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Lunaria watched the creature which had followed her into the room. She had not even seen him outside and cursed herself for being so bloodthirsty that she hadn't examined the scene to make sure there was no one to squeal on her. As it was, she was fair game at this point, she had just broken the law. They can try it, but I'll make sure one of us doesn't live to the feeding part. She thought. She watched him bow and searched for any sign he might be about to pounce. Instead he remained there, bowed and waiting. This thing commended her and introduced himself as Alexander.

Alright, stand up lad. Don't hate him you say? If he was unworthy of my hate he would have destroyed himself for being such an abomination under the eyes of the Goddess. He may not have asked for it, but he continued it.

So he feeds off the guilty, do they not have families?
She leans the chair back, smiles and continues

What is it you want exactly? I assume you didn't simply follow me in here to let me know you exsist and bait me. So what are ya doing in my office?
She asked.

Elenaore, a buxom wench of the pub wandered in to give Lunaris her next drink. She saw who was talking to Lunaria and looked at the Captain as though she had grown a second head. This establishment was very well aware what Lunaria's position on vampires was.

Elle, if you could take Miles down to say hello to everyone, that would be delightful. Lunaria said without taking her eyes off this Alexander fellow. I have some "getting to know you" to take care of.

Elle scooped up Miles and glided out of the room. As soon as the door had closed, Lunaria nodded at the other, now vacant chair at the table. Sit. Talk.

I am not a Pirate...
I'm a "Hostile Trade Negotiator", thank you.

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Tarrant grabbed the chit that Liaojie had handed him, then watched the vampire depart from the harbour authority's building. He didn't bother following, he figured he wouldn't be able to track the nightwalker anyway, he had experience with the beasts, they proved to be quite elusive quite often.

He stuffed the token into his pocket and departed from the room, and ultimately, the entire port district. The cold air had begun to bother him, along with the hanging moisture. He had a few more answers than he had possessed before, but he still have quite a few questions. Luckily, they could be answered elsewhere.

He decided to simply turn in, it was almost morning as it was and he could use the sleep. He made his way to the nearest possible inn, a decent-looking, middle-class establishment, and entered through the gaudily decorated door, meant to attract business. From the sound inside, he guessed it was a failure of a concept.

The room was poorly lit, with a few patrons drowning various sorrows in different types of drinks. Past what appeared to be a combination bar/register was a middle-aged man, with a bold red beard and work-hardened body, drying off a mug used presumably for alcoholic beverages.

He looked up as Tarrant entered the room.

"We don't accept your kind here."

He then proceeded to return to his task of wiping the now-clean glass. Tarrant was annoyed, but figured out what he assumed the problem was.

"I'm not vampire. I'm human. And I have a chit from the port authority."

The man looked up again, with roughly the same, unamused and indifferent expression.

"Got money?"

Tarrant pulled out a handful of gold and silver coins, which were met by a noncommittal nod from the man. He then pointed to the sign that had the room rates.

Singles were 5 silver a night, doubles were 10 and Luxury suites were a full 2 gold.

"These prices are insane, how can you justify charging 5 silver for a pathetic room?"

The man stopped wiping the glass, and gave Tarrant a hard look.

"Look. If'n you can find a room in this damned city fer less than that, then yer welcome t'go there, but mah rates stay as they are. Take it or leave it."

Tarrant glared for a few seconds before pulling out the required five silvers and slapping them on the bar. The man shrugged, slid them into an apron pocket and retrieved a single key from the nearby wall rack.

"Here ye go." He said this is such a way that Tarrant felt quite compelled to kill him and feed off the fear. But he relented. With another hard glare.

As he walked up the stairs to the rooms sections, he started getting a true taste of how much he was going to hate Ynis Sci.

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The sun would rise soon, and still my contact hadn't found me. I stretched in my chair, leaning it back with a creak. Enough. Either she is in the city and can't get to me yet, or she's not been able to get by the harbour guard.

I stood, finishing up my drink. I flipped a coin at the bartender on the way out, and stalked out into the night. Finding my contact was primary on my mind - taking care of Liaojie all centered on that.

The light snuffers were out, skipping from light post to light post. I grimaced, nodded to one, and began to walk northeasterly towards the keep.

