Museum History


The East Point Military Museum was established in 1965 by the Royal Australian Artillery Association and was officially opened on 16th August 1969. Located in an old bunker that served as a command post for artillery fire control, it was Darwin's first museum. Through the late 60's and 70's local and interstate collectors donated equipment and items of interest for the museum to display. While primitive in exhibition techniques, the museum did attract a fair amount of interest due to its collection of war paraphernalia. One of the projects undertaken was earth removal around the No.2, 9.2 inch gun emplacement. Entrance to the museum at that time was the donation of a silver coin.


Throughout the 80's, the museum's collection grew as interest about Darwin's dark history became more evident to the public. An automated slide show was added in the early 80's and was replaced in 1987 by a continuously running 15 minute video showing dramatic footage of the Japanese bombing Darwin. Display techniques continued to improve along with visitations from the public.


In 1991 the committee of the Royal Australian Artillery Association appointed a full time manager to handle the operations of the museum. This was coupled with plans to substantially upgrade the museum's presentation and facilities to meet the demands of local and international visitors. Late in 1995, the museum was refitted with new exhibits on loan from the Museums and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory. The artefacts on loan comprised mainly of weapons from what is now known as the Bell collection. Apart from the new exhibition, long overdue air-conditioning was installed to the command post building to maintain precise atmospheric control over the weapons collection.  


In November the museum established a display of banned "D" class weapons. Some of these are being donated to the museum by the owners as a result of the national buy-back scheme. This action has pleased many ex-owners who see the opportunity to display and preserve some of these historically precious artefacts.

Work commenced in early 1997 on the condensing of the display area. This involved the removal of many non-indigenous trees and the planting of almost 100 various types of flora to act as natural screenings. The various artillery and vehicle artefacts will be placed close to the main exhibit area to enable visitors to see the entire collection in a much smaller and readily accessible area.


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