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Published by McClelland & Stewart, available in August

"I can't explain how exciting the arrival of television was," future TV
performer-producer Lorne Michaels recalls. ³It was all we talked about at school. We literally raced home to watch TV."
-- from the Introduction--

On September 8, 1952, English-language CBC-TV went to air for the first time, albeit with the logo upside down. Apart from that one little glitch, the terrified group of talented young people who put on that first live show launched the new network with imagination and verve.

In Here's Looking at Us, Stephen Cole takes the reader on an eye-opening, evocative, often funny journey through the first fifty years of CBC-TV, from the excitement of filming its first drama starring future author Timothy Findley, to the thrill of bringing Olympic gold medal hockey games to the entire country thanks to satellite technology.

This popular history of the shows, people and events that define the first half century of the network is told through the reminiscences, profiles and oral histories of more than a hundred on-air personalities and behind-the-scenes talent, including Norman Jewison, Robert Goulet, Don Harron, Juliette, Peter Mansbridge, Anne Murray, Norman Campbell, Don Chevrier, Mavor Moore, David Suzuki, Wendy Mesley, Hana Gartner, and Jonathan Torrens. Their stories are complemented by a wealth of archival photographs, memorabilia and illustrations -- over 350 in all --, many previously unpublished. Both text and images provide snapshots of Canadian life past and present as viewed through the lenses of CBC-TV cameras shooting docudramas, comedy shows, news programs, variety shows, children¹s programs and sports events.

From the network's longest running program, Country Canada, to one-night tour de forces, Here¹s Looking at Us is a celebration of the quietly entertaining as well as the most memorable Canadian television moments of the past fifty years.

Read quotes from Here's Looking at Us below:

"It was live, remember, and all we were concerned about was what happened next!"
Norman Jewison,
one of CBC TV's first director/producers
"I spent so much time shooting on Parliament Hill that (years later) when I received the Order of Canada, a couple of the security guards gave me a little wave as I went in!"
  Gordon Pinsent as Quentin Durgens, MD
"I don't think Ernie Coombs ever saw me sitting underneath the furniture when we were on air. He was Mr. Dress-Up then and the puppets were real to him."
  Casey and Finnegan, Mr. Dress-Up
Puppeteer Judith Lawrence
"Our challenge is to touch people."
  David Suzuki, host of the long-running
The Nature of Things
"You never saw Olivia in bed with anyone but Chuck…"
  Cynthia Dale,
who played Olivia on Street Legal
"He's Archie Bunker and I'm Meathead."
  Ron McLean on Don Cherry,
Coach's Corner, Hockey Night in Canada

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