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Well, welcome to my little library of fanfiction. This is the new look for The Phile Cabinet, and I hope you've been enjoying it, but now that you've found your way to the fan fiction.. :)

This archive is all-inclusive.. with a few exceptions. I'll put up any story people send me unless A) the formatting is bad, B) the rating is NC-17, or C) there is a slash relationship. I have an open mind, and have no problem with this, but a lot of people are offended by it, and I try to keep this site neutral (except for the 'ship factor). I hereby disclaim any faults in the text files you find below that are not written by myself.

A red ball indicates a new story...
I've tried to organize it all by category, and there are a few categories. The categories are: X-File, Story, Crossover, Adventure, and Vignette.


You are romantically-deprived phile # to anchor here.

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It's a compilation of Holiday-Realted stories for certain seasons.

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