Forward Looking Statement
  This Web site may contain forward-looking statements including statements concerning EBDDT; plans; opportunities; negotiations; markets and economic conditions; leasing, development, construction, rental, and sales activities; availability of financing; and property values. Catellus does not undertake any obligation to revise these forward-looking statements to reflect future events, changes in circumstances, or changes in beliefs. These statements by their nature involve risks and uncertainties. In particular, among the factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results expressed in or implied by such statements are: changes in the real estate market or in general economic conditions, including the possibility of a general economic slowdown or recession; product and geographical concentration; industry competition; changes in interest rates and capital markets; discretionary government decisions affecting the use of land, and delays resulting therefrom; changes in the management team; changes in tax laws; weather conditions and other natural occurrences that may affect construction or cause damage to assets; liability for environmental remediation and changes in environmental laws and regulations; failure or inability of third parties to fulfill their commitments or to perform their obligations under agreements; failure of parties to reach agreement on definitive terms or to close transactions; costs and availability of land and construction materials; risks related to the financial strength of joint venture projects and co-owners; changes in policies and practices of organized labor groups; shortages in electrical power; and other risks inherent in the real estate business.