I could nab a few hours of sleep before I was expected to be awake and alert, and I intended to do that. Sleep is important.

I hate mornings.


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I don't think there was one crime this night. What a bore. I ran my hand through my hair, ruffling it back. I glanced at the sky, estimating the time to sun-up. About an hour before it would be dangerous for me to be outside, which gave me time to do a checkup on the guy I had met the night before. What was his name? Torrent?

The light-snuffers were out, skipping from lantern to lantern with their poles, snuffing the lights. It was like watching glowbugs dying all over the city, I thought to myself. It brought a grin to my face as I turned the corner to the Harbour Authority.

The pre-morning darkness was taking on that morning dark, and I knew that the cool temperature would rise soon. I groaned, because the extreme heat of the summer-fall never went well with me. It made me sick at times, and I did my best to sleep through as much of it was possible. But Govan's absense had thrust more duties on to me, so I had been awake too much lately.

I poked my head in the door of the harbour authority, and called out to the clerk.

That guy I brought in earlier - he hasn't been brought in for causing trouble, has he? The man shaked his head and I thanked him, ducking out again. Another glance at the sky told me I had enough time to check on the bar Vridik frequented, so I turned myself in that direction.

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Noah could smell it...in the thin dew gathering on the grass, and on the edges of the rooftops. In the warming air's deceptive cool. It would be some time yet, but still he would have to hurry this to make shelter in due time.

Safety was as paramount as the mission.

Vridik was heading towards the Keep, and Noah had no intention of letting him make it that far. The bindings made sure of that, pressing him to act now...He leaped, breaking all semblance of stealth. Twirling in midair, he came down directly in front of his quarry. Apparently, his masters no longer cared about witnesses...the light snuffers were still nearby, pauseing to gawk at what was happening.

Landing in a crouch, the vampire gave a feral snarl at Vridik, catching his eye. "Tonight you die, Outcast."
Who is it that is dragging this corpse around?


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Even before the words were out of the attacker's mouth, my dagger was in hand. I eyed him up and down, before letting my lips twist into a smirk.

Ah, I should fear such a scrawny beast?

I playfully tossed my dagger from hand to hand, before ducking into a combat-ready crouch. The cobblestones were dew-wet with early morning water, and I had to be careful of that. The road was wide, and no one would interfere with a duel - except maybe the Harbor Authority. This was still a pirate city.

I glanced around, and noticed the gawking lightsnuffers. Get out of here while you can, kiddies. This thing is undead. The kids leaped to action, running and yelling for the Harbour Authority.

Come on, corpsy. Do your worst.

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"Fear what you will..."

Time seemed to slow as Noah leapt to the offensive, veins running strong with stolen blood and power. His heart thrummed once, hammering atrophied but strong. The world sharpened, every detail flooding out and full of options.

The space would work to his advantage if it came to keeping away from Vridik's dagger. The first step would be getting rid of the offending weapon. Claws unfurled, the vampire resorting to the weapons 'nature' had seen fit to grant where his masters neglected. He flexed his fingers, such as they were, strafeing in a wide circle around his prey. Blood pulsed wildly, and Noah ran...faster than any reasonable thing should have been able to.

Time flowed in circles, moments spanning into seasons of eternity.

Vridik spun, bringing his dagger up to defend. Claws met blade against one swipe, clacking against extruded bone and biting undead tendons. Vridik twisted it up, tearing deep and through Noah's hand. Blood sprayed, and claws wrapped around, digging against the daggers grip.

The back of Noah's other hand made contact with Vridik's stomache and sent him sprawling across the wet pavement.

He recovered quickly while Noah extracated his dagger from the ruins of his hand. Flesh knitted morbidly over the exposed metatarsals, and Noah knew hunger.

The dagger flew through the air towards it's owner, flashing and glinting in the thin light.

"...know that you die."
Beaten, why for?
Can't take, much more...

~Drowning Pool, "Bodies"


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The yells for the Harbor Authority caused me to stop and turn and move in their direction. Hopefully I could stop whatever was going on before I was badly burned, but maybe there would be a meal included. Which was always always a definate bonus.

