This pumpkin won our 1999 art contest. All notes by the artist.

Top left: My favorite pic, candle-lit DII logo with the projected image of the Wanderer walking through flames on the back wall. A little hard to see here, but the pumpkin's sides are both carved completely with flames.

Top right: Close up of the DII logo on the front.

Bottom left: The back of the pumpkin. I had originally intended the Wanderer to be only a projection, but the actual carving turned out so nice, I had to take a pic of it anyway.

Bottom right: A more complete shot of the Wanderer projection. Insert: A view of one of the flame-carved sides of the pumpkin.

Creator's notes: The pumpkin was grown by me over the summer (lovingly, of course) for the purpose of some sort of DII carving. Therefore I have declared it a "DIABLO-BRED PUMPKIN" Preperation took 2 hours, and the actual carving almost 3.5 hours to complete.
-Chris Johnson, AKA Prysym-