Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        3 Akbal, 11 Xul, 9 Eb        

Greetings! We arrive in the midst of your great change. You are engulfed in a world of transition. It is swiftly moving you into new arrangements with your world, your society and you. These alterations are coming to you in a number of different ways. Together, they are jarring the present perceptions of your reality and showing you how fragile this reality truly is. The glue that has long kept it together is now showing stress and beginning to disintegrate. Hence, a great many unusual things are occurring. Your world wishes you to understand that the reality that you know cannot last much longer. You are entering 'uncharted waters', dear Lights, and reaching points in your journey where conventional logic ceases to function. In this period, it is wise to prepare yourselves for an even bumpier ride. You are only beginning to realize the extent of the turbulence that lies ahead. When you experience its irresistible force, it will be too late to adjust. Prepare yourselves now. Know that your living reality is a construct, merely doing its best to show you that the time has come to perceive it differently.

      In these times, dear blessed Ones, realize that you are not alone. Understand the knowledge that much needed comfort can come from seeking out like-minded groups and by doing positively focused ritual. The process of change that you are all undergoing is helping your inner powers to grow and develop. This process has reached a level at which its effects are being felt individually. The former mass adjustments are no longer operative. Each of you is merely influencing the other. The net result is a random operation that appears, by its nature, to be unified. To the contrary, each procedure is now unique. Keep in mind that you are part of vast Soul groups and even vaster Soul groupings. As you are cleared of one sub-layer of thought-forms, these actions affect your cohorts. These connections have been deeply intertwined over many generations and through numerous shared past lifetimes. The result is a brew that we are currently distilling into its innumerable parts. A side-effect of this operation is a slight increase in the degree of chaos that surrounds your ever-expanding consciousness field.

      In past messages, we have only briefly discussed the composition of this field. It is a multi-layered living entity. Your input affects both its growth and how it handles your reality. In fact, your reality and this Creation are both living entities. You have greatly assisted in co-creating and in sustaining them. Every one of you has played a part in the continuing drama that is your realm. The divine plan is simply the script that the Creator has given you. You have been granted the ability to interpret your role and, then, to employ some of your God-given creative talents. This comes from the loving grace that is written into your divine script. Divine grace is the energy that drives Creation. Physical Creation remains the divine illusion. Yet, it still seems real to those who are slyly caught in the throes of their limiting consciousness. This brings us back to a main point. Be ever aware that you are changing. Understand, moreover, that your core perceptions and their many thought-form allies wish you to remain unaware of this fact. This struggle is being played out in your global consciousness field.

     Your perceptions determine how you view your world. You see it as a unified construct. In truth, it is not. It is highly stratified, and contains an over-abundance of contradictions, which form either many individual layers or many parts of these layers. This huge entity circulates these things constantly. Its activity appears to resemble that of a huge tornado, sucking your beliefs and your many thoughts into its growing field. Each moment, these events in the global consciousness field sort themselves out. Your reactions to each event in your life can greatly 'weight' this process. These reactions, which occur either individually or collectively, change the way in which this grand 'sort' is carried out. See this complex process as the workings of a large computer that continuously reprograms the way each factor evolved in each sort is evaluated. The dictates of the divine plan and the intervening actions of the Spiritual Hierarchy also influence this process.

      As your global field matures, it affects, in turn, how your perceptions work. This is another major point. Your core perceptions are tied into a collective, which is expressed by the consciousness field. Keep in mind that consciousness, like water, tends to carry away a part of whatever it encounters. This process happens, on many overt and covert levels, during every moment of your physical existence. Exactly how you are affected by each other's thoughts, by your environment, et cetera, is something your science of psychology is learning about every day. Let us simply say that this collective mix is extensive. Likewise, our input into this consciousness pot is enormous. Bear in mind that you are being shifted from one state of consciousness to another. By itself, this is no easy or sudden chain of events. It requires a special guidance and a direct knowledge of how this puzzle can be properly assembled.

      For many millennia, we have been piecing together your grand puzzle. It has required an attention to detail that is truly astounding. In spite of this, we have successfully maneuvered the events that you have put before us. Each step in this process has had many twists and turns. Hence, dear blessed Lights, never lose faith or become discouraged. We remain your true and faithful shepherds. We are currently moving you through some of your most difficult times. Nonetheless, there is a silver lining in these proceedings. Events are scheduled that can greatly assist you. Our purpose is to see your mission succeed. In this, we can pledge the inevitability of your arrival at your destination. This journey's end promises to reveal to you the next important fundamentals needed to unfold your place in physical Creation.

      Truly, this is a grand process. After a great many stops and sudden turns, you are nearing your destination. Your physical body is being transformed and fully integrated into your numerous other bodies. These mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are an important part of you. Think of what you are becoming! Every one of you has a part to play. Even your continuing denial is a role. The many scientists who are privy to what now is secretly happening to your world and to you understand how immense and how breathtaking it all is. You sit at the center of it and, like a person caught in the eye of a great storm, you do not yet fully realize what you have just undergone, or entirely comprehend what is soon to happen.

      Coming events hold great promise. We ask you, dear Hearts, to commit to maintaining your focus and to carrying out positive global ritual. A great and sacred energy is building around you, which is the grand culmination of an activity covering countless millennia. We have carefully orchestrated each event to fully counter the major agenda that the dark and its earthly minions are carrying out. The many covert rulers of your world designed these dark programs to prevent you from ever being who you really are. Our numerous procedures and your great abilities have brought you, presently, to the dawning of a new era in your history. This period marks the time when you will return, fully, to the Light. It also signals the return of your heavenly and space kin. These events are not very far off. Just know that these events are utterly inevitable.

      Today, we have discussed some of the things that you need to know about. Understanding them can help you to better prepare for what lies ahead. We are close to some important events that will allow you to better comprehend the extent of what you have done and what you are about to do. This is a time for action and for careful inner evaluation. We now take our leave. Bless you all, dear Ones! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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