The Strife of Bryan..?
On 21st February, representatives of Ant Lib caught up with ANT2000. Madam Stan reports.

A Brief History of ANT

  • Following the rise and fall of The Bivouac - the official fanclub of Adam & the Ants / early Adam Ant - the first ANT newsletter was published in Autumn 1984 to coincide with the release of Apollo 9.
  • There were no names credited to the running of the then fan club / editing of the newsletter until Kevin Cann took over in New Year 1986. From Spring 1988 the newsletters were credited to "Mr Cardy & Mr Ant" and the ANT "office" (or rather it's PO Box) had been relocated from W1 to SE1.
  • In the last ever ANT newsletter the following announcement is made:
    "This is the last issue of ANT NEWS TODAY in its present format. Issue 25 will appear FREE in the first quarter of 1991."
  • And with that it vanished, and needless to say, so did all those cheques for �7.50. No explanation. No apology. No response. In 1993 Top Notch News was established to provide information for those who had bought the Antmusic compilations.
  • This also folded when Adam's management were no longer interested, thus ANT resumed soon after, sending out a postcard in 1996 to promote Adam's appearence in Funeral Games at the Drill Hall, London. Over the last ten years the only form of regular Ant News has been from the Antics in the 90s catalogues.
  • And with the likes of Michael Cox and Suzanne Skelton turfed out of the Ant hill, Bryan Stanton is now at the helm of ANT - renamed ANT2000. But what's in store for the faithful Antperson now? Read our interview with the man for ideas, plans and objectives of Adam's latest fan venture.

Young Steve Ant with one of the early editions of the glossy ANT newsletters

The meeting in full swing. From left to right: Sartana, Maz Ant, Deutscher Girl, Madam Stan, and Bryan Stanton. Pic by Ant Ranger

A thousand subsrcibers pulled in by the ANT flier of October 1998 (?)

Deutscher Girl listens as Young Steve "vents"

Deutscher Girl... still listening (!!)

"...your newsletter is a bit sh** for �4"

Sartana and Young Steve Ant ("its water
- honest!")

Madam Stan, Bryan "Neville Chamberlain" Stanton and Young Steve Ant (

Sartana, Stan, Stanton and (of course...) Steve

Coming Soon...

Watch this space for more pix - including additions to the Brief History of ANT, plus ALL the 1984 - 1990 newsletters reproduced here for the first time ANYWHERE on the web!

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It was third time lucky for the meeting some thought would never happen. Antpeople travelled from across London to question Bryan Stanton, Adam Ant�s official �voice�.

But how did we really get here? With fans publicly annoyed with the Official services, we formed Ant Lib but not only did we want a �proper� club, we also wanted answers to why we had been exploited over the years.

Now, sixteen months after Ant Lib's conception, the floor was open for both parties to join in venting their views and to raise hearty discussion. Ant Ranger, Deutscher Girl, Sartana, Steve Ant, Maz Ant and myself joined Bryan for an overdue pow wow.

So how did Bryan get involved with ANT?

Well I met Adam in 1990 when I arranged an instore signing in Piccadilly�s Tower Records. I got talking to him beforehand and he mentioned he was really unhappy with the way the fan club was running at the time. He said he�d contact me in a few months or so, we�ll go from there - unfortunately it was about three years later he contacted me. When I arranged another instore signing and he asked me again about running the fan club, I said well what do you mean by running the fan club because at the time it was in a mess.

With Michael Cox?

It was Kevin Cann then Michael Cox after - then two years after that he contacted me. I had a meeting with him and he said we�ve got stacks and stacks for mail all over the place that we need to sort out, there are people that haven�t received anything for a long time it took us about a year to go through all that and get it sorted so that�s how it all started really. The first thing I did was try and sort out the mess which ANT had left behind, the mail outs and stuff that went around.

You didn�t reply to those? You didn�t do anything with those?

We did yeah, we went through all of them and sent a basic letter out, saying this is the state of it now, there isn�t a fan club as such but we�re going to start an info service because we can�t offer a glossy magazine or anything that a fan club is, if you like.

