Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        13 Chicchan, 8 Tzotz, 10 Caban        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Hearts, with more to say about the developments of the day. Presently, an enlightened faction within your government is very close to realizing an extremely hard-fought victory. Essentially, this victory will transform your world, making possible a new global prosperity and allowing peace to reign, once more, upon your realm. Many major events and effects will follow, resulting in the formal announcement of our presence among you. However, your prayer, intentions and ritual still need to continue. Your growing global network of Light is making a difference! Again, we sincerely wish to thank you for your ongoing efforts. Together, we will be victorious! As these efforts continue, we also are closely monitoring all events. Even as you have passed through the deep crisis of the past few weeks, your Light and your awakening to Spirit have grown. The divine procedures of Heaven are carefully preparing everyone upon your world for our arrival. We rejoice in this fact, yet know that much must still occur before that glorious day arrives.

      Our envoys report that their agenda is moving ahead. They have had some very productive meetings with representatives of your world's major financial, governmental and religious organizations. A vastly different world approaches in which the concealment of our existence will end. We have been discussing the most appropriate way to appear among you and how we can best assist your leaders in developing and implementing a new form of governance upon your world. We are extremely excited about this forthcoming event. As your awareness grows, you become more certain that the present forms that rule your world are totally unequal to what lies ahead. The best solution is a form of galactic government. Until then, a transitional phase will be needed. Whether it would last for months or years matters little. What does matter is that it will supervise your abundance more fairly and allow you to be free and sovereign individuals living in a peace-filled world. This possibility is our goal. Within it, we can safely begin final procedures for your first contact.

      Heaven will decide on this transitional government and its timeframe. In this regard, we wish to see nothing less than a worldwide web of prosperous, democratic governments that allow their citizenry to openly express their cultural and religious diversity. Remember, also, that Mother Earth needs to transform as much as you do. Ultimately, her needs will determine this timeframe. Your solar system is changing, as well. Having carefully monitored your Sun and her system of planets, our scientists report that your world has only a short time before the very nature of the Sun's hyperactivity increases and changes in its effects. You, dear Hearts, are in the midst of changes that will require a period of correction. Your Sun and the inner planets must alter their present relationships. The Sun needs to become more mono-polar, while the inner planets will have to increase their capacity for receiving the enormous energy that the Sun will produce. Already, it is becoming clear to us that a new gravitational balance must soon be generated. Your solar system has reached a critical juncture.

      This divine operation is another sign that the present time is transitional. Nonetheless, we strongly advise you to continue to set the energies for a global peace. Your work is laying the foundation for a growing grid that has brought A-E-O-N to your doorstep. This event is a wonderful harbinger of your accomplishments Be aware that what we have described illustrates the urgency and the timeliness of your actions. We can assure you that you are saving your planet and your society from some extremely dire consequences. Therefore, we are very proud of you. You are demonstrating to Heaven and to us the power of your immense potential, with which you are about to fashion the dawn of a New World. That New World will be founded on your freedom and your sovereignty. It will allow you to express yourself creatively and to use your wondrous potential to prepare yourself for full consciousness. It will be a society that is ready, in all respects, for first contact and its glorious destiny - full consciousness.

      This reality exists in the dreams we share. Our actions are allowing it to manifest. It is an endeavor that is very close to attaining its initial objectives. Since you carry out your work in a world that first denies you clear and open proof of your success, you may often feel frustrated and as if nothing is happening. We wish to assure you, Beloveds, that many events are, indeed, occurring, although they develop first in the shadows and undergo a torturous process before they finally manifest. The last steps in this odd procedure are now taking place. As a result of our privileged agreements, we are unable to reveal much information to you. Accordingly, we have insisted that the true history of all that has transpired upon your world for the past 13 millennia be acknowledged. It is not a pretty tale. Full disclosure will allow you, first, to forgive and, then, to express your compassion by transforming it completely.

      Remain centered and focused upon your inevitable success. Every day, it comes a little closer. Although the forces of disorder and power continue to work for war and chaos, they are beginning to see that their agenda is unachievable. This process will only stop when the first objective in our common agenda has been attained. As we have mentioned, that goal is close to being realized and we are delighted! Until we make the formal announcements, we will remain diligent. In that way, we can offset any action that occurs. The small cabal to which we often refer has a very dark perspective on reality. When we negotiate with it, we feel as if we are dealing with a wounded animal. It is concerned only with its own survival and fears its demise. Its trust levels are very low. To transform it, we are using Love, compassion and a firm responsibility.

      The first of many significant events has now occurred. Others are on the horizon. Their nature and timing will be decided by two key elements. The first one is you. Collectively, you are a very powerful group of Beings who must focus unerringly upon peace, prosperity and success. In these are found the keys to unlocking your reward - complete sovereignty and full consciousness. We say this only to give you goals and help you to focus upon your most profound desires. The second element is Heaven and the divine plan. These Beings of Light arrive to assist in achieving your goals by helping to transform your reality. Together, you are a strong and effective team that achieves its goals divinely and graciously. Remember that your ultimate success is close and that Heaven sincerely desires you to achieve it.

      As we discuss these items with you, dear Hearts, know that our fleet continues to be Heaven's divine hammer. We remain at Heaven's full disposal. Ultimately, our actions depend upon Heaven's wishes. Its command has brought us to your shores and allowed us, in recent days, to reorganize the sequence of our first contact with you. Therefore, we have tripled the number of counselors who live among you. We also have intensified our prohibition of the dark cabal's exotic weaponry, which they continue to see as a way out of their present dilemma. We hasten to assure them that we find its broad use unacceptable. Exotic and nuclear weapons can destroy the envelopes of realities that surround you. We absolutely forbid it. It will only lead them to their own destruction.

      Today, we have further reviewed recent events. We urge you to continue your wonderful, worldwide vigils of prayer, meditation and positive rituals, which are helping Heaven to transform your present crisis. Be aware, also, that many wonderful events are close to unfolding. You have reached a point where some very breathtaking announcements can be made. Let us work together to manifest them. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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