Charlotte has announced that the next GGC will be held 2003.

San Mateo, CA - The 2001 Golden Gate Classic International Line Dance & Choreography Competition - Charlotte Skeeters, Event Director

New choreography results:
1. G*E*L - Gadbois/Schira/Strong
2. Moonlight Dancing - Tony Elvey
3. @ The Hop - Carmel Hutchinson
Competition Results:
Australians Roxanne Kumre & Tammy Zabel placed first in their individual divisions ....Terry Hogan's Aussie team won the interpretative division.

Nearly all the 450+ dancers signed up for the event were on the floor Friday at 5 PM when I got a chance to learn, re-learn & be exposed to 5 of the 66+ new dances presented at this event (4 workshops/new choreography were taught simultaneously.) The instructors were: Australians - Terry Hogan, Simon Ward and Chris & Roxy Kumre; UK - Chris Hodgson; Canada - Bill Bader; Florida - Dottie Wicks, Bill McGee & Larry Bass; SoCal - Terry Slemmons & Lou Ann Schemmel; NoCal - Michael Barr, Michele Burton, Bob & Trish Boesel, Carmel & Hutch Hutchinson, Evelyn Khinoo, and Mike Sliter.

Mr. Michael Barr all the way from Corning, CA opened the Golden Gate Classic Friday night by teaching us John Robinson's C'mon C'mon .... a slow, sexy ... attitude dance at 93 bpm. He had time to also teach his newest October Nights done to Forever loving You by John Rich - 80 bpm. Next up was Mr. Simon Ward from NSW ... his intermediate dances Powerade (151 - bpm and Breathless 127 - bpm totally pumped the crowd! At 7 PM Mr. Terry Hogan from Brisbane worked with brain drained diehards as he taught his intermediate *** Promises - 92 bpm to slow our tired bodies down. (Slow dances were numerous in this year's demo showcase).

First thing Saturday Morning ...the remaining 4 entries of new line dance choreography competition (6 total) and the 39 or so workshop dances were showcased ...2 walls of the dance were demo'd so the dancers could note which dances they were interested in learning.
The Event was thrilled to have SOOO many dancers up at 9 AM on Sunday Morning to watch the Interpretative competitions this year. I recognized Patrick Fleming & JP Potter in their black & white outfits & hats ....they placed in DUO competition did Micky & Minnie Mouse (Nancy & Dale). Roxy & Chris Kumre, Tammy Zabel, Terry Hogan, Simon Ward and Sunnyvale's own Rob Ingentron performed a medley of dance 'skits' complete with on stage costume changes. The Aussies were the experienced dancers and Rob danced always a beat and a costume behind ...keeping the audience roaring in laughter ...and this 'last minute get together group' deserved the thunderous, screaming, standing ovation ...they placed third in competition.

Special Ceremonies ... our MC ...Mr. Knox Rhine ...reminded us that 30 days ago on a clear September morning a new date was added to the memories of people of the whole world ...we watched in awe as Jackie Snyder performed dance to our most patriotic song ...hand held flags ...her backdrop. We stood in tears as instructors from 4 countries participated together in the lighting of candles from her single held flame and together we recited The World Pledge of Allegiance ...

I pledge allegiance to the flag of my peace loving nation,
And to the principles for which it stands:
A free World, under the Divinity, Indivisible,
With liberty, freedom and justice for all.

Evening Socials with event DJ John Burton
Favorite Aussie dances on the request list ... Sunset Stampede (Ian StLeon), Patient Heart (Michael Vera-Lobos), Wait A Minute (Warren Mitchell), Little Miss Rosie (Tracie Lee), When You Walked In (Peter Fry), Titanic & Larger Than Life (Simon Ward), Along For The Ride, Too Much Fun & Cuban Heels (Terry Hogan), K.I.S.S. Cha (Eric Sellers), and Pick A Pocket (Jan Wyllie).
Congrats to our newest and youngest California choreographer ...Mr. James "JP" Potter ...the floor was totally full every time your De'ja Vu was called ...Dude, you know I still get confused on at least one wall ...but I want you to know ...I just followed Simon to my left and MB to my back and I did just fine!
The dances on the LineDanceFun Top 20 were called along with the San Francisco Bay Area standard oldies.

Bottom Line: Charlotte Skeeters and her volunteer staff did an excellent job of organizing and hosting this high energy,friendly, 'family reunion' community event. The country western clothes and the sea of cowboy hats has now been officially displaced with more swing type dress; shoes and western boots are seen as equals on the workshop and social dance floor. Our event MC was dressed western; Our event DJ was not. Most dancers dressed to the nines; some not. The San Mateo Marriott Hotel rooms were newly and beautifully decorated; the American Dance Master portable Dance Floor was perfect! The food at the sit-down catered dinner can only be described as sumptuously outstanding! The Dinner Show Broadway Extravaganza WAS. It should have cost us at least double!!!
It takes hundreds of hours of planning and a huge staff of volunteers to keep the energy flowing and the dancers dancin'at a successful event! Charlotte has announced that the next GGC will be held 2003.

© 2001 Doris Volz, California