I know I sent a cheque in 1990 and I never got any of that�

That was before I got involved

What happened between 1990 and then?

Very little to be honest. There were a couple of PO boxes if you like� but unfortunately they weren�t because that was all under the control of Michael Cox.

So who sent out the postcard?

That was myself and Suzanne Skelton who at time was Adam�s PA.

And she was a bit dodgy herself...


Yeah, Adam fell out with her, she promised a lot but did very little I suppose is the best way to describe it.

What is the objective of ANT2000?

What I wanted to do was try to cover ANT2000 for having four mail outs, six mail outs, it could be 1 or 2 you never know. What we want to do is try and get ANT2000 to the stage where ANT was where it was sending out regular newsletters and things like that. When I spoke to Adam about this initially he wanted just to test the water, to see what the response was going to be. After we sorted through the mess left behind by ANT there was something like three thousand that were on the mailing list if you like, but a lot of those fell by the way because they were so old. As it stands right now, there are about one thousand, one hundred and something that responded to the initial mailout.

Does that relate to the number of people who have paid money a year?


You�re saying it is a thousand?

That�s the actual�

That�s the amount of people paying you money?

Yeah. It�s a lot more than I thought when I started going through the whole lot initially, to be honest.

When Ant Lib carried out their own yearly poll in 1999, the vast majority of nearly a hundred respondents had never even heard of ANT2000.
This year, with heightened awareness of ANT2000, most fans that had heard of it (which is still the minority) wouldn�t touch it with a barge pole. With little publicity of ANT2000 plus expected poor motivation for a fifty word photocopy with bad spelling it is difficult to comprehend a membership of over a thousand subscribers. Indeed, does Adam even have a thousand active fans?

So is there anything that you�ll say for the collapse of ANT? When we first got in contact - which wasn�t on very good grounds at the time...

I think I wasn�t exactly professional either.

...we wanted to get some answers. We�d have appreciated a statement from either you or Adam, an apology, an explanation, because we didn�t know what was going on.

I think it would have been a good idea if either Adam or myself had turned around and said, �Well we�re really sorry about all this�. I can�t go back now and it was an unbelievable mess, there was stuff dated back to 1988, only a few, there was also 400 or 500 letters, which were in Michael Cox�s possession which he kept but hadn�t done anything with, as we had to deal with all that as well I think we should have.

We want Adam speak to us

Okay, well there will be a letter going onto in a couple of week�s time, which will be hand written from Adam. That should hopefully answer quite a few questions. That�s all I can say at the moment, because I�m not actually quite sure what he�s writing.

Is Adam thinking about doing an official web site?

There�s so many people been saying that they want to have official Adam Ant news on the web we thought we�d test it out, if you like, on Nancy�s site. But there will be an official site. It probably won�t be until about Sept / Oct. We want it to be completely right before we do it.

In one of the Antics newsletters you said that 98% of all Internet news is complete rubbish. If you thought they were rubbish then, why are they okay now?

Well, the rumours that were floating around at the time, like Adam & the Ants were going to reform...

But they were! Except it wasn�t finalised!

Well Adam actually contacted all the rest of the band and said, how do you feel about it? They were like �No, we�ve got kids now were doing this or that" - he never said they were going to officially reform but the news coming over on the net was �yes he�s going to reform�.

So how come the Albert Hall got booked?

To my knowledge it wasn�t booked!

Ooh! I think you�re being kept in the dark there!


Possibly, but I never actually heard about that at all.

How do you feel about the communication between you and Adam? Do you ever feel like you�re sometimes the last person to hear?

Not really. The way I deal with him is that he�ll contact me when there�s something happening. If we were to actually get together a proper mail out four times a year then that info would be reported in it but at the moment he�s only interested in relaying stuff that�s concrete that�s definitely going to happen. I mean, can you imagine the sh** I would have got if I�d been saying AATA are going to reform they are going to be playing the Albert Hall, and then say �oh no, not really, that�s a mistake��? So what Adam wants me to do is to give out news, it might be three days before, it might be a week before but when it�s definitely going to happen... There was someone on the ALF who said about his character in Sweetwater...

Yeah, that was me.

