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Cover Art Miles Davis
Rating: 9.9

Easily the most accessible of Miles Davis' late- '70s electric releases, Live/Evil is at once both sexually steamy and unsettling. The 15+ minute live jams (some recorded in the studio, others during live events) run the gamut from barroom brawl action-funk to sensual bedroom jazz magic, creating two hours of charged eccentricity you'll never forget.

Live/Evil dates back to 1970, making this the first release after Miles' seminal Bitches Brew in '69. It's the first in a series of five Electric Miles reissues from Legacy/Columbia, and it sounds exactly like the original vinyl. You've got the dense, pounding of the bass guitar, you can feel the percussion in your bones and when Miles' horn releases those deafening, spastic, high- pitched wails, there's no escape from the groove.

If you're interested in checking out Davis' electric releases (and you really should be), Live/Evil is really where the action is. With the opening track's out of control, African funk, the second disc's swanky "Selim," and the outstanding, rhythmic freak-out "Funky Tonk," there's no way you can go wrong.

-Ryan Schreiber

10.0: Essential
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