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About Hitchhiker

The current Hitchhiker carrier mission is Mach-1. Mach-1 launched December 5, 2001, on STS-108. Mach-1 Information.

Mach-1 logo and information
Hitchhiker cross-bay bridge configuration on orbit.
Hitchhiker cross-bay bridge configuration on orbit.
The Hitchhiker carrier system has provisions for flying payloads along the sidewall of the Space Shuttle payload bay, i.e. the longeron, and on cross-bay carriers/platforms. Hitchhiker payloads fly in mounted canisters attached to mounting plates of various sizes. The carrier system provides electrical power (28vdc), command signals, and "downlink" data interfaces. Hitchhiker customers operate their payloads from the Hitchhiker Control Center at Goddard Space Flight Center using their own ground support equipment (usually a PC) to send commands and display data. User's ground support equipment work in tandem with Hitchhiker's ground system, ACCESS (Advanced Carrier Customer Equipment Support System), for communication with their payloads. Control and monitoring of payloads from remote sites has also been demonstrated and is in use.

Information on ACCESS

International Space Station Hitchhiker Program
International Space Station (ISS) Hitchhiker is a new system now under study to provide payload services similar to Space Shuttle Hitchhiker ISS. Information on ISS Hitchhiker Program

Hitchhiker Ejection Services

Information on Hitchhiker Ejection Services

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