Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       13 Ahau, 8 Xul, 9 Eb        

Blessings! We arrive before you on a most auspicious day. Today is the last day of this Tzolk'in. The full moon that you have celebrated heralds the energy of an approaching new era. The new Tzolk'in will take you through the rest of this galactic year. In the new galactic year of 10 Caban, the next Tzolk'in will solemnly begin on the fifth day of the year, 1 Imix, 4 Pop, 10 Caban. In this case, the fifth day represents a special tonic that is manifesting a new perception for humanity. It is this event that you all have in your future. Now, you may wonder exactly what this really means. Galactic time symbolizes the natural rhythm of your planet and of its star - the Sun. The Sun is your life-giver. It takes the energies that stream in from this galaxy, dimension and, indeed, all of Creation and properly balances them. See its huge electrogravitic field as merely the all-encompassing wings of a mother eagle. She gently guards, protects and nurtures her charges. The Sun's main charges are her planets. Every day, she adjusts this huge protective field according to the energies that she encounters.

      At the present time, these energies are increasing at a most alarming rate. They are coming to change your world and to give you new perceptions. Still, the Sun must adjust them carefully. The Sun has lovingly done this, for it is one of the main reasons for the rapid increase in her activities. The full moon of Taurus aids this procedure. To understand how, consider this solar system as a vast harmonic grid. The nodes on this grid are the solar system's many planets, moons and planetoids. As they move in their orbits, they slightly alter their overlapping harmony. This constant calibration is reflected in the daily patterns of the Tzolk'in and the Haab (solar year). If you were able to plot the energy of each tone cycle against the corresponding patterns of each galactic month, this harmonic would become more apparent to you. You, dear blessed Lights, live in a realm of vibrating consciousness, or Light. Subtle change within this realm affects you on many physical, mental and emotional levels. Likewise, such changes cause the major tones in this solar system to be either slightly raised or lowered.

      This process takes the several star-gates that we have just opened and swiftly adjusts them to your own unique patternings. This patterning has reached a level that allows the makeup of this reality to change dramatically. Your solar and Earth scientists, and you, are simply observing signs of these changes. However, your perceptions are still projecting a picture that closely resembles the one that you are most used to. In fact, the distribution of auroras, sudden flashes in the sky, weird coloration of mountains, lakes or even oceans, are omens of this change. Other signs include strange locations of earthquakes, unstable weather and vast change occurring within the Sun itself. They give warning that you must realize that your present core perceptions are hiding something vast and new. Your scientists are only beginning to understand this process. Presently, they inhabit a universe populated by enormous anomalies. Every day, they find things or events that they cannot explain and that contradict their so-called 'Laws'.

      In this vast reality that you see before you, there is an important role for you to play. You are the collective co-creators of its every detail. As you well know, this process is centered on your core perceptions, which are part of the birthing procedures that set you, physically, upon this world. The local Spiritual Hierarchy is now quickly altering these perceptions, mainly by thrusting you into a series of perceptual crises. They vary from changing how you feel about yourself, to throwing you headlong into some form of emotional, mental or physical crisis. This serves to transform thought-forms that have attached themselves to you. Simultaneously, we are adjusting your genetic structures, while you are changing the many negative thought-forms that usually inhabit your major organs. Consequently, we have willingly assisted you during the many adjustment periods of which we have advised you, from time to time.

      The rhythm of this day is one of change. You are bringing in a new energy, which, as you can see, the natural rhythms of this galactic year have produced. Now, this new energy is anchoring itself into your realm and, most importantly, into your perceptions. Added to these are our own procedures. We fully intend to use these energies positively. The many global rituals in which you are participating take these energies and mark them with the added stamp of your positive intentions. These intentions permit your realm to change its perceptions, allowing your true beliefs, finally, to come to the fore. For a long time, you have been taught the opposite. Now, you have reached a point where your deep desires for a new and more expansive realm can be realized. This arises from the coalescence of your desires and their manifestation as a new reality.

      As you move forward, you will begin to discover how your realm is changing. One of the most important events ahead of you is your coming first contact with the personnel of the Galactic Federation of Light. Right now, many events are happening that are part of this complex scenario. In the coming galactic year of 10 Caban, you will become privy to various broadcasts, videos, radio programming and other related happenings that will demonstrate that we are 'out there'. Increasingly, we intend to interact with you. This process is being carefully carried out on many levels. Our contact first needs to free you of your many fears concerning us. We are here to help you end a long nightmare that has kept you in bondage, made you forget who we are and forced us to adjust our planning.

      Usually, first contact happens only with star-nations who are ready for our appearance upon their shores. In your case, you are not, and yet, you are Beings in transition. You are rapidly preparing yourselves for this honor. Besides, since the end of World War II, your worldly governments have been in contact with dark 'off-worlders'. We have chosen to wait, patiently, for the most opportune moment. That moment nearly arrived a few years ago, but certain circumstances intervened. From the time frame that Spirit has given us, we know that the right divine moment is not too far away. Soon, you will become more familiar with the many strange, huge objects observed by your satellites. Pictures taken randomly in space by your space shuttle and Apollo astronauts will be widely shown. These are to be linked with other events that are only beginning to happen in your skies.

      We are determined that you realize that a first contact mission is underway and has been in progress for nearly a decade. The transformation that you are now undergoing is simply another sign of our coming arrival. Every event in this chain is linked to the other. Understand, dear Ones, that this is a most amazing time. You are approaching the end of your present limitations. You are moving your society toward a technology and a philosophy that understands Creation and the master plan that governs it. This process is rapidly drawing us toward our common destiny, which brings us, and the entirety of Heaven, to your magnificent doors. This future is inevitable and allows this aspect of Creation to be divinely unfolded. It is also the moment in which you will become the marvelous Beings you really are.

      Know that this day is special. From this day forward, energies are at work that promise to rapidly change your inner perceptions. This process is dynamic. The events that currently surround you are symbols of the degree of its uniqueness. The new harmonics that you and Creation's divine plan are jointly forging are intended to produce a series of unique circumstances. See them as portents that signal the advent of your divine destiny. We now take our leave. Prosperity and Blessings to you all. Amen Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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