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"They're shutting us down, Scully"
--Fox Mulder

On the day of the premiere of FOX's much talked about new series Millennium, a man who spent long hours working on an "unofficial Millennium website", in which he receivced no money for, and served no purpose but to entertain it's fans and help promote the show had his internet access revoked after refusing to take his site of the net, due mostly to the efforts of FOX represtitive David Oakes, possibly pictured above.

But that's not the end. FOX is still going against unofficial websites, mostly those dedicated to The X-Files. Many X-Files websites have now been shut down, particularly those containing sound files (which the official website does not provide. Why do they feel the need to do this? These people are not in competition with the official website, and are not receiving any money to do this. All they are doing is giving them more publicity. Is this some kind of attempt to control what we say and think of them? Think I sound paranoid? Well this is still going on, and what other reasons are there?

The Official X-Files Website is a fairly good site. What it has is a complete episode guide, including info on upcoming episodes, with video clips, and pictures. But it contains no sounds, and not nearly enough pictures to meet the demand. They should be praising people who are doing the extra work of making their own pictures and sounds, and helping spread the word and reaching out to other fans. But instead they are having their rights taken away from them, for simply making the people at FOX and 1013 rich. Why could this be? Conspiracy?

Fight The Conspiracy-Mulder Would!

Whether you think I'm paranoid or not, this is a major violation of our rights, and must be stopped. What can you do? First send E-Mail to David Oakes and the people..err..execs who at FOX who employ him, and show them no mercy! Then set up yout own protest page, using any of the images found on this page, and link this page, as well as any others you find to it.

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FOX has all the money and big shot lawyers, but we are the fans, we make them. We are the ones who watch their shows, which prompt sponsers to pay more money to get a plug during their show. We are the ones who rake out the cash to buy their merchandise. We make them, and we can destroy them. But we don't want to do that, we just want our rights back. Fight hard and never give up, and we will win!!!

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