I turned the corner just in time to see Vridik and another collide into a combat lock. I watched, my face pulled into a frown. I wondered who had started it - the pale one, or Vridik. It is hard to tell who the enemy is when Vridik IS a thief. But I was under strict orders to not hurt Govan's pet thief, so I sat back and watched from the shadows.

I blinked in surprise when Vridik was launched backwards, tripping backwards to slam into the ground. I quickly focused on his opponent. I snarled in anger as his hand began to heal.

Moving out into the lighter darkness, I lunged between Vridik and the vampire just in time to catch his dagger in the shoulder. I grimaced in pain, but plucked it out. I tossed it backwards.

Vampires aren't very welcome here. This meal isn't yours to take, either. Oh, the irony. Me, standing up for a man I loathed. Take yourself away to wherever you want to hide this day, and you can find me some time when the sun isn't about to rise.

I stood at an easy combat stance, bare hands ready.

Trust me. You don't want to mess with me, I'm a lot older than you.

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The brothers never did get around to renting a room for the night. They had gotten caught up watching the people go about their nightly lives, such was the sort of thing that entertained them. And now it was getting to late for sleep, or early rather, they always seemed to do better with no sleep than with only a few hours. They decided it would be best to get an early start towards the keep, that way even if they were side tracked once more they would surely make it before the new day was out.
They took their leave of the pub after several hours without so much as buying a drink. They avoided the dangers of alcohal, and were fairly certain they would have found drinks of no other variaty at such a pub.
They proceeded slowly down the wet stone street, in the dim light the shone faintly over the horizon, as the lamps along the side of the road were being put out by the dilegant snuffers. The buisness along the sides of the roads were beginingg to be prepared for the morning, and in the houses they passed activity was starting to show itself.
They had not been going too long before their path took them upon a fight of some sort. They kept their distance from it, not wanting to become involved, but they watched on with interest. It did not seem like a normal brawl in the streets, there was something different about the combatants, well two of the at least, vampires perhaps.
It was the brothers second day on the island, and already greated with a scene of violance, and omen perhaps, and not one that pleased the twins either.

Guilden and Rosen Woodson
Sons of Mantella Woodson
Rulers of Erindale
Outcast Nobility

Ma' Salataris

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IDENTY CRISIS lol (sorry about that)

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Alexander Godhand

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Alex stood and stepped calmly towards her, his hands outstretched showing peacability Ah m'lady hate him for trying to rob you perhaps. Hate him for feeding off the poor perhaps, but to hate him for being vampiric...is like hating all elves. Simply because they are elvish. You see i feed only when ive already been forced to slay. You see the foe is already slain, therefore he wouldnt mind my living off him. Id never feed of the innocent... id sooner die. ...oh yes..you have no need to worrya bout Miles none at all he smiled softly He's more safe in the hands of this particular undead then the arms of any mortal mans if trouble were to come his way

Alex winched at the memory of his intire family being slain by a traveling vampire. His other family members werent as lucky as himself. You see im here looking for a people or a person who will accept my way of life. I am also here to find vampires who will follow my ways. I am damned but perhaps I can redeem myself. Sorrow filled his words yet his face masked it well...very well

dead and loving it


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{OOC: Thanks Ev, no problem. ^_^}
Noah would have, at that point, gladly have returned from whence he came. That, however was Not An Option. The bands flashed like fire, illusory knives running metaphoric gouges into his soul.

Such as it was.

This interference was not welcome. The bindings burned, gashing deeply into the vampire's cold flesh. His masters were both curious and enraged now. So, bidden, like a true marionnette Noah danced for them. His jaws worked, shapeing words not wrought by his own mind but spoken with his own lips:

"Old. Young. It doesn't matter. All of our kind will come to the same end...dust or doom, we are all of us in the same fix...that you defend this wretched unbeliever does not change either his fate...or ours."

The world around him ceased to matter. Vridik was shoved from thought. Liaojie became an annonymous Threat in the mind of a predator. Pain and Thirst resounded in him, and instinct reacted blindly. With a half-feral, half-agonized roar, Noah leapt for Liaojie's throat. Death was there, he was certain, for one or both of them...

But that failed to make a difference. The puppet goeth where the master pulls.

