Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

August 22, 2000 (10 Cauac, 7 Uo, 9 Eb)

Greetings! We come before you today with more information about your transformation. As you know, we have dedicated our many messages to supplying information about your Ascension process. Now, blessed Hearts, we come to yet another aspect of an intensely complex process. As you have seen, many wonderful things are happening, swiftly and simultaneously, to your reality and to you. This procedure also involves Beings of Light who are fully consciousness residents of physicality. They can be divided into three categories. The first is composed of Beings who have retained a physical body and who exist in your dimension, as well as in others. A second comprises only those who have become largely etheric: these Beings have raised their physical body to such a frequency that it has very nearly merged with their soul bodies. A final category consists of Beings who have graciously become the principal intermediaries between the Ascended Masters (Galactic Presences) Councils and myriad heavenly Orders.

      These Beings have come to your shores to act as advisers, guides and assistants for your amazing transformation into fully conscious Beings. Each of them wishes you to know how dedicated they are to your rapid success in this endeavor. To aid you, we will spend a good part of this message describing their activities. As we do so, dear Ones, keep in Mind that their efforts are designed primarily to help you. They do not bear you malice, and they wish nothing more than that you achieve success. You have a destiny. It entails that you achieve complete freedom, personal sovereignty and the full restoration of who your really are - Mother Earth's physical Angels. One of the major missions that they have undertaken is to skillfully monitor your planet and to observe you carefully. As we have noted, there is a close interrelation between Mother Earth and every one of you. Each step in your integration procedures demands that an accompanying alteration be made to your home - this planet you call Earth. This symbiosis is crucial to all that is currently happening to your environment and to you.

      The lower chain of physical Beings with which we deal contains the first category in our delineation. These Beings resemble you closely. In them are found the many members of the Galactic Federation and the Intergalactic Union. They sincerely intend that you meet each other in a mainly beneficent fashion. They comprehend that you fear them and that steps are presently underway to counter your suspicions. Currently, they are content simply to observe you and to take those measures that we designate to make you less apprehensive of their existence. Here, blessed Lights, know that your reality has already been transformed. You lack only the intuitive recognitions required to complete your alteration. To this end, be aware that, together, we are changing these beliefs. In the very near future, you will be confronted with amazing data that confirms both their existence and their benevolent intent. These situations will lead you, rapidly, toward a first contact. This first contact is not at all far away. In the meanwhile, know that your skies contain a vast fleet of ships ready, at a moment's notice, to formally greet you.

      Most of the highly sentient Beings of Light that inhabit physicality live not in a gross physical body, but in a largely etheric one. These Beings are not classified as Galactic Presences. Each of their marvelous galactic societies is very advanced. Owing to their special status, they maintain an extremely close relationship with their councils of Galactic Presences and the local heavenly Administration. To this end, they have acted as the main liaisons between Heaven and your more physically based galactic societies. You see these entities as Angels: they are, in fact, many of the Beings whom you have met in your religious histories. Each of their societies has a very deep compassion for who you are, now, and where you are going. They understand your journey and realize how difficult it appears to you. They have come to oversee this voyage and to act as your divine mediators in this sacred process. They have pledged to you their great wisdom and their formidable abilities.

      Finally, there are those Beings of Light who have reached a magnificent level of inner spiritual development. They are following the route taken by the etheric Beings whom we have just described, but their path has taken them to even greater heights. They no longer deal directly with actual physical Beings. Still, they are not considered a part of the vast heavenly realms. Instead, they act as liaisons between Heaven and the various high Orders of physical Angels. Their mission is founded upon their Joy and endless Grace and in their acute understanding of the role of physicality in this infinite Creation. Their goal has been to prepare the way for A-E-O-N to come to your shores and to carry out the numerous sacred decrees of Lord Surea. Their divine organizations and spiritual councils have discharged these tasks superbly. We cannot commend their mighty efforts on your behalf highly enough.

      All of these entities exist to help you transform into fully conscious Beings of the Light. This process occurs in many ways. Most important is the transferal of sacred energies, which vivify physicality and give it direction. In them can be found the essences that, presently, are mutating your genes and swiftly changing your physical body's many energy centers. Blessed Lights, remember that you are, primarily, an energy and information system that, through your Soul groups, is deeply connected to each other. This truth is fundamental! Included, in a unique way, are the three categories that we have just outlined. The workings of Heaven run deep into physicality. Yet, physicality remains a special device that Mother/Father God has given us. Accordingly, every Being involved with physicality has a major task - to employ their wisdom to carry out the divine plan.

      This divine plan has produced the situations in which you now find yourselves. It has been carried out to help you grow and become more aware of Creation. Creation exists in a plethora of environments. These, in turn, have formed a multitude of realms, dimensions and realities. At this point, see yourselves as vast Beings. All that we have described very briefly is simply another aspect of you. In you lies universe upon universe. At your beck and call are truly vast repositories of knowledge. Think of the wisdom that you possess and how easily you can discover it. What stop you are those core perceptions that engulf you each day like a thick, sticky and unrelenting miasma. Your present assignment has been to make you and your fellows aware of these facts. In addition, you have embarked upon a harrowing journey that, finally, is approaching its end.

      Your journeys are bringing all of physical Creation together. Think of the enormous numbers of Beings who already have come together to assist you. Imagine how much of physicality you have already altered! Your sacred path is uniting realities, galaxies and dimensions. Indeed, your mission has had profound effects throughout physicality. Your acts are not those of a privileged few, but of a vast multitude of Beings. These Beings are poised in, around and above you. They exist in many forms and in many realities. They are your kin. And so, they unequivocally seek your success. Owing to their efforts and yours, your success is inevitable! This wonderful outcome is the result of the divine plan. Presently, you will be carrying out the final step of these grand decrees.

      In this message, we have alluded to the assistance of other Beings. These missions are begun in grace and completed in compassion. Be aware of them and realize that you are never alone. Each step includes many who are determined to help you overcome your burdens. We now take our leave! Bless you, dear Ones! Know in your Heart that Heaven's mighty resources and your great abilities are truly building a most marvelous new reality. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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