Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

September 12, 2000 (5 Ahau, 8 Zip, 9 Eb)

Blessings! We come before you with some exciting information. To begin, it is essential for you to understand that your transformation is in its last stages. In this interval, you will be worked upon more intensively. As you have already noticed, this process is causing acute pains in your head, upper chest and/or lower torso. In addition, it has given you brief periods of diarrhea or even occasional, moderately severe bouts of vomiting. You are releasing the many thought-forms that are severely restricting your development. This operation is a large part of a very complicated transformation. As you change, you allow your Lightbody to enter you, ever more deeply. This, in turn, permits your physical body to be changed. Much of your current food and drink will no longer suffice. You can master these alterations simply by listening to your inner voice and correctly discerning its message. Remember, dear Ones, you are changing on many levels. Often, you must take full notice of these things. In doing so, you can discover what you really require and, then, can act accordingly.

      These inner changes are being mirrored by similar modifications in your outer world. Various astronomical discoveries demonstrate that your reality is quite different from what you believe. Keep in mind that your transformation is a dual operation. Everything done externally is accomplished internally, as well. Bear in mind that each item is just another version of itself. In other words, everything is connected to everything else. We cannot overemphasize this point. Physical reality is composed of inter-dimensional Light, which is formed by informational and life energies. These, in turn, come from the great Blue Light of Creation and are lovingly administered by Heaven, which is under the firm command of Mother/Father God's three divine aspects. The blueprint is the divine plan, which operates through Heaven's countless number of divine Councils, sacred Orders and holy Administrations. Together, they have forged physicality and divided it into numerous dimensions and a great plethora of interwoven realities. This process also allows each of you to gather the wisdom that Heaven needs to unfold physicality.

      Creation occurred in physicality, not as some grand explosion, but, rather, as an immense Light. This Light had form and purpose. It has worked its magic gently, as Heaven and its numerous sentient inhabitants intended. A major component of this last aspect is the myriad physical Angels that Heaven has sent to physicality. Be aware that you form one of the strongest and important gatherings of physical Angels. All of you have come to fulfill a great mission, which is to help Heaven restore your reality to its former glories. In so doing, you are bestowing upon yourselves the gift of full consciousness. To aid you, we have come gladly to your shores. This mission has enabled you to experience a very limiting environment. Now, moreover, it is permitting you to undertake the vast transformation of those main perceptions given long ago to this reality's many sentient ancestors. This task is proving to be more difficult than most of you had, at first, imagined. Yet, you have persisted. Currently, you are beginning to reawaken those parts in you that this event had caused you, initially, to forget.

      This process of change that you are undergoing needs to be viewed in a grand light. You are transforming all of Creation. We have made this point repeatedly in many past messages. Heaven sees physicality as a meaningful achievement of the Creator. From it, there is much wisdom to be garnered. This wisdom has the ability to teach Heaven about its grand mission. Think of it! Mother/Father God has shaped even an illusion into an instructor for Spiritual Creation! That is the reason why Heaven so closely watches over physicality, and why your various Orders have sent you to this place. This unique symmetry between illusion and Spirit is vital to the understanding of this aspect of divine Creation. Physicality has its purposes and has duly divided itself into two levels - the Light and the dark. Each is established to present situations that aid you, dear Children, in your great mission. Remember that you have come to learn about, and to transform, your reality.

      Physicality is a grand illusion in which you have become lost. Each of you has arrived in an upside-down reality. You see physical illusion as 'real', and largely discount the genuinely existing nature of Spirit. You are permitting yourselves to work through the denials of these things that your collective perceptions have long presented to you. Your spiritual councils have assisted in this process. Each of you has a main guardian from your heavenly Order accompanying you on your journey. Your immediate counsels and your local heavenly Administration help this Being along. Together, they form a team whose main concern is YOU. Additionally, you have the help of your Soul, your mighty 'I Am Presence". Accordingly, do not think of yourself as being alone. You have inherited much heavenly help. Deceased members of your family graciously offer even more assistance to aid in your growth.

      To most of you, life on this planet has been a grand circle of karma filled with much limitation. This process has been documented in your literature: you know it as reincarnation. Those of you who are true 'starseeds' have not taken part in most of this process. Rather, you have come to this strange realm to help it through its grand transition. This mixture of starseeds and 'Earth-based souls' has made the process so interesting. Because of this, the myriad perceptions that have long shaped your lives can be broken. In its stead, a new one can be born. As a part of this process, Heaven is altering the karmic cycles that fashion your global society. These intentions have helped you to greatly accelerate your growth. Furthermore, they have established a new reality, and even formed a new matrix for it.

      Clearly, much is occurring around and within you. These things are part of a grand plan to which you have agreed. A change in your reality is swiftly freeing you from bondage. This newly emerging freedom brings with it responsibilities that most of you do not yet understand. On this point, look upon your integration/Ascension as a rebirth of who you truly are. It is, in addition, a process of rejoining. You are reuniting, openly, with your spiritual and space kin. Out of this operation comes a reborn, fully conscious YOU. It is this 'you' who can employ your new faculties and easily carry out the many responsibilities to which we constantly refer. Consequently, you must also look upon this many-leveled process as a series of ever-growing revelations capable of getting you to where you need to be.

      This inner growth is occurring only because of who you are. You have come into this particular reality by passing many tests, and by satisfying a number of 'entrance requirements'. This gateway is administered not only by your local Spiritual Hierarchy, but also by your local heavenly Administration. To come here was a great journey in itself. Now, this odyssey is encountering the last challenges issued by the collective beliefs that this reality's inhabitants have imposed upon you. Again, you are showing that you have 'what it takes' to succeed. We are quite proud of each of you. We know that, together, we can complete the last portion of the journey successfully. We are all quite close to this transition. Heaven confers on you well-deserved accolades and asks that you continue to persevere in this great work.

      Today, we have discussed those elements that are leading you to your transformation. We ask that you understand simply that all is happening in 'divine time'. With this, know that your role is occurring as planned. Relax, yet remain fully committed to what you must do to transform. Be ever discerning of changes occurring within you, and be able to act accordingly. We now take our leave. Bless you, dear Ones! Thank you for your continuing efforts. Know that the Supply of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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