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7th November 2002
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Colin Francis Colin Francis
Played by: Clive Hill

Colin is a mild-mannered and reserved solicitor.

He finds it hard to fit into the 'gang' of solicitors and court staff. But he is far too polite to show that he is feeling lonely.

One man in particular is deliberately mean to him: Des (Mark Lewis Jones) resents Colin for getting the partnership in their firm that he was consistently denied.

Des has now left the firm, and although he can boast that he's glad to be a free man, it's hard for him to see Colin dealing with his old clients.

Des sees Colin as a boring, plodding prat - and it's certainly true that Colin doesn't have a quicksilver mind or great oratory skills. However, Colin cares just as deeply for his clients as Des or Ranjit (Paul Sharma) do, and is willing to try any line in order to get them off. Sadly, all too often the magistrates see through his ruses, and Colin is just as likely to infuriate his clients as to keep them out of gaol.

Professionally unambitious, Colin's home life is his sanctuary. Happily married with young children, he lives out in the country on his own smallholding. He dreams of living the rural 'good life', but with a big mortgage and the kids to support, he's just going to have to keep on battling away in court.

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The Characters
Cheryl Cates
Colin Francis
Craig Pearson
Desmond Davies
Ed Meadows
Gareth 'Gaz' Powell
Hugh Evans
Katharine Tyrell
Margaret Mathias
Peter Mansell
Ralph Jenkins
Ranjit Singh
Tim Jarvis
Valerie Sullivan
Warren Lucas
Wynford Thomas

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Des betrays his principles to help a dangerous client and allows an innocent man to take the blame for a crime.
Magistrates, prosecutors and defenders - you'll find them all on The Bench
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