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April 29 1998 Remarks by President Clinton on the Occasion of Israel's 50th Anniversary -- The White House

April 28 1998 Peace Now, Mate Hashalom, and others are demonstrating on Thursday at Har Homa. Transportation is available from 13:00 at the El-Al terminal at Arlozorov train station, at 14:00 from Liberty Bell park (Gan-Hapaamon) in Jerusalem, or from Haifa at 11:30 from the Horev Center. For more information about transportation please call Peace Now at 02-5660648

April 27 1998

fed up with bibi Fed Up with Bibi

The First Israeli Internet Blackout took place on May 29 1997 to remind people of the anniversary of Bibi's election and how it dimmed our hopes for peace. With the second anniversary approaching, Eric Lee of BibiWATCH has renewed the call for blackening pages on that day. In any case, the Bibi -- We're Fed Up -- image will remain on these pages until Bibi is no longer prime minister... But God forbid Ehud Olmert replace him as leader of the Likud.

April 26 1998 Emily Henderson's poems are about womanhood and pain -- and joy.

April 26 1998 New at the Gallery: Edith Godik presents "One Dreams the Other."

April 26 1998 Rabbi Michael Lerner on how Israel's 50th Anniversary is being abused. And another piece by him on the next 50 years of Israel.

April 25 1998 Re'ut-Sadaka (Friendship) Jewish-Arab Youth Movement for Coexistence and Peace in Israel was established in 1982 by a small group of young Jews and Arabs in Tel-Aviv. Based on the belief that building mutual understanding requires the fostering of real relationships between Arabs and Jews in Israel, especially among the youth, Re'ut-Sadaka provides Jewish and Arab youth the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and perspectives and to develop friendships across cultural lines. Now they're doing it on the web, with a site that includes information about their activities, including ways you can help. Vist them at

April 23 1998 KINDRED SPIRITS Ariel Sharon is not enough for him. Nor Rafael Eitan, nor the National Religious Party ministers, the agents of the extreme settlers. Now he wants Rehavam Ze'evi, the most extreme of the extremists, the proponent of the "transfer" of all Palestinians from Palestine, to join too. While he is pouring empty words on the leaders of the world, from Clinton to Blair, while he is making fools of all of us with his talk of "secure peace", he is turning the government into a mafia of war-mongers. Those who are looking on without protesting will bear their share of the responsibility for the results. Gush Shalom ad, Ha'aretz, April 24, 1998.

April 21 1998 Nigel Parry, the indefatigable editor/writer of A Personal Diary: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict , started asking "Who killed Muhyideen Al-Shareef?" and came up with some interesting conclusions about how the current state of PA and Israeli security cooperation is severely damaging any hope for the Palestinians to achieve democracy. That assassins tend to get killed by other assassins is well-known in the history of assassination -- and we personally shed no tears at Shareef's death. But when innocent people are framed -- well, that's another story. Check out Nigel's three-part report at

April 21 1998 In this week's BibiWatch, Eric Lee analyzes BibiSpeak. Here's what BibiSpeak can do -- invite the most extreme rightwing party in the Knesset, the Transfer party renamed as "Moledet" -- Homeland -- because its ideology is a little too reminiscent of the Holocaust -- into the government. As I'm writing this, Rehavam Ze'evi, nicknamed Gandhi as a Palmahnik teenager because he was so skinny, an ex-general who speaks beautiful Hebrew, and uses it to explain that the only truly peaceful solution for the Israel-Arab conflict is to forcibly expel all those Arabs between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River who refuse to pledge allegiance to the State of Israel, is explaining why Bibi is doing the right thing in negotiating with Moledet to join the government. Maybe -- but the argument that only the Likud can make peace is a form of rhetorical extortion, taking Israeli democracy hostage with the threat of Jewish violence against the government if it dare make any compromise with Arabs. With Moledet in the government, Bibi will have arranged an anti-Oslo agreement majority in his own government. Yes, in BibiSpeak, Bibi's doing what he said he'd do (he loves to say that he's doing what he said he'd do). He's stopped the Oslo Process, because he still doesn't believe peace with the Arabs is possible under any terms but his own. Bill, Tony -- Unlike you guys, Bibi actually believes he is what his name says -- God's Gift. Jews, be warned. Jewish history can not tolerate a leader whose policies are guided by mysticism, and worse, a Goebellian belief in mass media as the key to leadership.

