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Author Cleansing the Outcasts (SO ~v~ Outcast)
Vailane, Tai Dul

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A miracle had landed them safely on foreign shores. Another had brought them through someone else's war alive, if not intact...further had allowed them to escape from their captors, during the confusion of the Sanctum's initial strike.

Ragged, exausted and generally whipped to pieces, Vailane's refugees had fled northward along the coast into a pathetic excuse for a forest. Starved for fresh water, the twiggish things gave little cover..but more than standing in the open plains.

Beggars could not be choosers.

They hid there for weeks, living off of scavenge and theft, easily mistaken for the paltry raids of the Outcast's other enemies. But they did not steal only food. Knowledge was power, and this was what they stole foremost. Vailane herself knew a very little of tongues and translations, but she had help. Her aide, Spectram, had survived thus far (something he could be expected to do almost without fault), and knew of many such things.

Given that they were working on short order and without sufficient time or facility to do things right, she felt he'd done admirably. They wouldn't be sure until someone actually tried to speak it, but it might just prove servicable for a start.

Hanging from the edge of the roof, peering into the comandeered chamber, the last scion of the Tai Dul sincerely hoped it would. The Chronicles demanded an accounting of such things, and it would be a shame to write it down verbatim without knowing what had been said...

Dropping to the sill, soaking sound into motion, she entered the room. Thin, not-quite-knifelike blades glittered in the thin starlight. They were ritual things, more than weapons (though they served in that capacity when it came down to it), inheritted from her ancestors through countless generations. They were plain things, shards of shaped metal secured to her wrists by undecorated leather bracers. They had served many purposes, in her life.

They would serve again here.

Vailane approached the bed, looking for a neck to threaten.
C'na, Amailai.! C'na, do your children call to you? C'na, do you forget the promises you have made?~Sina, Tai Amai. Lamentations

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Joshua Black

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Well wasn't that fun!
Joshua exclaimed, a huge grin plastered onto his bloodstained face.
His hair was matted with the vitae of heathens and faithmates alike, as were his clothes. After sheathing his sword he wiped some of the ichor off his face and looked at the few archers and reavers that remained.
Their battle had been a long and fierce one and many had sacrificed their lives in the name of the woeful god.
Smoke floated upwards in thick spirals as the flames roared and danced around the city they had just sacked and the plaintive cries of the dying hung heavy in the thick atmosphere of destruction.

As the remainder of his army readied themselves for travel a runner approached Joshua and explained the situation of those city's ruled by the Officium.
Sorcery from the priests of the bitch had whipped its way across the lands, leaving nothing standing in its wake.
The captain nodded in an almost solemn manner and decided to address his troops some of whom had undoubtedly lost family members.

Great losses have been suffered by us.
He yelled.
Let us face facts though, we all knew this wasn't going to be easy. We all know that courage comes with a high price.

Some of the archers muttered beneath their breath to one another as Joshua spoke, the reavers, however, seemed anxious to taste more of the blood that now coated thier thick hides.

On a more personal note,
Piercing blue eyes gazed harshly at the muttering archers.
I'm having the time of my life. If any of you aren't then please raise your hands.

Nobody did, although some shifted uncomfortably, their gaze avoiding that of the captain.

His eyes narrowed and a cruel grin graced his features.
Move out! I haven't had my fill of dancing yet.

The reavers growled and followed their leader as he skipped his way across the field which now ran red with blood.
A distinctive tuneful whistle could be heard on the winds.

The song had only just begun.

Call me cruel and I'll smile.
Call me evil and I'll laugh.
Call me a fool and I'll feed you your innards.
Captain of Maledicts armies


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Mistress. All was done as you commanded. The entire region was salted and burned. All buildings that may have been useful to the enemy are rubble. Any gold or worthwhile objects were given to the peasants so they could fund their way to a safer location.

She nodded at the man standing at her elbow, her eyes scanning the area in front of her. She hadn't liked destroying Darden's lands. She would have rather seen it flourish. But evidently Darden had other ideas.

He had seen fit to finally remove his cloak from over her. They had finally noticed that she had greatly aided in the destruction of several of their biggest realms- and therefore had sent 3 of their larger realms after her. While she had held them off and even done more damage to them while they had tried to whittle her down, there had finally come a point when she was sufficiently weak for them to start taking what did not belong to them. That had made her decision.

