Nathaniel Haas
528 Thayer Ave #303
Silver Spring MD 20910
+1 301-565-9798
OBJECTIVE Web application programmer role that continues my CGI scripting background and furthers my human interface design experience.
  • Dedicated, young worker with tenacity in spades.
  • Brings unique perspective and creative approach to old and new projects.
  • Uncommonly focused on the user and his/her experience, both visually and functionally.
    EXPERIENCE Lead Programmer
    HFD, L.L.C.
    Silver Spring, MD, USA
  • Implemented company and client solutions using the most appropriate technologies, including: Python, Perl, ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, SQL Server, MySQL, DHTML, JavaScript, HTML, AppleScript
  • Built and maintained entire multi-lingual, role-based and database-driven content management systems.
  • Designed dozens of web applications, forms and schemas.
  • Administered both company and client databases.
  • Setup TCP/IP-based intranet of Windows, Macintosh and UNIX (FreeBSD, Debian Linux) workstations and servers.
  • Good working knowledge of UNIX, DNS, DHCP, IP, FTP, Apache, News, Sendmail.
  • Highly proficient with Adobe Photoshop and GNU Emacs.
    EDUCATION Undergraduate
    Kalamazoo College
    Kalamazoo, MI, USA
  • Majors: Computer Science, Economics
  • Other Studies: Chinese, Women Studies