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Re: Corporal Punishment It was Michael Fay in Singapore

Posted by patricia m. hogan on June 19, 1998 at 12:26:21:

In Reply to: Re: Corporal Punishment It was Michael Fay in Singapore posted by Trey Adam on June 02, 1998 at 00:09:04:

: : About five years ago, there was a huge
: : controversy about an American teen boy
: : who was caught vandelizing some public
: : property in Thailand (?: maybe some other
: : Asian country). His punishment was to be
: : some sort of flogging.
: : Does anyone remember this, or
: : can direct me where I can learn about this
: : incident?
: : Thanks

Michael Fay was not 'caught' vandalizing;
He was charged with eight others; ultimately
he,Shiu Chi Ho and Stephen Freehill, along with
two Malaysian juveniles went to trial.

Fay initially received a sentence of six
strokes, 4 months in jail, and a hefty
fine; this was reduced to approximately
3 months in jail, due to good behavior, and
and four strokes; Shiu's original sentence
of 12 strokes and 8 months in jail was reduced
to 6 strokes, the 8 months reduced to 6
and then he got time off for good behavior
and his fine, which was less than Fay's
was for traffic violations, not vandalizing
ing! He served approx. 4 months in jail.
Freehill was able to plea bargain to mis-
chief charges and wasn't jailed or caned.
Interestingly, Singapore said they
couldn't get Fay or Shiu to testify
against Freehill so they had no case.
However, they could do what they did to
Shiu, use his original confession and the
testimony of the Malaysians. This shows
that the case was not clear cut and was
more political than about vandalism. If
one reviews cases of persons who have been
caned, one finds they usually are
poor, unemployed, or at least working
class; Singapore's own reports do not
show that persons of the socioeconomic
level of Fay or Shiu were ever caned;
and the foreigners caned for vandalism
were Asian; also, the vandalism was for
action against public property. Finally,
it is clear that Fay's caning was not
'light' and left physical and emotional
scars that exist to this day.

Hope this info helps.


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