Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        1 Ix, 2 Yaxk'in, 9 Eb        

Greetings! We arrive today with more interesting data. Some of our past messages have discussed Mother Earth and her coming changes. The same degree of alterations applies to both your solar system and the galaxy of which you are a part. At present, your solar system is in great disarray. It remains a scarred monument to your many past galactic wars. Likewise, your beautiful galaxy is filled with numerous remnants of these immense catastrophes. One outcome of your rise to full consciousness will be the much- needed balancing of this entire sector of Creation. At present, your galaxy consists of nine spiral arms connected to a central core. Presently, the space between these nine spirals is filled with numerous stars, inter-dimensional energies, space dust, hot plasma-like gases and slow-forming clouds consisting of diverse matter. A gravitational field of amazing force and intensity holds this system together. Your galactic core acts at its main regulator. Here, the force of gravity is produced and the inter-dimensional life and information energies are duly collected. They are then sent outward in immense pulses, which act as the life giver for the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

      Your galaxy formed from a number of interwoven clouds that broke apart some 30 billion years ago. Many of the galaxies closest to yours evolved from this same pattern of hot plasma-like clouds. Initially, your galaxy turned at a rate that was nearly 2,000 times faster than its current speed. As it rapidly abated, its arms separated. The proto-stars in them began to assume their distinctive shape. When this happened, the third and fourth dimensions were still entwined. Over the next 12 billion years, these dimensions shifted, spinning at an angle close to 90 degrees from their common prime axis. Eventually, at what we call the 'formation moment' for life in your dimension, this produced two distinctive axis points. Now, lacking the energies that it derived from the fourth dimension, the third began to take on different forms of physical life, and forged the first electro-magnetic life forms. For many billions of years, these mainly ethereal creator-Beings drifted throughout this dimension. It was only some eight billion years ago that they began to create denser life forms.

      From this slowly sprang the great abundance of plants and animals currently found in the Milky Way Galaxy. They spread in a number of ingenious ways. Most important was the production of special one- to twenty-cell simple life forms. These were propelled by the use of the myriad minute pieces of space dust, which continuously float throughout your galaxy. When these dust particles landed on numerous planets, the chain of more dense physical life began. Later, the forces of the dark employed this process to forge its many physical minions. Some 35 million years ago, the galactic wars reached an important turning point, and the forces of Light first entered the fray. From this point onward, the divine plan established a scenario that was meant to lead this galaxy back toward the Light. In this victory, a grand union is to be formed that fully transforms the dark and, with it, creates an even stronger Light. Your fully conscious selves will use that greater Light to complete the full revelation of this present Creation.

      This same process also extends to your solar system. Currently, it consists of a motley assortment of scattered planets, planetoids, comets and asteroids. Its balance was lost, long ago, when Heaven allowed the galactic wars to reach your solar system. This was accomplished for a divine purpose - to set the stage for the long denouement of these very tragic times. In looking at this history, dear Hearts, understand that your physical reality is an illusion. It has obeyed many different rules and, therefore, your science finds it most difficult to truly comprehend what has happened. Your precious planet has endured much suffering, yet has remained staunch in her commitment to the divine plan. Her focus has permitted us in Heaven to do what the Creator commanded. The result of these procedures was to bring you to these sacred shores. Now, as you swiftly transform, you remember why you were permitted to make this journey.

      As you move toward your destiny, your solar system also travels toward hers. At the crux of this change is your Sun. In past messages, we have described how completely she will be changed. Your solar system, likewise, is quickly preparing for her many changes. These alterations are moving her back toward what she once was. To examine this, understand, dear blessed Lights, that your galaxy, your solar system and, indeed, all of physical Creation are, in fact, living entities. Creation is alive and its Light of life is consciousness. Divine consciousness stems from the loving, grace-filled thought of the Creator. This sacred thought is unwound and manifested by the divine plan. Hence, this great sacred blueprint binds us in Heaven and you in physicality. It contains, within it, all that is and ever will be. This Beingness is constructed by consciousness. Consciousness is the prime awareness that drives the divine plan.

      The divine plan is constructed of innumerable layers. Accordingly, as the previous layer dissolves, so each new layer unfolds and then manifests in this new form. To watch the process moving, like an enormous wave throughout Creation, is also to participate in its wonders. This wave has a pulse and is filled with remarkable amounts of detailed intentions. At a precise point, it forms a balance in these waves and then the miraculous intentions are fully revealed. As these intentions are unfolded, we in Heaven carry them forward and, simultaneously, help them to manifest. A synergistic flow occurs, manifesting those things that forge the events that the Creator has graciously put forth. Events lead to new intentions and, then, to new events. When the right number of these exchanges happens, a threshold is achieved and the next layer of the sacred plan is ready for its debut.

      As you contemplate your solar system, keep in mind that it is under the direction of the divine plan. The many changes to come may presently seem quite strange to you. Indeed, their scope is truly enormous. All that is planned for you has a specific purpose. These changes are being made to ensure that your reality is fully prepared to help you achieve your destiny. Furthermore, these changes require that you be assisted on a number of levels. We, dear blessed Lights, have put these alterations into place. You are quickly reaching the point at which this help can become more 'real' to you. In this case, it is important that you comprehend that your reality is not 'true'. If necessary, the 'laws' upon which your science operates can be changed at a moment's notice. Your primary remaining concern is to stay faithful to your divine purpose.

      This divine purpose stems from your Full Self, which is part of the vast Orders of Heaven. You are the part of these divine souls that have incarnated in physicality. In this, all of you are true physical Angels. You represent Heaven in physicality. Moreover, you symbolize how Heaven is revealing this sixth Creation. This process is the prime driver behind your current manifestation as a physical Being. Its ever-growing wonder has permitted you to garner a great deal of wisdom and to help Heaven to carefully apply it. This process is one of which many of you are now only beginning to become barely aware. We intend to allow you to learn more about how you are taking on your new perceptions. In employing this knowledge, you will discover that you are not alone, and that you are living in truly miraculous times.

      Today, we have discussed, in brief, the many changes that are taking place. In doing so, we have given you a very brief description of your history. Learn more about this and then apply it, using your inner Heart-logic. As you do, you will begin to sense that your environment has endured a high degree of distress. This tragedy is coming to an end. Your Light will lead the corrections to these difficulties and, soon, will establish a new, Heaven-sent order. We now graciously take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Lights. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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