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November 12, 2002
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WHAT IS AFIM? AFIM is the Association for Independent Music. Founded in 1972, AFIM is the professional trade organization dedicated to insuring the vitality of the independent music industry. AFIM's mission is to create business opportunities for its members through an annual convention, and through ongoing information services and educational resource materials. AFIM is also an advocacy group, speaking out on the issues most relevant to its membership. It is the voice of the independent music industry.

If you represent any area of the independent music industry, you will benefit from AFIM membership.

1. NARM/AFIM Convention. In 2003 AFIM and NARM (the National Association of Recording Merchandisers) will join forces again to present a combined convention, The NARM Convention and Trade Show Featuring The Association For Independent Music. Benefits of a combined convention are enormous. This is the only business trip you'll have to make in a year, because you will have direct access to:
* More retailers-- from the largest chains to regional chains to the most dynamic and diverse independent stores.
* More wholesalers --one stops, rack jobbers, specialty distributors.
* More service providers --pressing plants, printers, legal experts, independent promoters, marketing companies, publicists and more.
* New and innovative ideas, technologies, services and products which will help you connect your business to other businesses, but more importantly connect your business to consumers.
* More experienced industry experts.
* A wider array of successful music business entrepreneurs.
* Potential business partners --distributors seeking labels, labels seeking artists, artists seeking promotion, etc.

2. Advocacy and Political Action. AFIM's strategic relationships with the RIAA, NARM, and other national and international organizations will enable us to advocate for the interests of independent music businesses. As a member of AFIM, you will have a voice in the politics of the music business, and can bring your issues and concerns directly to the policy makers.

3. Industry and Advertising Discounts. AFIM members receive exclusive discounts from manufacturers and suppliers as well as information resources such as SoundScan. AFIM members receive discounts on advertising rates in over 25 key industry publications.

4. Crash Course. The only one of its kind... this all-day convention event is ideal for newcomers, new employees of established companies, and anyone wanting a refresher course in the basics. Through a series of panels and question & answer sessions lead by industry professionals, you will learn the basics of contract negotiations, manufacturing, distribution, promotion, marketing and much more.

5. Networking. You are not alone... AFIM gives you the chance to join a special interest group (SIG) of others who are working to promote and sell music in your specific genre. SIGs include Blues, Rap, Folk, Alternative, World, Gospel, Dance, Retailing and more.

6. Education. You don't have to re-invent the wheel... AFIM provides ongoing music business and entertainment industry news bulletins along with educational resources materials.

7. Visibility. Your name and company information will appear in our on-line directory, and, combined with the presence you can create for yourself / your company at the convention, can increase your profile within the industry.

AFIM's membership fees are on a sliding scale, based on gross income of the member company. Companies grossing under $100,00 per year may join for $100 a year; companies grossing between $100K and $500K may join for $250 a year; companies grossing between $500K and $5Million per year may join for $350; and companies grossing over $5M per year may join for $500 per year. © 2002 Association For Independent Music
All Rights Reserved
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