That was the name he gave me, which was the working name. And then again it changed so�

Yeah, he�d already been in the actual programme by the time you announced that. He should have known, he should have told you that.

He spoke to me, his working name was under that name.

I think what most people are annoyed about is ANTBOX20

Adam finds that more frustrating than anyone. It is legal wrangling between record companies. That is the answer to that one, there is no other answer, Sony promised so much, they said they would sort out the problems between different companies The original idea was to put a video with it as well. Of unreleased stuff like Zerox, Young Parisians, Dog Eat Dog, Live in Manchester, but...

On the subject of videos, why you�re selling your copy of Kings of the Wild Frontier in the auction?

Adam knows about this. The collection isn�t mine, I�m not saying whose it is. I�d never sell my collection.

So where does the money go to from the auction?

It goes to the person selling it.

But it�s still more secret doings behind the official face of Adam Ant!

You can say it in that way, but the fact that Adam knows about it, he knows whose collection it is. It�s not going behind his back.

Well you know that, and we know that, but what about the other people? They don�t know.

I don�t see how selling someone�s collection off should be a big problem really.

The average fan isn�t stupid. If you said beforehand that this is someone else�s collection.

Well, it�ll be going to them if they�re paying money for it; it doesn�t matter who it�s coming from. They know the item, they know the value, they know how much they�re bidding, I don�t really see the problem with that at all.

It�s just a little bit faceless - it looks as though it�s your collection or...

I can assure you 100% it�s not my collection

If we came to you and said we wanted to sell our personal collection under Adam �s name, would we be able to do that?

Yep, no problem.

Not that I want to!

I certainly wouldn�t! I�d never sell my collection.

What�s your role? Are you Adam�s assistant? Are you his spokesperson?

If he�s got anything I have to go along to, like a meeting with a company or whatever he�ll call me up and say, �do you want to come to this, do you want to come to that?� My title is �manager of his fan club� or Information Service as it�s called. I�m a friend of his as well.


If you like!

Is there ever going to be a decent mail out from ANT2000? Or is there so little happening it�s not worth it?

I think at the moment there�s not a lot happening. I could just make up a load of bullsh** and put it out�

I know you haven�t probably got a lot of experience in Word, but your newsletter is a bit sh** if you�re gonna pay �4. Okay there�s not a lot of news, but people expect a bit more.

When Adam asked me to do it, it was with the hope that there would be 3 or 4 going out a year but at the moment that hasn�t happened. People have written to me and said that they think it's a bit much, so I�ve increased their membership by an extra six months.

Only to the ones that complained though?

Yeah. Believe it or not, there are a fair amount of people that are happy with it. Yes, there are people that aren�t happy with it but I do get letters form people, and I do get a lot of emails saying that they are very happy with the service they are getting. But there are also people saying, �we�re not happy�.

Maybe the four pounds could cover a certain amount of mail outs rather than a years long subscription? Or only charge when there is a mail out? Or do it via SAEs? We know how much it costs to print out a piece of A4 paper...

There is an ANT2000 account where all the money goes into.

Even though the cheques are made out to you?

It all goes into a separate account and all the money that�s in there will be used in the future to hopefully make the service a lot better.

In what ways?

Doing a better service on the newsletters, making them a lot more glossy. There is also something else in the pipeline for a convention type thing. It�s not going to be a convention; it�s going to be something different, which will happen before the end of the year. I�m not going to say anything about it at the moment, but you will find out! So I think by the end of the year, you should be more than happy...

Are all these things happening now because of the response of people on the internet? If say we didn�t have the internet, would things just be carrying on the way they have been?

I don�t think so. The internet obviously has got a lot to do with it, but it's probably 50:50 in total.

It has helped?

Oh definitely.

I know we haven�t influenced the format of your newsletters, because they�re still as bad as some people think they are. But has Ant Lib influenced any ideas at all?

I think the ALF have basically been almost like a hammer round the head if you like. I�m saying that in a good way, I think the amount of effort you put into it is great and so does Adam. The only thing I would say against it and Adam too, is that I can�t ever remember seeing one good word for ANT2000 at all.

