Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        4 Muluc, 12 Tzotz, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We are here with more clarifications. Presently, your world is in the midst of great internal and external conflict. By internal, we mean the struggle for power that is now under way in Western Europe and North America. By external, we refer to the near-war conditions prevalent in your realm. Of the two, the internal is the more important. Long ago on your world, a mighty conflict began that pitted the Light against the dark. It has colored every aspect of your existence and is beyond the most open assertions of your scientists. It has had an unyielding and very profound influence on you. This struggle began as a small rebellion in Ancient Egypt, in the scattered kingdoms of Ancient Sumeria, India and China, and in the ancient Americas, as well. Since the rise of the 'Age of Discovery' in Europe, this rebellion has grown vastly in power. Several Ascended Masters arrived and carefully formulated the procedures that resulted in your modern banking and financial systems. Within these formulas were hidden the means to undo them at the appropriate time. This, dear Hearts, is such a time.

      Soon, the 'Age of Discovery' blanketed the world with a dark tyranny and spawned an industrial age that greatly accelerated your technology. Eventually, these developments created the semi-conductor and its companion, solid-state electronics. The ages of computers and electronic communications that followed have aided our arrival and enabled us to interact with you. They also have increased exponentially the information to which you have access each day. As a result of this information age, we are now able to speak to you on a grand and worldwide scale. We have given you this brief history lesson because we wish you to know that these events have been divinely inspired. They have given the Light a powerful tool that has opened new avenues to success for those who wage this rebellion. Their successes have produced certain financial trusts and networks of dedicated followers, as well as the means to unite it. Moreover, technology has hugely accelerated the speed of all of these events.

      Which leads us to the past five years. In this short period, many events have occurred. First, a great shift toward the Light seriously upset the evil plans of your many worldly cabals. Although most of them abandoned these plans, one small, powerful group adhered to its agenda and embarked on a campaign of terror. Their single goal was to implement this new order on a worldwide scale. If they succeeded, they would be able to govern the world in a way not possible since the fall of Atlantis. They felt that their efforts would embolden them and increase their desire to achieve their objective. Their main goals are terror and the collapse of the present global economic system. They wish to recreate the present system in an image of their liking. Countering them are the forces of Light and those who have struggled against their massive power grab. Caught between these two factions is a vast population that remains largely uninformed and unaware of the truth. Today, we wish to assist you in understanding these events.

      The majority of the world's cabals are motivated by sheer self-interest. Their purpose is to keep this smaller cabal from dominating them and its allies from imposing their authoritarian rules upon them. The resulting system would establish a dark and universal tyranny run by terrorism and perpetual war. This would destroy the cabals' plans and, eventually, lead to their downfall. Therefore, the broad coalition of cabals supports the Light and seeks its victory over the smaller cabal. Over the past four years, this has resulted in a number of agreements that promise a series of drastic changes in banking and other financial institutions around the globe. It will end the possibility of one group unfairly controlling this world. These moves enrage the small cabal. It means that their efforts to thrust the economy into disarray can be halted. It means that their present interlocking directorates in the energy, transportation and financial industries will end. It means that no longer will human innovation and creativity be suppressed.

      There is, moreover, yet another group with the divine task of overseeing the way of the Light in this world. This group works largely in secret. Its rituals and ceremonies have been carried out for millennia with the approval and guidance of many Ascended Masters. Their main allies are located in the realms of Inner Earth. We first contacted this divine group when we returned in large numbers to your shores. They have worked to keep the Light alive upon this plane, and Heaven is eternally grateful to their loving efforts. The great numbers of Lightworkers who have been born into this realm in the last 60 years have assisted them. Their task has been to use the contracts, aided by their gracious energies, to ensure your success. You, dear Hearts, are a welcome addition to this process, and the added ingredient to assure us all a glorious victory!

      Recently, the process encountered a huge bump - the small cabal's inspired terrorism of last month. Its sole purpose is to disrupt and change the direction of the progress that so far has been made. They intend it to be their vigorous effort toward a calamity, and their attempt to salvage a victory out of the remaining rubble. The past few weeks have led to an extensive series of discussions and meetings, and to a plan of action that is now underway. Like many events on your world, it must be kept somewhat secret. Nevertheless, the small cabal definitely is aware that plans are in progress. Its intelligence-gathering extends into the remotest corners of this globe. For these reasons, a high level of secrecy surrounds those final activities meant to topple them from power. We ask you simply to continue your worldwide vigils. They are making a difference.

      What we tell you is true. By this means you will move, soon, from your present, unpleasant situation to another, from which you will make the transition to a new reality. The time-frame contains many bizarre twists and turns. The news you hear in the media is tainted in its focus. It endeavors to present a fairy tale that is only meant to conceal the truth of what is very close to unfolding. In this near-surreal world, every major event occurs to maintain the fundamental lies and feed the flames of conflict. That is the way in which the dark perpetuates the myth. Every time its opponents are about to neutralize it, this small, determined cabal strikes out violently. Fortuitous timing is essential, first, to prevent these events from occurring and, then, to pursue a way to bring about this small cabal's demise.

      Our purpose in informing you of the day's events is to give you new insights. Much is soon to unfold. Our task will be to act as observers and, when necessary, as participating actors in these events. We tell you this for a reason. In these times, many momentous events are about to occur. The most crucial factors are, first, timing and, second, the divine signal from Heaven. In all cases, we are prepared to do what is divinely right. We are committed to first contact. We are aware of the warped, dark world in which many of your world's leaders exist. Within this darkness is a great Light that is quickly manifesting itself and beginning to rapidly transform it. The next moments in your history will be electrifying. In spite of everything, dear Hearts, remember always that your future is with the Light.

      Today, we have discussed various topics that concern many individuals and groups in positions of great power and influence. In examining these events, be assured of one certainty. The Light is winning and its great victory is near. You are an essential component in this. Remain calm, focused and centered. Know that many astonishing events are close to unfolding! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know that the endless Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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