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Oct 28 2002 20:32 GMT

CSI 2002 (Chicago, IL)
Nov 11-13, 2002
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 Top Ten Attacks (2002 Q1)
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 Top Ten Vulnerabilities (2002 Q1)
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Manchester Technologies

" Today's launch of the Solutions Partner Program signals a significant commitment to building a successful network of high level solution providers capable of delivering comprehensive security solutions. We are excited about the new opportunities available to us, and look forward to a long-term, strategic relationship with SecurityFocus. "

Barry Steinberg, CEO
Manchester Technologies

Call it reassurance for a dangerous new world of business computing. Today, companies around the globe face the ever-increasing likelihood of unplanned downtime, negative publicity, and tarnished brand reputations from hackers. Security professionals everywhere are constantly scrambling to react to new threats and existing vulnerabilities, manually searching a multitude of Web sites and emails to keep up with the flood of information describing how to secure their corporate networks and systems. Until now.

With the SecurityFocus family of solutions, companies receive early warnings of impending threats before they impact operations. As a result, companies can prioritize their security resources to focus on quickly and easily identifying and defending against specific, high-risk, and relevant attacks and vulnerabilities. SecurityFocus increases return on investment (ROI) by enabling companies to leverage existing security personnel and resources to meet the most critical needs, reduce the likelihood of future catastrophic incidents, mitigate and reduce damages caused by attacks, eliminate recovery costs, and protect business critical assets, today and over the long term.

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  E-card Sneakware Delivers Web Porn
By Kevin Poulsen Oct 21 2002 12:08AM PT
A Trojan horse program created by an Internet adult entertainment company routes surfers to racy sites. ... >>
  Clues, Vandalism, Litter Sendmail Trojan Trail
By Kevin Poulsen Oct 10 2002 3:39PM PT
The backdoor secretly distributed with the popular mail server is linked to an earlier hack, but miscues in the alerting process may have let the culprits cover their tracks. ... >>
    Report: Satellites at Risk of Hacks
    Defense Agency Leaves Shopping List Online
    'T0rn' Arrest Alarms White Hats, Advocates
    Cybersecurity Plan Offends No One
    'We are the worst security risk' - sys admins confess
By John Leyden, The Register Oct 28 2002 6:54AM PT
    Attack On Internet Called Largest Ever
By David McGuire and Brian Krebs, Washington Post Oct 23 2002 6:56AM PT
    IE hopelessly bug ridden
By John Leyden, The Register Oct 23 2002 5:15AM PT
    Powerful attack cripples majority of key Internet computers
By Ted Bridis, The Associated Press Oct 22 2002 3:07PM PT
front page
  Attack of the Mod Squads
By Mark Rasch Oct 28 2002 09:00AM PT
Game console mod chips can be used for everything from watching movies to installing Linux on your X-Box. But under goofy copyright laws, the piracy app kills all the others. ... >>
    BASICS FORNO: Certifiably Certified
    MICROSOFT MULLEN: Busting Pop-up Spam
    UNIX LASSER: Mozilla's 'Code of Silence' Isn't
    VIRUS SMITH: Stupid Bugbear Tricks
  Reverse Engineering Hostile Code
By Joe Stewart Oct 23 2002 12:00AM PT
This article outlines the process of reverse engineering hostile code. Armed with this knowledge, even someone who is not an expert at assembly language programming should be able to look at the internals of a hostile program and determine what it is doing, at least on a surface level. ... >>
    BASICS Security Concerns in Licensing Agreements, Part Two: Negotiating Security Provisions
    VIRUS Polymorphic Macro Viruses, Part One
    IDS Identifying and Tracking Emerging and Subversive Worms Using Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems
    MICROSOFT Remote Management of Win2K Servers: Three Secure Solutions
Vulnerability Database
    Acuma Acusend Unauthorized File Access Vulnerability
    ISC INN Multiple Insecure Open Call Vulnerabilities
    ISC INN Multiple Local Format String Vulnerabilties
    Microsoft Word / Excel INCLUDETEXT Document Sharing File Disclosure Vulnerability
    Debian DSA 182-1: kdegraphics buffer overflow
    Gentoo Linux 200210-010: ypserv
    Gentoo Linux 200210-008: kth-krb & heimdal

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