Well we haven�t, we only act on what we receive. The reason Ant Lib was set up was as an alternative to ANT2000. If there is something that ANT2000 has done well then we will commend it, obviously.

I�ll give you an example, at the last convention I arranged for Adam to donate a jacket. It was reported that it was arranged through Umesh.

Not by us.



Sure? [Reads through No Response] Okay... well, my mistake. I saw it somewhere.

We are an organisation as our own, we don�t say �ANT2000 are saying this�. The only time I can think of doing this is what we said about the Sweetwater role: �unlike what was reported by ANT2000�. It wasn�t �lets slag off ANT2000�. It�s like �it is this name not that name�. People aren�t stupid, they can make their own mind up. Do they want to support ANT2000, Ant Lib or both? I believe in choice.

I totally agree

I think a lot of people miss the newsletter that ANT used to make - that�s why people are angry when they get just a piece of A4 paper. They used to pay �6 but even between 1985 and 1990 not a lot was happening.

I think the main problem was that Adam was getting ripped off by the people running it at the time. They were very good professional newsletters that were going out but there were a lot of behind-the-scenes problems. Adam lost �45,000 when the Bivouac was running and that filtered through to ANT. People realised that he was getting ripped off. Michael Cox is a classic example - he ripped him off big time.

That�s a regular thread - that Adam is surrounded by all the wrong people. - and not to put a too fine a point on it, people consider you as one of them � for your communication. If you know what I mean?



I think I know Adam thinks he can trust me. I don�t bullsh** him, he doesn�t bullsh** me. He sees the newsletter. I�m not going to go behind Adam's back and rip him off or do anything like past organisations have done. I think that�s one thing he really does like - that I�m upfront with him.

If he�d just let you do anything a lot of people would say that�s because he doesn�t care.

No, that�s not true.

Does he care about his fans?

Yes, he does - a hell of a lot.

Will he show this? Will he prove this? We want to see proof of this. Will he come online like a lot of big stars actually do?

He won�t do that until ANT2000 actually has an official proper web site to do it through. I�ll give you another example of a way that he does care about his fans. If you go back to Funeral Games at the Drill Hall, he actually asked me to go upstairs on the last night and set up a table for him so that all the fans could come through to get stuff signed.

I was there on the last night. And many thought that it was a bit arrogant when he waltzed out with his table. We thought, �oh my god, he obviously thinks he�s some sort of star now�.

He is!

How often are you in contact with Adam?

At the least once every two weeks, �hello how are you? I�ve just gone to the toilet!�

You or him?!

Both! There�s not an answer. Twice a week, sometimes once a month. If he�s out the country then it could be two months.

So why is he in contact with you? As a friend or as manager of his fan club?

It�s both really - if he needs me to send anything out then he�ll contact me. I get postcards from him when he�s filming which say, �it�s hot out here, I�m f***ing pissed off, I wanna get back to London�. There�s no particular reason, if he wants something sent out he�ll contact me.

You spoke to him this weekend?

He�d gone to see Jordan.

He knows you�re here?


How does he feel about that?

Fine. One of the other things he mentioned is that he�s sending me the package for the winner of the questionnaire.

How many people responded to the questionnaire and what are you doing with the results?

We got about 730 in total, and I sent the whole lot to him he looked through them all, but I actually picked the winner myself.

How many, sorry?

About 730 in total.

Now I don't want to sound pedantic BUT anyone in marketing will tell you that the response rate for questionnaires is on average, less than 20% - no matter what the prize is. If we relate this figure to the 1000-strong subscription, that is of course, about three-quarters of all questionnaires returned. Even with additional replies via e-mail this is a phenomenal amount for a venture that has caused more controversy than any offering from ANT2000 so far...

Someone was saying it was only the members of ANT that could reply?

It was only the members of ANT that would be considered for the prize, but all the answers were kept, they didn�t go in the bin or anything, they were sent to him.

What will happen, what�s the purpose?

He got all of them. This was done as a tester really with the option of sending out a lot more in depth questionnaires in the future, depending on the response. So now what we�ve decided is we will send out a thirty question questionnaire in the next couple of weeks.

