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Tempting Template

Samples created by Mona Gettmann of Huntington Beach, CA using stamps from Marks of Distinction and Stampington & Company.


Whether you’re kicking up your heels at a sock hop or just parading around town, you’re going to love playing with this Mary Jane shoe template. Stamper and assistant editor, Mona Gettmann, constructed these shoes using the template given here. Mona even altered her template a bit to do a tied shoe. Perfect for a variety of themes, think about wedding or baby showers, commemorating a christening, or tie one on for birthday-fun!

Absolute Deadline – October 15, 2002

1. Photocopy template to desired size.
2. Trace shoe and sole pattern. Cut out patterns. Use pin to pierce the placement line for glue tab on shoe and to pierce center-front and center-back dots on shoe and sole.
3. Tape shoe pattern on desired paper, trace shape and mark with pencil through pattern holes to transfer center-front and center-back dots, as well as placement lines for glue tab on shoe. Flip shoe pattern over and trace another shoe in reverse. After removing pattern from work, lightly draw glue tab line on shoe. Also draw continuous line at the top of tabs around lower edge of shoe to provide guideline for scoring. Draw two sole pieces and two insole pieces. Use pencil to transfer center front and center back dots.
4. Using craft knife on protected work surface, cut out shoe pieces. Punch out holes if using brads. Also cut out soles and insoles.
5. On one shoe piece, spread glue on right side of side glue tab. Bring side area with strap around so it overlaps side glue tab and forms a ring. Hold until dry. Turn shoe upside down. Working from bottom, hold insole inside shoe so wrong side faces you. Fold down center-front and center-back tabs, overlapping insole. Tape remaining tabs to insole. Place shoe flat on work surface. Using a bone folder (or other blunt instrument) inside shoe, run it around edge of insole to flatten insole against glue tabs.
6. Spread glue on sole. Working from bottom, apply sole to insole, sandwiching glue tabs in between layers. When glue has dried, look for places where sole extends beyond shoe and carefully trim away excess. Insert brad or glue strap and button in place. Repeat to complete matching shoe.Enlarge or reduce the crayon box to desired dimensions and cut out. Score and fold as shown. Stamp, decorate and embellish template with desired techniques.

Template reprinted with permission from McGraw-Hill Publishers from the book Simply Super Paper by Sandra Lounsbury Foose.