Fuzzy Shower Help Information

Setup Information

The set up for the shower has been randomly generated by a PERL script. The current shower conditions are displayed using sliders and actual values.

This page gives you the choice who controls the shower, FuzzyCLIPS or yourself.

In manual mode, you take control of the shower. You enter in the value using the interactive sliders to adjust the hot and cold water valves of the shower. When you have adjusted the shower it counts as one pass and the number of passes or adjustments is diplayed on the upper part of the page.

In automatic mode, the FuzzyCLIPS program takes over and controls the shower until it is under control. One iteration through the inference engine counts as one pass or adjustment. This time can be compared to the manual time achieved by you.

So how do you measure up?

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- give the control of the shower to the FuzzyCLIPS program.

- manual mode with interactive sliders to adjust the shower.