Whose idea was it?

I said to him that it would be a really good idea to do it, to start with�

Don�t you think that if he�d actually looked at the web sites and seen what people had to say he�d know that without having to do a questionnaire?


Was it the intention that that was your big news? That it was the questionnaire or was there something else?

All I can say is that there was something which was going to be announced which was pulled back at the last minute. If it had of happened it would have been...

Are you allowed to tell us? [puts hand over microphone � laughs]

What I can say is that it will happen before the end of the year.

So there are things to look forward to this year?



But the questionnaire, why was it just five questions?

It was a tester. It was just a tester, he was going to give a prize anyway and he just wanted to see what the feedback was going to be like. And then, after that questionnaire comes back, we�d issue a bigger questionnaire�

The thing is the questions are like �what do you want me to do with my career�� not as though the fans can have any influence on that �cos it depends on record companies and film scripts

As I say it was just as tester.

Did you write the questions?

You should have had a look at our questionnaire, it�s been on our website for the last two years!

I like the new main page...

Thank you�

Why have you got Adam impaled on a pentagram by the way?

Why have I got what?!

Adam impaled on a pentagram.


I had a letter about this actually! And apparently a pentagram is supposed to symbolise protection! Protecting the ants or whatever! Protecting the Antpeople from the likes of ANT!

ANT2000 even!


Why won�t Adam appear at the conventions, why does he seem to be so aloof these days? He used to do a message, he doesn�t do a message anymore, or at least not the last two years. Is this because he doesn�t care? Why won�t he give us the recognition?

The year before last he was out the country.. he came back within two days of the convention and we had to hurriedly get this taped and it was literally umesh on his phone, with a microphone having to record it. Last year� there was no excuse.. he just didn�t do it� and I won�t bullsh** you and make up a reason.

Does this symbolise how he feels? The year before, Umesh was convinced Adam was gonna turn up.

He was gonna turn up that year, there was a very good reason why he didn�t turn up which I�m not gonna go into, its personal . The thing with the convention is its not actually recognised as official, anything that comes from Adam is through me, not through Umesh. The tape message this year just didn�t happen because I didn�t ask for it.

Do you have any idea why?

Because I didn�t ask for it.

He didn�t ask you?

No, I didn�t ask him to do the taped message.

Why can ANT2000 not give their blessing and have Adam make an appearance or do his regular message if you�re not organising one of your own?

At the end of the say it�s his choice and if someone outside his official organisation is organising something that is not official then he�s not gonna put his name to something that is not offical because for the fact that, for example, they could be selling bootlegs now and he wouldn�t want that.

But you�re selling bootlegs via the auction though

Yeah, that�s an example. At the end of the day it�s up to Adam what he wants to give his official recognition to. I can�t say to him you�ve got to give official recognition if he doesn�t want to.

If he won�t come to an unofficial convention, will he organise an official one?


That�s what you�re saying about things happening at the end of the year..?

No, that�s not what I�m saying at all

As long as it doesn�t clash with our convention, of course..!

Yours is in the New Year though isn�t it?

No no no� that was completely made up

Fair enough!

There�s gonna be two conventions this year, and people make a lot of effort to come. We�d get together anyway because we like meeting up, but it would be nice to have some feedback - for Adam to say it�s a good thing.

I�ve always appreciated the amount of people that turn up at conventions and the effort they make to get there, which is why I have gone to Adam to try and get the prizes. Every year I�ve actually tried my best to get stuff signed from him, so I myself do recognise that people are making the effort, are committed and they deserve to be treated with respect. Again, I can�t speak for Adam himself in those lines.

But don�t you think it would be good for that to be passed on though ?

Yeah, I have passed it on a number of times, and he was very close to coming in 1998, but couldn�t for reasons which I can�t go into.

But he could say, I�m not going to turn up but I still give my blessing or something like that. That would be better than nothing.

But this year is the only year that there wasn�t a message sent. The weird thing with Adam is that he will go through periods where nothing will happen at all then all of a sudden it�s like �crash�

But we�re all aware it�s getting to that five year itch...

He�s coming close to the 50-year itch as well!

