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Car  Description

The Brabham BT19 was one of the most remarkable one-off lash-ups in the history of racing. It was laid down in 1965 for the Coventry Climax flat-16 engine, and when that was stillborn it was set aside until quite late in the year when it was modified to accept the 3-litre version of the Repco V-8. This had been developed on the basis of an Oldsmobile aluminium unit by Frank Hallam and Phil Irving for Tasman racing; its 2.5-litre capacity was increased to 2994cc and as the Type 620 it produced almost 300bhp.
The BT19 was only raced by Jack Brabham in 1966, and at Reims he drove it to win the French GP. That was the first Championship race victory for a driver in a car bearing his name. Moreover it was the first of four successive Grand Prix victories, and that run gained the World Championship. The unique BT19 was brought out for three 1967 Grand Prixs, with the 740 engine, Brahbam placing it second in Holland. Then it was driven by Gardner in the Oulton Park Gold Cup and Brabham in a non-Championship race at Jarama to come third.

Drivers in 1967: Jack Brabham, Denny Hulme, Frank Gardner.

Picture Gallery

Hulme, Belgian GP, Spa-Franchorchamps
Brabham, Dutch GP, Zandvoort
Brabham, Dutch GP, Zandvoort
Brabham, Dutch GP, Zandvoort


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