Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 21, 2000 (5 Cauac, 7 Tzec, 9 Eb)

Greetings! We arrive with many things to say. Around your reality, dear Ones, stands a great wall of Light. Its energies are currently seeping into your realm. This process has altered it and left only your inner beliefs as the last remaining ramparts of your reality. In these various thought-forms, you still find a home. Here, you linger, limited and unable to envision what truly exists. Steadily, we are removing these last vestiges. In previous messages, we have described how these myriad thought-forms control your life and allow you to see only what they wish you to see. At still other times, we have sketched our strategies to remove them from their present positions of power. This process is moving along quite nicely, allowing us to state, unequivocally, that your bondage to them is nearly over. Your freedom has been declared: we are determined to see that you can transform, effortlessly, the vile nature of those who presently control you. This process needs to be viewed as both an inner and an outer transformation. As the inner aspects have been described many times, let us look, instead, at the outer ones.

      These are more complex and can be divided into two groups. The first consists of innumerable celestial phenomena, including strange anomalies found in the clustering of galaxies, the odd movement of stars and the intense types of energies being exploded from them. In addition, there is the very nature of the galactic core. Your galactic core is a 'way station' for inter-dimensional energies, which are used to nurture this galaxy and exchange vast amounts of information. In this way, your galaxy is tied to literally billions of other galaxies. Some are similar to your galaxy, while others are vastly different in size, composition and shape. Here, it is important to see that realities encompass star systems, galactic sectors, galactic clusters, et cetera. These realities emit immense amounts of radiation in frequency bands that your current degree of earthly science cannot yet measure. If they could, they would see that their current leading theory of Creation is absolutely false. This present Creation is complex and listens only to a great series of what, to you, may seem to be very illogical propositions.

      Remember that this magnificent Creation is conscious. Every aspect of it is alive. Nothing is ever really inanimate, and even physicality's great illusions possess life. The spiritual nature of Creation can never be underestimated. One form simply moves forward to another. You sometimes call such progressions 'death'. It is essential that you visualize a crucial item - the spiritualism of your ancestors is based in fact. What they got wrong was how the mechanism works. This confusion occurred because they meekly accepted the core perceptions imposed by those who hungered to subtly control them. Now, it is imperative for you to intuit how this operates. The key lies within! All matter and all currently known energies in your realm are pure conscious Light. They lack shape and obey only those who understand their 'codes'. The first aspect of this 'code' is that you put your concepts of reality behind you. See your world as a system of interlocking grids that function as a large sketch-pad. Your pen or pencil is your freed consciousness. Added to it is a system of applied intonations.

      Your reality is composed of a fundamental tonic and then criss-crossed by a number of others - each of which is unique. However, proper toning, mixed with a correctly formed set of intentions, can produce the result that you seek. Realities are based collectively. However, you are both a collective and an individuated Soul. This seeming paradox is, in fact, the key to switching your present perceptions of reality. It is also why global positive group ritual can be so powerful. When you act in unison, you empower yourselves. You enable Heaven to fully act as you truly intend. Hence, you can succeed in achieving a specific objective. In either case, you establish a tone or 'wave', moving within the grids, which forms your perceptions and creates your reality. This process is simple and yet profound. It can, moreover, be achieved from outside the 'borders' or 'flux wall' that surround a given reality. This process, blessed Lights, brings us to those anomalies that we mentioned earlier.

      Many of your astronomers have noticed that their 'laws' are incapable of explaining a great deal of what surrounds them. Their major error is in not perceiving that the universe is driven by a grand rhythm, with each reality adding its 'beat' to the melody. This cacophony has another point and can be divinely used to infuse a set tone into a specific reality. This procedure is often set forth by the decrees of Heaven. Again, see Creation as a complex living Being. Like you, it is formed from many parts. Unlike you, it has its own unique form. This form is constantly changing and, as it does, it alters the rhythm that sustains it. This natural process is greatly enhanced by what we are capable of doing. In your case, we in Heaven have instructed physicality to change certain rhythms and to direct them your way. Already, this procedure has caused your present reality to collapse and to transform itself into another.

      Your perceptions are often difficult for limited conscious Beings to correctly comprehend. Perceptions are composed of numerous living entities that attach themselves to your denser physical body. In this case, it is important for you to understand that your physical body has developed a whole series of protective mechanisms that form the ego and seem 'real' to you. They are, in fact, another aspect of the many interlocked grids that shape your reality. Again, visualize that your reality is filled with tones that create shape, size and apparent density, as well as the seeming 'hardness' of every material object. This extends from sky to water to mountains, and everything in-between. It also influences 'living' things. That is why your reality is a series of living entities fully realized by your perceptions.

      Your perceptions are simply set tones that create what they are meant to produce. To assist your ability to communicate with each other, you have imposed upon yourselves a fixed degree of collectively held tones. When you are finally able to cast these aside, your perceptions return to a point where you can see what is really 'out there'. At that moment, you can manifest what you truly desire. You can also fully integrate your physical and spiritual parts. You can end the tyranny of your old perceptions and transform your thought-forms. As you move ever closer to this grand point of change, you become more able to alter these thought-forms. This is the point at which you presently sit. You are ready to alter your world and to produce a better one. Only the proper instructions and the point at which such an action becomes possible, are required.

      At this point, let us propose a simple experiment in order that you may have a better sense of what we have just described. We will ask for you all to gather together on 10 Kan, 12 Tzec, 9 Eb (October 26, 2000), at 8:00 PM local time. We request that you direct your energies toward freeing yourselves, your group and PAO from any energies or living entities that can possibly restrict or bind your perceptions of a new, abundant reality. Practice this meditative exercise for seven minutes. As you do so, we will add Heaven's great energies to yours. Then, take the time to discuss among yourselves what you have felt. After a few days, gather again and redo the exercise. Discuss what you now feel. We ask, at this second meeting, that you again take the time to send out your intentions. Our task will be to demonstrate how these Light energies help you to create a perception and make it 'real'.

      Today, we have discussed how you create your reality and how we are all working to change it. This process is, indeed, elegant, subtle and really quite profound. We look forward to greatly assisting you in gaining a better understanding of how it operates. Depending upon you and your group, the range of your experiment will vary from a slight sense of accomplishment to a grand feeling of achievement. Do not be 'hard' on yourselves. It is simply another way to connect you to the infinite. We now take our leave. We graciously bless you all. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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