Well, what are Adam�s plans? Is he going to be laying down tracks?

He�s got two albums worth of material written at the moment - he�s got two options. He�s either gonna sign for a major. Warner was very close�

After the convention I had a few people phoning me up saying Adams signed to Warner�s because �Bryan�s told me��

What I said was he is very close. A friend of mine is vice president of Warner. He was within two weeks of signing Adam to Warner, but Adam�s management said no because Adam wanted two albums and four singles but they were offering one album two singles. What Adam is thinking of doing is setting up his own label.

What happened with the label he did set up about five years ago?

It�s still there...but there�s loads of legal nonsense behind it. It was set up with two other people, and one of those people is causing a few problems. So what he needs to do is leave that and set up another one. His two options are to sign to a major, but I think at the moment getting the right terms will be quite difficult, so I think he will end up doing it through his own label.

These two albums - he�s planning on releasing them back to back is he?

No, he�s got two albums worth

That�s including persuasion?

No, that�s totally different. This is totally new stuff he�s written.

Does he have any interest at all in delving into his back catalogue?

No, he wants to move on, he doesn�t want to go back. You know the Madam Stan demos? There�s about 40 tracks written around that time and he never ever wants to go back to any of that stuff.

They are just flying around on bootlegs. How does he feel about that stuff?

He doesn�t care.

Because he doesn�t rate these tracks?

It�s not that he doesn�t rate them. As long as they�re not released officially, and people aren�t taking money away from him for royalties. It�s up to them if they wanna put it out, because he�s not putting it out.

What about stuff like Persuasion? Is he quite pleased that fans are getting to hear it?

I know for a fact that he really wants the fans to hear about that album because he thinks it�s very strong, but again it�s record company red tape. It�s not that he doesn�t want it to come out - it is that they will not allow him to release it. MCA are a particularly nasty company.

Who owns the rights?

What, to Madam Stan? Most of it is owned by Adam, there�s certain bits owned by Decca and Do-It

Didn�t he take out a court injunction against that stuff being released?

Yeah, he did. Part of it was lost due to the fact that Decca owned the rights. He owns about 65% of the songs

What happened to antmusic publishing � is that a Sony or an Adam thing?

That�s split. It�s split between the two.

How do you feel about people passing on stuff that�s on bootlegs?

I mean as long as its not stuff he released officially or anything.

It doesn�t bother him? Like live stuff?

It doesn�t bother him at all. He�s quite happy that people are recording tapes of live stuff if they enjoy them.

Although people are making money out of him?

It�s not affecting him though. It�s not stuff he�d be getting royalties for.

Does Adam read the web pages and know the feelings of the fans?

Adam has seen your web site, he�s seen and he goes through others every now and then, but to be honest he doesn�t take that much interest in it. The reason he found out about yours is because I sent him a print out of it.

Oh right! And you said, "oh you condemn these people and have them turned off!!"?!!

That�s not my style I wouldn�t do that! I think that trip you organised was amazing. I don�t know how you do it.

Has he said what he thinks of the Ant Liberation Front?

He thinks the newsletters are very professional by the layout of it. But he doesn�t make many comments.

We�re not expecting anything in return. This is ant therapy if you like, we want to create something and stick it out.

What do you wanna create?

We want to give a service to fans who aren�t getting it from ANT2000. If ANT2000 were already doing what we are doing we�d be happy, we wouldn�t be doing it. So many people were annoyed they�d have to pay �4 it wasn�t just my idea. It all came from discussion.

It was difficult when Adam asked me to do this - to know where to start. It might not be most professional but we don�t see how we could justify saying we're gonna do this glossy magazine, four times a year, �8 a year. It would be impossible. We are trying to build it up. The first thing was to get Nancy on board and use to put the stuff out

Why did you pick that site?

Adam did. From that to try and build it up. There are going to be problems. People that don�t agree, that�s fair enough, but this is what Adam wants. I can�t turn around to Adam and say �we�re not gonna do that, we�ll do it this way�.

Do you know Adam�s future plans?

At the moment he�s got a few film scripts. He�s really excited by unknown directors rather than big names

Can�t he get work with big names directors?!

