Air: Moon Safari: Pitchfork Review
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Cover Art Air
Moon Safari
[Source/Astralwerks; 1998]
Rating: 7.9

Analog, aquatic, bulbous, blue, breathy, cloudscraper, crystal, casio, dewy, deliquescent, dulcet, ethereal, effervescent, elastic, French, floating, grassy, gravity, groove, hotel, holograph, Holland, indiglo, Iceland, ingenuous, Japanese, jingle, juicy, kitsch, kitchen, kissing, lounge, lazy, liquid, moog, mood, martini, naughty, nylon, nymph, organic, oval, plastic, pompous, Parisian, quasar, quondam, quixotic, retro, rococo, robot, synthetic, synth, sylvan, terrycloth, tinsel, tea-time, underwear, underground, universe, viscous, vaporous, velvety, wet, wanton, waterfall, xylophone, xenogenic, X-chromosome, young-eyed, yacht, yester, zipper, zestful, zodiac rock drips like sugary dew and melted cheese from every second of Moon Safari. Close your eyes on an Antonini film and open them on "2001."

Air is the perfect background music for minimalist architecture design, shagging up against a tree in a field of sunflowers, waiting in line for "Space Mountain," drinking gin upstairs in a 747 (circa 1974), and '60s Swedish industrial documentaries. This disc is a bit too cheeky for daily consumption, but fits in nicely next to your Stereolab, and Pizzicato Five CDs. Play this on Valentine's Day for your sweetie and go to work Monday with band-aids on your back.

-Brent DiCrescenzo, 1998

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7.0-7.4: Not brilliant, but nice enough
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