She would not allow her people to become slaves of the whore. She would not allow her soldiers to be massacred by swine. They would retreat and regroup. And in their wake, they would leave destruction. Nothing would be of use to their enemy.

I trust that the other instructions I gave have been followed?

She smiled at the nod of assent.

Good. Have the chefs prepare a special meal for the soldiers then and have them rest. Soon their will be little time for eat or sleep.

She did not wait for the mans response. She trusted him to follow her orders without question. Instead, she turned and walked back to her tent where she could try and rest herself.

The following days would not be easy. She had never expected it would be. She had known much could be lost, but then her goal had never been to gain either. Hers was a different purpose. That purpose was coming along nicely.

Well behaved women rarely make history.
Sing the song of Darden

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D'lil Veldrin

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The Drow returned to the captured keep just before the sun rose on the horizon, destroying the darkness that he adored. He and the other warriors of the night that he sent out had done their jobs flawlessly, which was a given. The Drow hated incompetence and if one of them had returned unsuccessful, he would have to answer to D�lil�s dark blade. Their worked enabled the priests and priestesses of Isonia to carry out their jobs of decimating the lands of the Sanctum.

Upon entering the keep, D�lil Veldrin immediately sought out someone whom could inform him of how the other activities had gone. Spotting a priestess walking down the hall, he approached her.

You there, tell me, how did the plan turnout while I was out toying with the followers of the fool Darden?

Ah, Just wonderful, my lord. Myself and my colleagues easily decimated the mightiest of the Sanctum�s lands. Half of the realms belonging to the Sanctum, all being their greatest, were decimated, thanks to your work.

And the previously conquered land which we kept merely as bait, am I safe to assume they captured it, thinking it was a great victory?

Why yes. They marched right over the land we took from their faithmates. The most amusing thing, however, is that they pillaged and salted nearly all of it.

My, what fools. Thank you for the information..

Smirking, the Drow then made his way through the keep, towards the secluded tower, which he rather enjoyed. Do they not realize what they have done? Can those followers of Darden really be that dense? He thought. They came like rats to cheese, completely oblivious to the spring loaded trap it was set upon. Now the trap has been sprung, and they are dieing under its pressure. The greatest lands that the �god� Darden had worshipping him now lay in shambles, annihilated. Reaching the spiral stairway, he began to climb. Up, into the darkness, into the comfort of the shadows. It is all for the best. They are fools. Fools do not deserve to survive. Entering the room at the top of the stairs, the Drow latched the door behind him, took a seat, and began to wait once again for night to come.

Outcast Nobility
We only come out at night, we only come out at night.
The days are far too bright.
We only come out at night.

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My Lord!.....My Lord

Bluril came running out of his tent.

What is it you call me for.

A rider approaches from the east

Blruril quicklly ran up the large tree that had been made into a make shift watch tower.


Bluril looked around, they were placed in the middle of a very large meadow, with a clump of trees in the middle and around them.


The watch Elf pointed Bluril to a dark figure riding on horse back just comming out of the woods.

Who is he my Lord?

Well...he looks just like Vincent, the one who we wait for, but he always rides with to guards, one on each side, let us wait and see them

They waited awhile, and surly after awhile two guards appeared on the edge of he woods.

It's him!

Bluril jump down the tower and landed on the ground, he ran into his tent and lit a candel, normaly it would be a torch, but that would be too bright for this meeting.

He ran out the the edge of the clumps and waited as the dark shadow of his friend rode towards him.

Hate on Fire, is better than knowledge on Ice.
Outcast Nobility

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Alexander Godhand

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Alexander looked at his tired generals. War was ravaging his land yet it stood almost as strong as always. His people would prevail and that was his consolation.

My Generals you must keep up the battle for a time. I shall be gone for a small period of time to meet with Verez and Bluril. Live and fight until peace returns to our land and our enemys lay slain. Goodbye until we meet again comrads.

