The following stories are written about the characters on Highlander—namely, Duncan and Methos. I write none of these stories for monetary gain, only for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers.

Many thanks to Rysher-Panzer/Davis and also Gregory Widen for creating such wonderfully rich and multi-faceted characters. The world is a better place for their vision and continued commitment to the integrity of the series as well as the upcoming Highlander: IV, "Endgame". (I’m ignoring movies II and III, like most). Zeist? What’s that?

You must be eighteen years of age to proceed with this fiction. If you’re not old enough now, come back when you are. They’ll still be here.


Most stories deal with a m/m relationship between DM/M.


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Rated R – NC-17 (Language, violence, sexual situations)

Duncan, Methos, Richie, Tessa, Joe, and two new characters Melissa Stewart and Evan Stewart. Series featuring Methos and his watcher, Melissa Stewart, who has a history with Duncan and problems of her own to deal with.

Watcher - Chapter 1

Watcher - Chapter 2

Watcher - Chapter 3

Watcher - Chapter 4

Watcher - Chapter 5


Takes place immediately after CAH and REV 6:8. Methos is on the run and MacLeod is after him. Suffering a serious injury and finding himself unable to heal as usual, Methos, along with Duncan, discover strength in numbers as well as the healing strength and power of love.

**And thanks to Eng for the beautiful pic!*

Shelter - Chapter 1

Shelter - Chapter 2

Shelter - Chapter 3

Shelter - Chapter 4

Shelter - Chapter 5

Shelter - Chapter 6

Shelter - Chapter 7

Shelter - Chapter 8 *soon*




Reflections on a Moonlit Night

Thank You

The Light

Team Spirit

The Hair Fantasy

Love Foretold



EXTRAS – Just for fun

Eternal Bonds

(My addition to the DFW’s)

Music for the Soul

(My addition to the Methos Harem)

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