Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        2 Imix, 4 Zip, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We come again, dear Hearts! We ask your undivided attention for a special form of ritual, designed to assist us in preparing your realm for its new reality. Take time to meditate and visualize, so that any remaining potential blockages, which might prevent the implementation of significant physical and spiritual measures, will now be transformed. Envision any still-dark cabals in your world assisting us, easily and quickly, rather than preventing these momentous events. We ask you to do this ritual both in groups, and in your own time. Practiced together, this simple, yet effective, act can become a mighty force that leads us all toward certain victory. We mention this matter for two relevant reasons. First, we wish you to understand precisely how valuable you will be in achieving our collective victory. Second, you must realize that circumstances on your world remain extremely fluid. At this moment, a certain intransigent cabal and its remaining allies are unnecessarily delaying the proper implementation of several crucial agreements. We wish to put them on notice that we have duly noted their infamy.

      We call upon you to come together and help us to remove this sorry obstacle from our midst. Presently, we are re-evaluating the agreements we have made in the past galactic year with your world's ruling cabals. As we have mentioned in several messages of late, Heaven recently has presented us with several long-sought options. We wish to rethink the prime sequences for first contact. We are fully prepared to complete them within the timeframe that the divine plan has set for us. For too long, we disregarded the level of non-compliance that the cabals have shown us. We appreciate their great deference, but you remain our foremost concern. You have suffered and lacked for essential resources for far too long. For many millennia, your illegal governments usurped your individual sovereignty. They fed you lies and, lacking ways to seek the truth, you believed them. Most cabals, realizing how totally outrageous this form of 'rule' is, wish to make amends and restore your long-denied sovereignty and just governance.

      This process is only a quick way-station on the road to full consciousness and galactic governance. Fully conscious Beings are totally sovereign and possess divine Free Will. With it, they join together to carry out their divine mission - to be guardians of the many stars and planets that form this galaxy. To accomplish this, such Beings create galactic societies - the ultimate form of what your world calls 'democracy' - in which they freely govern as a body of the whole. To do so requires that all essential to a successful guardianship be freely disseminated to all concerned. Now, we ask your more enlightened cabals to step forward and reveal this data to you. Although much of it will shock you, the Beings implicated in these acts must be exonerated. The purpose of this sacred coalition is not to condemn, but to prepare your realm for its new reality. Having survived this period, you need to embark on new and honorable paths. One of these is a thorough understanding of the power of forgiveness. Properly applied, enemies become allies and foes realize the error of their arrogant, unjust ways.

      Once you create just governance, awareness of your 'lost' abilities accelerates even further. You begin to recognize yourselves as sovereign Beings of Light. Your Creator bestows your governance upon you as an inalienable right that can never be given away. In practicing this innate freedom, you acquire a great abundance of all things, physical and spiritual. We are here to help you achieve this, and have come to protect you and to show you that your reality is about to be transformed. When we arrived, we discovered that a vast and interlocked network of cabals secretly rules your realm. The only true conflict between them was how best to provoke wars and choose a group of 'major' governments who, militarily and diplomatically, could carry out their slightest whims. At first, this situation discouraged us. However, Heaven explained that the long game was approaching its final phase and a number of strategies that had been implemented would transform them.

      Our purpose remains resolute. We sit above these incipient squabbles and monitor them carefully. Most of all, we seek ways that reward those who sincerely wish to spread Light to this world. These 'Light' warriors have accomplished almost superhuman feats. Over the last half-decade, they managed to forge a handful of astonishing agreements. The next stage - an end to the secrecy - is the most difficult. Your true rulers are cloaked in a dark veil, within which they are free to make deals, transfer vast financial and economic resources and call attention to their power. We ask this process to be changed. It is time for them to step forward and explain to the people of this world how they have manipulated you. It is time for them to proclaim that they have compromised every great prophet's beliefs and that their governments are merely facades that conceal corrupt rule. With this new information, you will be able to move your destiny forward, and establish a galactic human society.

      We care very deeply for your galactic human society. We are aware of its vast potential and what it will accomplish. Our purpose here is not to exaggerate its importance to the Galactic Federation of Light or to this galaxy. Rather, we wish to help all upon your world to realize how unwavering is our commitment to this mission. First contact requires meticulous attention to detail. In your case, these details have been quite voluminous in content. The time has come for those who control your world to act. That means that they must come forth and publicly announce how they plan to return your governments to you. Moreover, a timetable is needed that will lead to a public disclosure of Heaven's part, and ours, in these proceedings. Know, dear Hearts, that much is about to be revealed.

      We eagerly await the coming events. More than anything else, we give our unqualified support to those who wish to proclaim these great Truths to you. Once this has been accomplished, our master plans for first contact can proceed. There are, however, many other ways for us to intervene directly in your affairs. At this moment, a divine timetable is ticking away. The time approaches for more open involvement. We have fully briefed your military concerning the size of our forces in and near your solar system, and fully realize the extent to which your world is capable. To this end, we must proclaim that we will not tolerate the further militarization of space. The leaders of your world fully appreciate the gravity of our warnings. We have come to assist in your transformation and to bring to a close the way your world is now governed. These events are inevitable and are currently under way.

      The process of transformation is approaching an extremely critical time. Therefore, once again, we most earnestly request your enthusiastic support. United with our efforts and the profound power of Heaven, your ritual is a mighty hammer. Let us use it to ensure our success in these next moments. Let us ask for Truth, and let us demand that those who still seek to delay these things be changed. It is time, dear Hearts, for all in charge of these momentous agreements on your world to go forth. In this, they have our full support. Regarding this endeavor, we have the utmost confidence, knowing that it is the most powerful thing that they can now do. Mother Earth is most anxious to change her outer appearance and to see you returned to full consciousness. In the near future, you will see increased positive, open action.

      Today, we have added yet another element, a call for global action, to our discussion! We call upon those who continue to stand in the way of implementing vital agreements to cease and desist. We also call upon those who practice positive divine ritual and meditation to concentrate, in these crucial moments, on transforming the groups and individuals who are determined to block the positive actions most needed at this time. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, Beloveds, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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