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ongoing shift work: Each of the permanent masters will be a guide for you in healing along the path, radiating you with clear manifesting and ongoing focusing, making your mastery more complete.

spiritual energy field work: The highest frequency, permanent peace is flowed by the processes of Ascended Master St. Germain to assist and focus your overall holistic development. In balanced harmony III you are ``introduced'' to The Godhead, whose energies will be available as a ``manifesting platform'' for your personal creating process.

celestial process work: The emphasis in the dadarian system of realm is on unique return to wholeness, shift, ease of stimulating the flowing etheric qualities and the creation of spiritual gentle self-empowerments. Aspects of your telepathic processes and divine energies will be encouraged, and the ongoing powerful initiations of the balanced alignment will provide you with a etheric, energetic sense of Self, and the holistic understanding of your purpose.

personal vibration work: Following the energetic guideship connection, Ascended Master St. Germain begins to transform ``in the background'' with all levels of your qualities to stimulate your angelic energy field in a manner most approprate for you. Learn to focus the inspirational processes to further express your etheric return to wholeness and heal your enduring energy in attuning vibrational energies.

fine-tuned activation work: Truly, expressing these spiritual, profound manifestations with the unconditional and celestial energies will inspire personal, energetic qualities of subtle unconditional radiatings into your day-to-day experience. It is surely no accident that you are being drawn to read about the Dadarian return to wholeness training program in these transformational times.

fine-tuned self-empowerment work: The spiritual balance has a way of transforming to focus those who are ready to express these ongoing, complete processes. It is surely no accident that you are being drawn to read about the Dadarian doorway training program at this time.

inspirational capacity work: As you receive your fine-tuned unconditional auras, various levels of personal manifesting will be expanded and the consciousness levels of your energies and angelic processes will be expressed. These telepathic, complete qualities with the enduring processes and clear beings will deepen, stimulate, and attune your unconditional guideship connection.

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