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The 100 km distance has to be covered in 24 hours. The route follows marked tourist trails and paths in the Pilis and Gerecse hills.

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  1. Long distance hiking - what is it?
  2. Invitation to the 21th Kinizsi 100 long-distance hike, 26-27 May, 2001
  3. Accommodation, transport
  4. Route and control points in 1998 and 1999 (in Hungarian)
  5. Cross section of the route in 1998 and 1999

Long distance hiking - what is it?

Back in early 1980, some members of our mountain and long distance hiking club have read about a 100 km hike organised each year in the former Czechoslovakia. A hundred kilometres in the mountains in 24 hours? It sounded unbelievable, but we tried it, and succeeded.

Then came the idea to organise a similar hike in Hungary. Of course there were a lot of questions and doubts: Is the club able to organise it? Will the people be interested at all? Else, can we handle a very large number of participants? Shall we organise it in the spring or in the autumn?

The selection of the route was not easy either: it should preferably start from Budapest; it should not return to the start (walking 100 km and returning to the same point doesn't feel any good); it should be possible to quit the hike and return home after about 50 km; it should not go through many settlements and tarmac roads should also be avoided as much as possible; it should be exactly 100 km and so on.

After all, we found a route, and tried to make it in 24 hours. Our first attempt in the autumn of 1980 was not successful, mainly because we have lost our way several times due to the poor trail marking. But we have not given it up: next spring we have worked hard to improve the trail marking and made notes of the critical points. We tried it again - and made it in 23 hours and 59 minutes. The first Kinizsi 100 was then held in September 1981.

The Kinizsi 100 was the first long distance hike in Hungary. Since then, the popularity of this type of hiking has greatly increased, and long distance hikes ranging from 20 km to 250 km are organised almost every weekend throughout the year (see the Long Distance Hiking Calendar for Hungary - in Hungarian, but with many symbols). Although it still is one of the longest hikes, it is among the most popular ones (see the Statistics of the Kinizsi 100 in 1999).

There are usually a few participants from other countries as well. If these pages have made you interested, you are welcome to participate this year or any time in the future. 

to the 21th Kinizsi 100 long distance hike
26-27 May, 2001

The 'Gentian' mountain and long distance hiking division of the Kinizsi Ramblers' Club (Kinizsi TE 'Encián' Szakosztály) organises its traditional hike in three categories, in the Pilis and Gerecse hills.

K-100 K-40 K-25
long distance normal distance training
Distance 100 km 38 km 27 km
Duration 24 hours 10 hours 7 hours
Registration fee 700 Ft* 200 Ft 200 Ft

*Exchange rates: 1 DEM = approx. 130 Ft, 1 USD = approx. 260 Ft


Csillaghegy - Nagy-Kevély - Kevély-nyereg - Hosszúhegy - Pilis-nyereg - Kétágúhegy - Dorog, railway crossing - Nagy-Gete - Horgásztó (fishing lake) - Hegyeskő - Mogyorósbánya - blue + sign - Péliföldszentkereszt, church - Pusztamarót - Gerecse gyermeküdülő (youth camp) - Bányahegy - Koldusszállás - Somlyóvár kulcsosház (hut) - Kisegyházi tavak (Kisegyháza lakes) - Nagyegyháza, underpass of the M1 motorway - Szárliget, school

The route follows the original route, on which the Kinizsi 100 was organised during the first 10 years . Please take note of this, if you look at the pages about the route description or the cross-section of the hike. We will measure the exact distances during April an May.


in the start 


26 May 2001, Budapest, Csillaghegy, from the garden of the open-air bath (about 100 m from the HÉV station)

The start can be accessed by the Budapest-Szentendre HÉV (suburban railway), from the Batthyány tér station of underground line 2 (Metro 2).


Health certificate:

We request all participants wishing to register for the 100 km category to bring a medical certificate (preferably from a doctor specialised in sport medicine or the family doctor) stating that they are in good health. If you are younger than 18 years, the certificate should clearly state that it was issued for a 100 km, 24 hours hike.

Please try to bring the certificate in English, German, French, Czech, Slovak or Russian if you can - but you can bring it in your own language - most European languages will probably be understood by someone in the start.

Other information:

A few words about trail marking in Hungary

Trails in Hungary are marked by colours. This is a well-known system in many parts of the world; the only problem for foreigners that they are all marked by red lines on tourist maps, and only a letter signals their colour. The table below helps you understand them.

Map sign Colour Sign
K blue  kék sáv
P red  piros sáv
S yellow  sárga sáv
Z green  zöld sáv
K+ blue  kék kereszt
PD red  piros háromszög
S yellow  sárga négyzet
ZW green  zöld barlang


Accommodation, transport

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation for participants arriving from other parts of Hungary or abroad. However, Budapest, as the capital city of Hungary, offers all kinds of accommodation, from youth hostels to five-star hotels. The prices are generally somewhat lower than in Western Europe.

The booklet every participant receives in the start contains all public transport facilities available along the route and in the finish.

The links below may be helpful:

For further information about the Kinizsi 100, please e-mail in English, German or Hungarian, in Czech or Slovak.

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