April 18 1998 The Latest Ariga Portfolio by Omer Shvili contionues making waves, with the latest report including items on DSSI, Pharmos, M-Systems, and why the Street's in for a correction. Check out this portfolio of Israerli high-tech stocks on Wall Street, and find out why Omer's the talk of the street (on the 'net, atleast)

April 16 1998 On Thursday, April 23,  at 19:30, Pierre Sane, Secretary General of Amnesty International will lecture at the ZOA House in Tel Aviv(1 Daniel Frisch St.) on the topic: "Ethics, Business and Human Rights Towards the 21st Century."  Admission is NIS 25, all proceeds for support of Amnesty International Israel Section.

April 15 1998 EXCELLENT NEWS! AHMAD QATAMESH HAS BEEN RELEASED AFTER SERVING OVER FOUR AND A HALF YEARS OF ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION! The Free Ahmad Qatamesh website will not go offline, but will reappear as a site dedicated to the release of other Palestinian administrative detainees. For more information at Ariga about Ahmad Qatamesh click here.

April 15 1998 HOW NICE TO FORGET It's so nice to forget. To pass from holiday to holiday. To talk about the weather. To see Benjamin Netanyahu riding on a camel or playing with a dolphin. To imagine that all the problems have disappeared. To believe that the political silence is real calm. That all the world has accepted the line of the Netanyahu government. That the Palestinians are busy with themselves. That Clinton is afraid of us. But deep in our heart we know that these are illusions. The real world does exist, even if we try to ignore it. How nice to forget. How dangerous. Gush Shalom ad, Ha'aretz, April 16.

April 14 1998 Palestine's Ambassador to Canada, Baker Abdul Munem, has built a site devoted to Palestine including historical documents, a who's who of the Palestine Authority, and more.

April 13 1998 The latest BibiWatch by Eric Lee is an open letter to Tony Blair pointing out the comparisons between what's been accomplished for Ulster in the last week -- and what needs to be done here. As usual, succinct, pithy and to the point.

April 12 1998 A Swiss Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue Group in Basel has put up a web site at where you can find a "Jewish - Palestinian Declaration" calling for mutual respect and equality. You can sign it online, of course.

April 11 1998 Here are five short poems by Charles Kormos, veteran English-language poet in Israel

April 11 1998 At, founded by Walter Ruby, Yazen Alhassan, and Maria Espinosa, is an online forum for discussion of what they call Jewish-Palestinian dialogue. Though we tend to believe that making the dialogue Israeli-Palestinian would be a little more accurate, this site is highly recommended for the quality of the texts in the open forum. No flaming allowed, of course, but the Internet's facilitation of exchanging ideas in the grope toward turning enmity into friendship, makes the site valuable for all seeking ways to reach out to the other.

April 11 1998 The Holocast-History Project is a remarkable collection of essays and full texts of such documents as the Nuremburg trial transcripts. Aimed at providing ammunition for Holocaust revisionists, it also proves that one need not be in Shoah Business in order to make a contribution to the effort to understand that most horrible moment in human history.

April 10 1998 Settler for Peace #2 -- Andrew Deutsch's Reports from the front line of the thin line of dialogue between Israeli settlers and their Palestinan neighbors. This week, an American journalist visits, and Andrew takes him to the Wadi Kana Nature Reserve, endangered by pollution from both the settlements and the village. A Family Picnic at the Reserve is Planned for May 8 -- If you'd like to attend, Contact Andrew

April 10 1998 THE WORLD IS WITH US! Since the Oslo agreement, the frontlines have changed. Not any more a struggle of all the Israelis against all the Palestinians, but rather a struggle of the peace-lovers of both nations against the war-mongers of both nations. The whole world is involved in this struggle, because the whole world will be effected by its outcome. GUSH SHALOM has signed - together with all the other peace movements in Israel - a letter calling upon the president of the United States, Bill Clinton, and the president of the European Union, Tony Blair, to fulfil their duty for peace. For many years, Israeli warmongers have sent delegations to Congressmen and extreme right-wing anti-Semitic groups in the US, in order to mobilize them against the Oslo agreement and the Rabin government. Now they cry out against our initiative. Their hypocrisy is disgusting. Yet we do not forget for one moment: Our main battlefield is here, in Israel. Our main task is to win over Israeli public opinion. In this fateful struggle, you too have a job to do. Gush Shalom ad, Ha'aretz, April 10, 1998.

