After Pollo Campero´s succesful launching in the US market, and after establishing a new amazing US$ 1 million sales record in seven weeks, with only one restaurant, this Central American Company has kept growing in California through out their two brand new restaurant s in Panorama City and Huntington Park.

By the second semester of the 2002, Pollo Campero will continue expanding all over the US, opening new restaurants in California and also in Houston, Texas. And there´s more to it: by early 2003, new units in Washington DC, New Yo r k and Chicago will be ready.

And soon we can expect to hear more about this Central American Company.
Pollo Campero announces the next opening of its first restaurants in the European Continent. Campero will open their first three restaurants in Spain later this november. This is a whole new challenge for Campero, that has demonstrated a great ,management capacity bussines development , acting with a great deal of success in Latin America and the US; markets where competes succesfully with all the most famous chains of restaurants of the world.

“We are so proud to announce our arrival to the European Market, in such an important country as Spain” points out Juan José Gutiérrez, Campero´s President.
“During the first semester of the 2003, we will open in Portugal and Poland. Within the next five years, we will open150 restaurants in most of the european countries”.-adds Gutiérrez.

It is a pride for all Central Americans , that a n authetic latin american company, is competing success fully in America and now it is spandign to Europe.

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