheless, their attempt is doomed to failure. Already, you have sensed our existence and numerous investigators have proven unequivocally that something unusual, which is both physical and spiritual, exists 'out there'. This process is swiftly allowing you to become more open to new and seemingly bizarre possibilities. These things will lead you to find and successfully 'switch on' your room's light.

      Reality is simply what you perceive, collectively and individually. Your point of perception is colored by these two views. In effect, you intermesh them and emerge with the way in which your reality is structured. Every event is seen in this way. Here, your emotions and your mental perceptions further determine your vision. As you quickly become more immersed in your inner growth, you begin to see this 'vision process' in a new way. You become more detached from your individual perception and understand your place in the collective. You see your inner connections much more clearly. You can also begin to understand how your various thought-forms affect your 'outer' and 'inner' vision. This allows you to transform yourselves and, with it, to shift the collective. This 'vision shifting', in turn, affects other individuals and gives them the space they need to see anew.

      At present, your process includes all that to which we have alluded. In addition, it contains elements of which you are not clearly aware, and that will come into clearer view as you move ever closer to your objective. See your transformation as a vast puzzle piece whose shape you are barely beginning to discern. As it becomes more visible, you start to let go of things that now seem either perfectly 'normal' or presently 'unshakable'. This process is what makes your procedure so challenging and, at the same time, so interesting to all involved. The shifting of your perceptions, blessed Hearts, is succeeding. It is also making possible your grand destiny. Added to your resources are the vast multitudes of celestial Beings currently arriving from Heaven. Together, we will succeed in transforming you into fully conscious Beings.

      Today, we have discussed, once again, your ongoing transformation. Take this information and add it to all that we have previously told you. Together, this data shows you how an integrated procedure, involving you and us, is succeeding. The point for final success is close. What is needed is a continuing effort by all concerned. In this regard, know that we remain firmly committed to your success. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all. Many wonderful things, blessed Hearts, are close to happening! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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