April 8 1998 Israel at 50 by Uri Avnery. Highly Recommended!

April 8 1998 Four More Questions for the Pessah Seder From Rabbi Arthur Waskow

April 6 1998 T-shirt decal for Independence Day: A Poem by by Karen Alkalay-Gut as part of the celebration of Israel's 50th anniversary. It reads more like an ideographic prayer than anything else...

is still
to envision a true Jewish state
but only if it is large
enough to include
the rest of the world
and generous enough
to acknowledge and try to right
the wrongs committed even
unwillingly in its
This is


Another poem by Karen Alkalay-Gut

An International Essay Contest

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April 6 1998 Stratfor's Second Quarter report includes an analysis of US power internationally, looking at why France, China and Russia are lining up against the US.

April 6 1998 Here's a link to World Peace. Really, it's a worldwide effort to create a day of peace in the year 2000. Check it out. But don't forget to come back to Ariga. There's lots here.

April 6 1968 Playing for Peace -- The Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music has been "Playing for Peace" since 1988, conducting chamber music concerts in both Israel and surrounding Arab countries, including Palestine. They also invite Israeli and Palestine muisicians to join them. In short, they're one of the good guys. We expect to be carrying their schedule for an upcoming tour, but until then, recommend a visit to their site at

April 5 1998 MidEast ViewPoints: Peace, an email newsletter (to which you can subscribe) including various viewpoints and dialogues on Middle East Peace: Here's a sample issue including: The Myth of the Irreconcilable Conflict - Ameen Hannoun; Yasser Arafat at Anne Frank Memorial - Ami Isseroff; About the Naysayers: Letter from Ray Hanania; The fear of war and the shtetl mentality - Eric Lee; Picking up the Future - Rena Boxerman; Negative Propaganda - Letter from Larry Butchins & Comment; Reactions to Basle Group Declaration: Seri Gomberg Ahmad Humeid.

April 4 1998 News on the Free Ahmad Qatamesh Campaign.

April 3 1998 Jewish Theologian and author Marc H. Ellis reminds us that this year is also the fiftieth anniversary of a dark chapter in Israel's history -- the Deir Yassin massacre. Yet, quoting Martin Buber, he calls for Deir Yassin to be turned into a symbol of reconciliation and compromise between Israelis and Palestinians.

April 3 1998 Just to put things into perspective, here's the transcript of the State Department briefing on the outcome of Dennis Ross' latest visit to the region.

You can also check out an open letter to Ambassador Ross by Gershon Baskin, Ph.D. and Zakaria al Qaq, Ph.D., Directors of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information

April 2 1998 TOGETHER WITHOUT PRIDE -- TOGETHER WITHOUT HOPE The peace is being buried before our very eyes. There was no first withdrawal. There is no second withdrawal. There will be no third withdrawal. Where is the opposition? There is none. The Labor Party has no message, no plan, no courage, no leadership. It is betraying the vital mission entrusted to it by its voters. It is becoming an accomplice to the crime of pacicide - the murder of peace. Coalition and opposition march together to the tune of the official 50th anniversary jingle: "Together in pride, together in hope." Where is the pride? Where is the hope? Gush Shalom ad, Ha'aretz, April 3, 1998.

New at Ariga starting April 1998 From Stratfor Global Intelligence Updates: Middle East Affairs: Brief, smart, insider reports on diplomacy, intelligence, and other matters relating to security.

April 2 1998 Help win the release of a Palestinian writer who has been held in administration detention -- without trial or charges being brought against him -- longer than any other person in Israel. Click here to find out more about the case of Ahmad Qatamesh.

I have three treasures. Guard and keep them: The first is deep love, The second is frugality, And the third is not to dare to be ahead of the world. Because of deep love, one is courageous. Because of frugality, one is generous. Because of not daring to be ahead of the world, one becomes the leader of the world. -- Lao Tse in Frosties anthology of quotations

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