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OOC: With Noah's permission

When the creature lunged at me, I blinked in surprise. My reflexes clicked in at the last second, and I dove to the side. But not before his claws raked me, tearing four furrows down my shirt. My expensive crushed velvet shirt..

Dammit, you ripped my clothing. Now you are SO going to get it.. I growled angrily as I watched the unknown vampire. Last chance, vampire. Leave while you can. The other vampire smirked, and lunged again.

I ducked to the side, grabbing the wrist of the offending vampire. I used his momentum against him, twisting him around by his arm, then twisting his arm up. I waited until I heard a snap, then let go and pushed him away.

The vampire managed to slash at me with his good hand, striking me across the face. I staggered back, hand raising to touch the cold blood coming from the scratches. I hissed, eyes narrowing angrily. First, my clothing. Second, my looks?

Leave. NOW.

The vampire seemed to back away, looking as if he were going to flee. But he paused, like he was going through some sort of inner turmoil. He lunged at me again, and I growled. Give up, vampire. You don't have a chance. What do you want me to break next?

Nothing I said would convince him though, and he lunged at me again. I side stepped him like I had before, but this time he was expecting it. He turned and stabbed inwards with his claw, plunging them deep into my stomach. I hissed in agony, angry at myself for underestimating him. The vampire pulled me closer, and I regretted that I kept my claws trimmed. But then, I rarely found vampires as my prey.

Another wave of pain washed over me, and the vampire chuckled. With my hands unable to do anything, I resorted to the pansiest of hits I could make - I bit him.

My fangs bit deep into his neck, and I tasted vampiric ichor in my mouth. It burned and I gagged, but the vampire released me and lunged back, his hand going to his neck.

I glanced at the sky, and smirked.

Run, vampire. The sun is almost up. And this wound won't stop me from killing you.

The other vampire glanced at the sky, and hissed in indecision. Next time then, Outcast. He turned and loped off, and I turned to look at Vridik.

Get up, Vridik. I need your help. I checked to make sure the other vampire was out of sight, then sank to my knees weakly. He had wounded me badly.

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It had been a violent struggle, and the victor was clearly baddly hurt when it was over, perhaps he wasn't exactly the victor. And if he were, then it was certainly not a victory worth celebration.
Once the second vampire had departed, brothers cautiously proceeded towards the scene of the conflict. The one there had been called outcast, and he did where cloths that indicated him to be well off, perhaps he was an official of the Outcast Nobility. That certainly made the battle all the stranger.
The twins were shortly upon injured vampire and the other fallen man. The looked them both over briefly before speaking, the vampire had sustained severe wounds.
"Are you alright?" They questioned, speaking in unison.
It was a stupid question and they realized it as soon as they uttered it, but it seemed appropriate none the less.

Guilden and Rosen Woodson
Sons of Mantella Woodson
Rulers of Erindale
Outcast Nobility


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Taking shallow breaths made the pain in my abdomen remain under control. My skin was beginning to itch as it took in more sunlight than it ever had in its undead existence, and the sun wasn't even up yet. My hand was pressed against the wound in my abdomen, trying to ignore the trickle of black ichor seeping between my fingers.

I glanced up at the two newcomers, and resisting the urge to snarl at them, I nodded. Yes, I will be fine. But I need to get indoors before that sun is up. And it's coming up..

I reached a bloody hand towards one of them, ignoring Vridik who seemed to be stunned anyways...or just happy to let me die.

Here, help me to my feet. That pub you came from. Bring me in there. Not enough time to get to the keep. Hurry, please.

I closed my eyes wearily, aching in pain. Just my damned luck to be gutted by another vampire. Next time he and I met, it would not be as pleasant an encounter. I'd kill him. Even if it meant carving myself into pieces in the process.

Come on, hurry man. Sun is coming up.

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I made to slide to the side, away from the dagger being thrown at me, but before I knew it, someone was between me and the vampire. I was about to angrily tell the newcomer to get lost - this was my kill - when he spoke. I blinked in absolute surprise.


My voice seemed to go unheard, which suited me fine. I never meant to speak it out loud anyways. The irony of ironies - the man I hated was trying to save my life. Oh, irony!

