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The municipality of Doncaster and Templestowe began as Bulleen shire (1875), which was divided into two shires in 1890 (Doncaster and Templestowe / Warrandy Te) which were reunited on 1 October, 1915. Known first simply as Doncaster shire, the name was changed to Doncaster and Templestowe on 16 March, 1926.

The development of the districts comprising the shire is discussed under their names. All were predominantly rural until the postwar years and unserved by fixed rail public transport. Their isolation from metropolitan Melbourne was the greater for their being bounded on the north and west by the Yarra River and its tributary, Koonung Koonung Creek on the south.

Immediately prior to the municipality's postwar suburbanisation. The Australian Blue Book, 1949, described Doncaster and Templestowe as -

The most eastern part of the municipality contained Doncaster, Park Orchards and the old town of Warrandyte. On 28 Feb, 1967, the shire was made a city, by when its population was growing at 10% annually. In 1986 the municipality had high rates of home and car ownership: 86% of homes were owned or being purchased (metropolitan average 73%), the median house price was $122000 ( metropolitan median $82,000) and 65% of households had two or more cars (metropolitan figure 40%). The median house price in 1994 was 38% higher than the metropolitan median, a fall from the 49% in 1986. Doncaster and Templestowe city was amalgamated with Wonga Park (east of Warrandy Te) to become Manningham city on 15 Dec, 1994.

The municipality's census populations were 1195 (1911), 3786 (1947), 6814 (1954) 19061 (1961), 82089 (1976) and 102892 (1991).

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