He turned and left..he went out to
the stable and mounted his favorite horse. Solid black and more than slightly dangerous to ride, yet it was swift. Thus he began to ride non-stop toward Bluril's camp to meet with Verez, and of course Bluril. The purpose of this meeting was unknown to him but still he was invited. So he rode forth

blue isnt red but blood is


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The Sleeper

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A thin tendril of consciousness crept across the ravaged lands like a shadow, caressing the destruction absently. The reavers had come and gone violently, bathing his kingdom in blood, slaughtering his faithful and burning their holdings. Deep below the earth, nestled away in his private pit of misery, the sleeping being did not care � the well being of his servants was secondary to the magnitude of his own loss. Cast off, abandoned, scorned.....

He was half-consciously aware of his advisors flitting about the subterranean keep, now and then trying to wake him from his self inflicted gloom, annoying mosquitoes hardly worth the effort of sustaining any more. If he cared enough, he could bring the earth crashing down on all of them, ending their lives, but it hardly seemed worth the effort. Let them buzz, and panic, and die � it mattered little.

Far above he sensed the tide of the battle turning, the reavers being driven backwards by the followers of Isonia......

The goddess� name lashed across his mind like a searing whip, bringing with it a new wave of anguish, a crush of torment. Curling back in on itself the tatters of his consciousness fled the lands above, back deep into the solitary confines of the keep below.

Isonia� the word rolled from the sleeper�s still form, joined by a trickle of blood from a tongue bitten too many times...

Kiven Arstein

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The past fortnight had been interesting, to put it lightly, or, as Kiven was apt to say, righteously screwed up. As the captain of the Syraphian Guard it had been his highest duty to protect his lord from harm, however things had quickly spiraled out of control, and now he had no idea how to approach the circumstances that he found himself in. Sheathing his sword, he turned to face his troops, or what remained of them. Good work so far, men, but I fear we�ve not seen the end of this. Kiven had once led an army of thousands, but desertion, then the reaver assault, and finally the bloody Isonian counter-assault had all but wiped out the standing troops. We�re stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, we�ve got these goddamn reavers tearing at our throats because we happen to smell like heathens, and on the other hand we have our former allies coming for our blood because our master seems to have displeased the Goddess.

The grim determination displayed on the faces of his remaining troops was heartwarming - perhaps they�d see this through yet. He didn�t know all the details of exactly why they were marked for death by the Isonians, but those closest to the master assured him that all would be fixed soon enough. We are going to have to withdraw into the keep, and pray that we can hold them off. Things seem to be simmering down for now, so maybe there�s a chance. Snapping a salute to his men, he nodded to his second in command, and began walking towards his chambers. He needed some time alone to clear his head, and maybe a glass or two of brandy. Bloody wars...

Joshua Black

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The next battle didn't go quite the way Joshua had planned.
With the cities of the Officium seriously depleted no reinforcements could be sent to help take the lands stolen from Darden.

There was nobody to help them.

So it was that the few remaining archers and reavers stood side by side on the edge of the battlefield and faced the enemy.

For the first time in his life Joshua gulped at the sight before him.
Rows and rows of soldiers, some on horseback, some holding pikes, a vast squad of archers standing behind them all, bows poised and ready to be released.

He looked at his own meagre forces, all of them still tired from the last battle and the long march to get to this place, this final stand.

Came the cry and charge they did.
the reavers were the first in, claws slashing, teeth snapping and biting, the sound of crunching bone resonated high above the winds.

The archers did their best to back up their fellow darden warriors but it was not enough. Arrows had run short and now the Isonians had turned the tide.
Groups of them wore down the reavers with pure weight of numbers.

The dying cry of a reaver is a sound that no man should have to hear, yet they heard more than one that day.

One of the surviving archers grabbed Joshua by the shoulders and pulled him away from the Isonian horde, into the safety of a nearby forest they went.

Joshua said, eyeing the archer impassively.
But next time you think I should leave a battle, ask me first.
On saying this he stuck his sword into the archers belly and sliced upwards.
Innards slopped out of the deep gash onto the floor and the archer soon followed, his eyes wide with a slow oncoming death.

The captain moved away from the body and further into the woods.
The losses for Darden had been too great, and the war had been inevitably lost.

Still, plenty more heathens in the sea.
He whispered to himself with a sly grin before skipping through the woods.

Call me cruel and I'll smile.
Call me evil and I'll laugh.
Call me a fool and I'll feed you your innards.
Captain of Maledicts armies

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