I pulled myself off to the side to watch. Liaojie was himself - coldy mocking, arrogant..everything I hated about him. Even though the other vampire had tried to kill me, I was hoping that he would make my job easier and kill Liaojie for me.

A few moments later, my hopes were dashed. The vampires collided, and when they pulled back, the other ran off. The sun was just below the horizon, and the sky was lightening. I watched the other vampire leave, then turned my eyes back to Liaojie. He sank to his knees, a hand pressed against his stomach. Perhaps, then Liaojie had taken more than a scratch to the face and the chest. He took a shaky breath before turning to me to speak.

Get up, Vridik. I need your help. I blinked, and a lot of thoughts danced through my mind. I was amused. I had been plotting and planning his death, trying to usurp his authority - and when I am in trouble, he saves me. And now, after he battles to save my life, he's at my mercy. I resisted grinning, and just blinked dazedly.

I didn't know if Liaojie could pull himself inside a building before the sun came up, but me playing dumb would at least give him a higher chance of turning himself into dust. But alas - two people - twins, I think - came up and expressed concern. I studied them silently, memorizing their faces. They would pay for interfering, someday down the line.

I staggered to my feet, swaying.

Help him up, kid. We have to get him inside, and the sun is coming up. Quick now!


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"Yes, of course, of course."
The twins hoisted up the vampire and supported him, on one each side, quickly leading him to the pub as he had directed. Once under it's protective roof they set him down in a chair at one of the tables. They sat down across the table from him.
"We're Rosen and Guilden Woodson, of Erindale." They didn't specify who was who. "Do you need medical help, we have studied a bit in the way of healing, or will rest be enough. We're afraid vampires are one thing we know little about."They wanted to ask him about the fight, and what had brought it about, but his well being came first, and so they held off.

Guilden and Rosen Woodson
Sons of Mantella Woodson
Rulers of Erindale
Outcast Nobility

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I collapsed back into the chair with a grunt of pain, my eyes closing as I tried to keep the nausea and agony washing over me from washing me away. It wasn't easy. He listened vaguely as the two introduced themselves, then focused his mind on them.

I'm Liaojie...where'd Vridik go? Glancing around the pub, I sighted the thief and beckoned him over. My left hand was pressed tight against the wound, yet black ichor continued to ooze through my fingers, making black trails down my white hand.

Vridik, go to the keep and get Viseranti. He knows how to tend vampire wounds.

I breathed in short breaths, trying to keep the agony down. I glanced again at the twins, and tried to smile reassuringly.

Nothing you can do for me, I'm afraid. Healing living things and healing dead things are two different things. I paused. But thank you, anyways.

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I followed the two who hefted Liaojie to his feet and dragged him inside. If they hadn't been there, I would have been able to leave him there to turn into sundust.

I leaned against the wall and watched the twins help Liaojie sit. The vampire was obviously in a lot of pain. The lines around his eyes gave it away. But how serious was his wound? Vampires didn't bleed or wound like humans. That would have killed a human, or an elf. Stomach wounds were always nasty. And the vampire was bleeding. Not profusely, but the most I had ever seen him bleed.

Vridik. Go to the Keep and get Viseranti. I blinked, then nodded curtly, stalking out.

There were a few people milling about, lantern snuffers telling the story about the vampire fight. I made my way towards the center of town and the keep. Getting Viseranti was important, mostly because I was curious how much damage the vampire could take.


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"Vridik, go to the keep and get Viseranti. He knows how to tend vampire wounds. Nothing you can do for me, I'm afraid. Healing living things and healing dead things are two different things. But thank you, anyways."
The brothers frowned, they had susspected that there would be nothing they could do.
The looked over to the other man as he left, a suspicious one he was. They looked back to Liaojie.
"To the keep you said? So you are with the Outcasts. We are as well, we have recently joined you're ranks but we have yet to meet Govan, that is why we have traveled to this island. And that odd fellow Vridik he too is, no? But what of the fight, what happened?"
The talkative twins stopped a moment, thinking.
"Oh, terribly sorry, you'll have to excuse us, our curiosity often gets the best of us, it is in out nature. If you haven't the energy to deal with our questions, simply bid us silent."

Guilden and Rosen Woodson
Sons of Mantella Woodson
Rulers of Erindale
Outcast Nobility

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