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A noise outside his door awakened him. A knock possibly? The elf decided to pretend it was nothing and rolled back onto his side to go back to sleep. After all, it was insanely early; at least it looked like it from the very brief glimpse he got outside his window through his sleepy and squinting eyes.

*knock knock*

With a groan, the elf rolled sat up in his bed. Who on earth would awaken him at this ungodly hour of the morn, he had his beauty sleep to get after all! Then getting out of bed, he made his way over to his bedchamber door.

Yes, what is it? he groaned.

Iím sorry sir, but Vridik is here. It appears as if Liaojie is gravely injured and is in dire need of your assistance.

Yawning. Ah yes, of course, I shall see what I can do. Give me a few moments to gather my equipment. The elf then quickly proceeded, or at least as quickly as a half awake elf could move, to gather his belongings. As he was putting on his cloak and grabbing his supply bag, he muttered. Why ever in the world did I think of learning medicine dealing with Vampires? EVERY call is at night, while he is peacefully resting of course, just why canít those darn beasts have their problems with the moon instead?? At least that way I could actually SLEEP at night!! Letting out a sigh he made his way back to the door.

Ok, I am ready, take me to him now.


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I didn't bother with pleasantries. I grabbed Viseranti by the arm and began dragging him down towards the harbour. I ignored his protests and began to explain the situation.

I was attacked by an unknown vampire. Liaojie didn't know him either by the looks of it. They fought over me, Liaojie managed to chase him off. He's got a stomach would that would kill a mortal though. In the stomach. He's bleeding pretty freely for a vampire.

A few people watched us curiously, and a set of guards came to see what was going on. I waved them away and called out a call of 'Official Business! Get out of the way!' It was surprising how many people did.

The pub was fairly close to the docks, so it was a significant walk. Perhaps if I was lucky, Liao would die in the meantime.


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The deck swayed gently with the waves beneath her feet. It was late, yes, but she couldn't sleep with so much motion. The air smelt strongly of salt, and a cool night breeze toyed with her hair, which hung loose about her shoulders. It was refreshingly cool on deck, and MyaLynn Raenlock absently tugged her cloak a bit closer.

She stared up at the bright crescent of the moon that hovered in the sky above and at the hundreds of millions of stars that speckled the night with twinkling silver. She'd never in her life been at sea, and it had taken her some few days to become accustomed to the constant rolling of the deck and the incessant push of the wind in the sails. A low growl of discontent pulled her gaze from the heavens, and she looked down at her companion.

Yes, yes... I know you're not enjoying this. But it's not for much longer. We should be there soon, old friend.

Yellow eyes, glowing in the moonlight glared up at her.

Don't look at me like that. You chose to come along, you did. You could have gone off with Teyolia, you know.

A snort and an almost-bark. The wolf by Mya's side turned his head to one side, as if the very suggestion were ridiculous. The elven woman laughed softly. He never would have left her on her own.

Well, there you are then. You've no one to blame but yourself.

The wolf glanced up at her once as if to argue to that point, before turning back toward the hatch that led below deck. No doubt he was headed back to her small cabin to curl up in Mya's cot and endure the remainder of the voyage.

Ynis Sci... Mya said softly to herself, tracing a slender finger over the faded and now barely visible scars on her left cheek. She feared it was naught but a rumor, but the stories made it sound like a place he may have gone. Perhaps her search was nearing its end.

~MyaLynn Raenlock~
Outcast Nobility
"When all is said and done, will you still stand by me?"

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His servant took him downstairs to where Vridik was waiting for him. As soon as he saw me he yanked my arm and pulled me right out the door, without even saying a word. Still half asleep and not moving very quickly, Viseranti was trying all he could to prevent his arm from being ripped from his body. Just when he was about to ask for information, Vridik spoke out explaining what happened.

I was attacked by an unknown vampire. Liaojie didn't know him either by the looks of it. They fought over me, Liaojie managed to chase him off. He's got a stomach would that would kill a mortal though. In the stomach. He's bleeding pretty freely for a vampire.

Interesting, that does sound very serious. He said. He kind of wanted to ask what started the fight, but after hearing Vridik yell at random people in the streets, Viseranti decided that it probably wouldnít be the best idea. All of a sudden, Vridikís pace began to slow somewhat.

Thinking that Vridik may have just realized how much he was pulling him, Viseranti said:
No, donít slow down. I am finally awakening and can keep up. We really must hurry, time is of the essence!

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