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The Beginning Of Convergence
All Platforms - 10/22/02
It seems like everyone's talking about convergence now, but just a few years ago it was a relatively new idea in the handheld industry. The Kyocera Smartphone was one of the first devices to take this idea and run with it. Here's the inside story of its' development, focusing on the man with the initial vision, Gary Koerper. If you though that product development was boring then you're in for a surprise.

Wireless Security: Putting Things In Perspective
All Platforms - 10/22/02
As wireless communication becomes increasingly popular, the issue of data security has become a very hot topic. It's good to be concerned about this, and one should always take precautions, but in the process are we all becoming just a little bit paranoid? As Peter Cochrane explains in this very thought-provoking article, "The vast majority of communication on this planet enjoys no form of encyption or protection and the interceptions remain very small".

Die Another Day Sweepstakes
Other - 10/20/02
It's not too late to enter the Best Buy 007 Die another Day sweepstakes, with the premier taking place in Los Angeles on November 11. All you have to do is play the Danger around Every Curve game, defeat all three villains, and save Honey Rider. Some of the prizes are pretty cool including Xylem business cases and EA 007 games.  If you hate filling out all those contest forms at the end as much as us, check out this  COOL password and datakeeper from ROBOFORM before you surf off. See you later, let us know if you win...

Activision, AT&T Bring Tony Hawk to T720
Other - 10/16/02
Yeessss. If you've been wondering what to do you with your phone lately, wonder no more. Tony Hawk is coming to your cell almost live. Initially, the game will only be available on one cell phone model, the Motorola T720, expected to go on sale this month for $250 after rebates. t720 personalization specs include "color icons, text, and ringtones in your email and text messages; for even more emotion, quickly and simply add sounds, pictures and animation..."

Palm Funds Content Publishing Company
Palm OS - 10/15/02
Palm Inc.'s Solutions Group today announced its investment in and strategic relationship with a new content publishing company. Mobile Digital Media, Inc. is chartered with accelerating the development of compelling content for SD and MultiMediaCard media. It will aggregate, publish and distribute software for handhelds and mobile phones. They say they have more capacity than a CD Rom...

Porn Publisher Pushes Blue Cell Phones in UK
Other - 10/15/02
Last month the company called Private made a bid for the assets of the bankrupt file-sharing service Napster, saying it would like to use the popular brand name to headline its new online trading network for pornography. This month they launched an adult-oriented wireless portal for British mobile phone users. They're hot on the heels of Playboy, who just signed a deal with Legend Mobile to bring centerfold pictures to a variety of mobile gadgets. In related news, Sprint PCS Unveils First US Camera Phone.

Dell PDA Update
Other - 10/07/02
A few months ago we reported that Dell may be launching their own PDA, probably in November or December of this year. At the time it was a rumor, but now the plot thickens, and it looks even closer to a sure thing. According to ZDNet, Dell officials have indeed confirmed that they will be introducing their own PDA. The OS will be PocketPC. Further details cannot be confirmed (yet). And they plan on being very agressive on pricing, causing HP and others to adjust their business strategies ("We're going after Dell...", says HP's Director of PR).

Palm's new handheld - The Zire Debuts
Palm OS - 10/07/02
At least one of the two devices as recently rumored on and PalmInfoCenter to be released in Oct., has been launched today. The sleek white Zire, Palm's latest foray into the low end PDA market arrives on the wings of Palm's new strategy, dubbed a "dual brand" architecture --for "Consumers and Professionals" which includes the soon to be released Tungsten T on the high end (we're waiting) and the hot off the conveyor belt Zire on the low. Here's are the stats, and a comment on the name debate...

Symphony Of The Cells
Windows CE - 10/03/02
Most theaters ask their patrons to turn their cell phones off as they enter. But a concert hall in Austria asked the entire audiance to leave them on. The result: a bold sonic experiment called "Dialtones". Read (and listen to) it here...

T-Mobile rolls out new PDA with Danger software
Other - 10/02/02
Can we stand one more device, and one more OS? Well apparently, yes we can. Clinton Bolten reports on the latest convergent device to hit the frackus, the T-Mobile Sidekick. The next questions, will users be willing to kick down the $39. a month service plan? Will Danger software be able to compete in a crowded market? and will we be able to attend the T-Mobile "Rock the Rock" CREED concert and party Oct. 10th on Alcatraz Island? (they've set up bidding on eBay...)

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