Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        3 Ik, 10 Mol, 9 Eb        

Blessings! We arrive today with more interesting information. In many previous messages, we have discussed how you are changing. We have shown that your transformation is multidimensional. Its ultimate goal is to alter your core perceptions. The ways in which you perceive your reality are based, primarily, upon a series of fixed conceptions. They originate with you or with your family's ancestors, and have produced the unique combination of characteristics that is you. Moreover, they have given you collectively held beliefs that allow your perceptions of your reality's construction to be very similar to those of your fellows. Understand, dear Hearts, that only when you detect the true nature of these illusions can you finally reach your fullest state of Being. In this marvelous state of full consciousness, you can easily connect with your Full Self and live in a state of true Oneness with Creation. Until then, you are adrift in a common construct that greatly limits you and tends to make your most cherished goals difficult to achieve.

      The process of transformation involves the alteration of aspects that control your perceptions. As noted in a past message, expansion of your available DNA Light codes helps this process along marvelously. These 20 codes form the sacred geometry that physically forms you and your reality. As your current repertoire increases from its former 3 or 4 to its present 12 to 14, you begin to see yourself in a new way. This inner process is often called the 'awakening'. It permits you, effortlessly, to 'grow your consciousness' and to begin to observe your connections to each other and to the Light. This leads to the potential for an increased 'Presence', creating paths that have started you upon a search for 'new truths'. They also make you more able to absorb ideas that, previously, seemed to you to be a bit outlandish. Out of this ever-growing collection of new and/or strange ideas, you began to deeply question your most steadfast perceptions. Although some of you have followed this path for more than a decade, others have embarked on the journey only in the past few years or months.

      In any case, you are in the midst of a process that is affects your global society. It has forged conditions that are moving your world toward greater harmony, based upon the transformation of old karmas that enmesh your diverse populations. This operation is putting forth energies that seem to be leading you toward increased global chaos. This happens only because the old cycles must be scrutinized and the core patterns of those who long held them ultimately transformed. To assist in this, we have asked that you come together to set energies that can guide those most affected in transforming what has long divided them. Together, dear Ones, we have accelerated this change and helped many on your world to freely agree to end cycles that have long limited their progress toward the Light. The next step in this process will be to allow you to form special global networks that can better educate society concerning these ever-ongoing transformational processes. You are about to move into a world where a new power is to be born.

      You are the new power. You are only beginning to realize your inner and outer power and how deeply it can affect your society. This process transforms your perception of government as a cabal-run clique, to a truly people-focused entity. Such a government transcends any form of representation that you presently know by making each individual an accountable and positive force in society. This is a quiet revolution of consciousness, meant to change, forever, the present balance of national and global power. Every new move upward in your consciousness has been part of a large, multifaceted plan that, from time to time, allowed certain regional powers to step forward onto the world stage. Presently, you are witnessing this process move your society toward a realization that its basic paradigm requires a major change. This is what your various worldly cabals have been desperately working to prevent.

      Through our divine intervention, their organizations have been moved to permit certain openings, which are resulting in the rapid growth of many new organizations that will dramatically reshape your financial and economic concepts. Vast changes in your economy will propel the development of remarkable technologies, which will make possible a new, more open form of 'democracy'. This process will lead you to open the celestial and spiritual doors to who you really are. You must comprehend, dear Hearts, that your perceptions of yourself have omitted a great deal. You have permitted a special, powerful few to run your society and set your expectations. Your intentions mirror your heart and they have been denied you for too long. That is the reason we have called this operation your 'Liberation'. It is your process of simply 'coming home' to yourselves and to your grand destiny.

      This movement is just another aspect in the forging of your new consciousness. The next step is to be the largest one of all, the equivalent of a climbing expedition's final hop to reach the top of a great mountain's peak. Divine assistance will move this stage forward. It is simply another part of 'You' that draws upon aspects of your physical and spiritual selves for the final equipment and strategy to ensure your success. This merging of your many parts is symbolized by the placing of your mark upon your environment. This wondrous moment is not far away. You are preparing yourselves for this grand event, part of which will involve a massive first contact with your spiritual and space kin. It is currently very close to occurring.

      Your first contact is simply your grand reopening. You are permitting your other parts to integrate in ways that will bring you to a new perception of your mission. Hence, our appearance in your skies and in your hearts is a magnificent omen to you of what is to come. You, dear Lights, are preparing physicality for a vast transformation that will enable the unfolding of the next series of the divine plan's decrees. Accordingly, understand that a predetermined series of events, most of them quite subtle, is being primed to occur. They require that you notice them and, then, discover their interconnections. Their subtleties underlie more dramatic events. Nothing is meant to happen in a vacuum. Each has a purpose and a place in the strategy that we are weaving. We ask you simply to stay focused and open to what occurs.

      First contact is the step that we profoundly relish. Our meeting begins a special procedure that was interrupted by the experiences that produced the Atlantean rebellion and your plunge into limited consciousness. In acquiring this experience, you have gathered much wisdom that, when combined with your unlimited potential as fully integrated Beings of the Light, is much anticipated. Dear Lights, we cannot tell you how grateful we in Heaven are at your willingness to undertake this great mission. Through it, you are producing what is needed to complete the next episodes and fulfill physicality's great promise. You have engaged the great darkness that has long laced physicality and prepared Heaven for the grand union intended for this Creation. Because of this, dear Lights, your rewards are to be truly glorious!

      Today, we have discussed many things. Mostly, we have dealt with consciousness and its relationship to your perceptions. Each of you is being changed in a way quite appropriate to your true wishes. Heaven's desire is to bring you into the fullest extent of your Being, according to the divine plan. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Know that your glorious destiny awaits you and that this time draws ever nearer. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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