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Oct. 4 - Wisconsin Broadcasters Assn. in Milwaukee
Oct 7 - AARP and COWAG debate in Green Bay
Oct 7 - Metropolitan Milwaukee Assn. of Commerce forum
Oct 16 - Wispolitics/ Western WI Press Club in Eau Claire
Oct 25 - Wausau Daily Herald/WSAW Debate
Oct 27 - WTMJ Debate in Milwaukee


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Jim opening the Northside Milwaukee Office

Jim at the grand opening of the new northside Milwaukee Office. Are you active in the campaign yet? Get Active Here!


Doyle Outlines Principles, Strategies To Deal With State Budget Deficit  

Jim Doyle, saying the race for governor �has been conducted in the shadow of a $2.8-billion budget deficit,� offered a set of principles and ideas that he would use to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit. He challenged Gov. Scott McCallum to do the same. �I will present a balanced budget � one that is balanced the old-fashioned way, with real numbers, not with tricks or gimmicks. �No inflated revenue estimates � and no tax increase� Doyle said. See the whole story>>  


The 63 page 'Doyle Agenda for Change'

I have outlined eight basic elements of my vision, what I stand for in my gut, my values and what I would like my candidacy and my governorship to be judged on. I have a plan and a vision for Wisconsin that will get our great state moving in the right direction. I challenge Gov. Scott McCallum to do the same, so the voters can compare the candidates� core values and make a judgment about them. 

See the plan>>   


Doyle would re-open discussions on purchase of Crandon Mine

Declaring that the Crandon mine issue is �a test of our priorities and our commitment to the environment,� Attorney General Jim Doyle said he would re-open discussions on public purchase of the mine and look for creative new ways to finance it if he is elected governor. �Some see the mine as a threat.  I see it as a challenge and as an opportunity. As governor, I will re-open discussions on purchase of the mine to protect our environment, public health, and the headwaters of the Wolf River." 

See the whole story>>


Sportsmen for Doyle formed, back his candidacy for governor

A group of prominent hunters, anglers, and conservationists endorsed Jim Doyle for governor Sunday, saying he is the candidate who will protect Wisconsin�s rivers, wilderness, and wildlife habitat. �The million-plus hunters and anglers in Wisconsin have a special regard for our state�s natural resources.  Jim Doyle is the candidate who will fight to protect those precious resources.� See the whole story>>

Doyle Endorsed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Appleton Post Crescent, St. Paul Pioneer Press and Madison Capital Times

Jim Doyle has received the endorsement of the four of largest newspapers in the state. In the endorsements, the newspapers said that: 

protect the environment "Doyle has the potential and experience to lead Wisconsin. He can provide a good mix of visionary and practical leadership that will be particularly critical as the state faces its many problems, including a staggering deficit of $2.8 billion" 

protect the environment "Only one candidate on the ballot, Attorney General Jim Doyle, has the combination of experience, values and strength of purpose needed to make the change. Electing Doyle is the essential first step that Wisconsin must make to begin a process of economic, environmental and ethical renewal."

protect the environment "This is a time of change in the history of Wisconsin government. The charges that legislative leaders face bear out that fact. Doyle, who has been a strong attorney general, has been at his most inspirational when vowing to fight even his own party�s leaders to ensure that change."

protect the environment "Wisconsin government needs to throw open the windows, let some air in and boldly re-examine the ways it does business and uses taxpayer dollars. Jim Doyle shows determination to do that, not least by challenging his own party to change. Voters should give him the chance."

protect the environment Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

protect the environment Appleton Post-Crescent

protect the environment Madison Capital Times


Law enforcement endorses Doyle, cites his crime-fighting record as AG

Two statewide law enforcement organizations � the Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) and the Wisconsin County Police Association � endorsed Jim Doyle for governor today, saying he has been �an outstanding Attorney General and an innovative crime fighter dedicated to protecting Wisconsin citizens.� See the whole story>>


Legislators should  �turn off the spigot� and stop paying legal fees

Jim Doyle called on new legislative leadership to stop payment of lawyers� fees for legislators and staff members involved in the caucus scandal. "Governor McCallum won�t do the right thing, but the same people who authorized these fees � the legislative leadership � can stop them. It is time to turn off the spigot and stop these illegal payments." See the whole story>>


Doyle sends signed clean campaign pledge to McCallum

In tonight�s debate we both made an agreement to run a positive clean campaign.  I have attached my clean campaign pledge that I hope you will agree reaches the spirit of tonight�s debate. "As candidates for the office of Governor, we agree that the people of Wisconsin are not best served by negative campaigns.  Instead, we pledge to conduct a campaign that focuses on our own records, experience and positive vision for the future of Wisconsin."  See the pledge>>

Latest Poll Shows Doyle Lead Continues to Grow Over McCallum
Jim Doyle continues to beat Governor Scott McCallum in the most recent independent statewide poll from Harris Interactive and reported statewide. See the whole story>>


Harris Interactive Poll
October 7, 2002


Doyle leads latest poll


protect the environment Burmaster, Doyle suggest ways to protect schools

improve education Budget called a mess: Report says Wisconsin is among worst states in 

   managing finances

improve education Bond rating �a wakeup call� for state

improve education Doyle blasts McCallum's silence on stem cells


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