He�s had two or three in last couple of years that he�s been looking at - one was Titanic! He wants to carry on doing films, he�d prefer to work with unknown people - and then he has more control.

Do you mean art house stuff?

He�s had a script from a French director, which he�s excited about. That starts filming next February.

Is he more interested in acting than singing?

Not really. He has less stress with acting than singing � he�s had so many bad experiences� like Antbox2000

We just want a new album. Most of us aren�t interested in his career as an actor. We like his films out of loyality. Do you think he can act?


We became fans because of his music. At the end of the day, we prefer his singing. We�ve come to resent his acting career. We could have had five or six albums.

In early 80�s he had so much pressure - you�ve got to get a single out. He had a breakdown a the end of the Prince Charming Revue. Acting is an outlet for him - he�s away from the music scene - he can do what he wants to do. He�s mellowed out a lot and does the albums when he wants to do them, rather thinking "sh** I�ve got CBS behind me wanting to do this or that." They wanted him to release Ant Rap very very close to the release of Prince Charming, he was going mad.

Even though he said it was an experiment� that he brought it out to see if the fans were listening?

It�s not true. If you�re getting sh** from record companies, you�re not going to turn around and say you won�t do it.

The worst thing is that Wonderful was such as excellent album it was the best we�d heard for 15 years. If he can release this so late in his life where�s the rest of it?

I think it�s sad. If Robbie had released Wonderful it would have gone to number one. If Adam had the backing Robbie Williams had it would have got to number one.

It�s Adam�s own fault, there is such a big break between albums. Most people just forgot - not real fans. If he�d been more consistent he would have got that backing from the public anyway.

I say to Adam many times "look at Human League, Gary Numan�" but now he�s happy, he can dictate what he does. But Adam won�t be rushed, he�ll do it at his own pace and that�s up to him.

Should we concentrate on the old Adam and give up on a future release?

No. He will release something. I can�t sit here tonight and tell you when, I can tell you for a fact that he will release a new album.

Will he tour it?

Yes, he will tour with it. I can�t give you a date, but he will do it.

With Marco?

Marco will be with him.

Marco will stick with him?

The next album, yeah, but in the future he will do something on his own.

Antbox2000 � what�s going on? You say last year �end of the year� and the nothing...

That was from Adam�s mouth to me. I don�t know what�s happening right now.

Some people have been taken off the project - that�s the news we�ve got. It originally was Antbox20... now it�s Antbox2000 if it�s not out this year what do we call it?

I�ve got no idea. I could sit here and bullsh**. There�s so many legal wranglings at the moment to be honest I can�t see it coming out for a long time. He wants a video with it, three cds - the vid will have a lot of unreleased stuff. If you have videos of Young Parisians, Zerox, Day I Met God, It Doesn�t Matter, if you�re going to release it under a label you have problems assigning the rights and that causes more problems. Adam doesn�t want the box set coming out without the video.

Should he find a better lawyer? He didn�t have trouble with the very best of compilation - that had stuff from different labels. How come that came out okay then?

Antbox2000 is a lot more complex - there�s a lot more tracks - unreleased stuff. He could release it like the Antmusic compilation tomorrow as it stands now, but he will not give in to people saying cut this, cut that

So there we have it. Although feelings were placed on the table, our meeting with ANT2000 raised as many questions as there were answered. When it comes to fan relations can we trust Bryan? Or more importantly, can we even trust Adam? In some ways talking to Mr Stanton has helped define a perspective yet until words are put into action, the future for Antpeople is still somewhat hazy. The future for Ant Lib? We'll be here to see ANT2000 to their objectives (and assisting where we deem appropriate) that have been announced here - for the benefit of everyone.

The Ant Liberation Front would like to thank Bryan Stanton for making time to attend the meeting (and buying a round!) and Adam for bringing us all together. Thanx also to Angel, Cleopatra and Mike for submitting additional questions and bless ya Ant Ranger for transcribing the full 90 minute interview tape!

This interview is copyrighted by the Ant Liberation Front (2000) and may not be reproduced in full or part without prior permission.

28th February 2000