My interests include:

I Love:

watching the sunset go by, sweet irony, nothing beautiful lasts but God......
Mountains are majestic monuments to the existence of god........
The sky is a vast realm of no definite beginning or end, a symbol of Godís existence....

I Hate:

My Pet Peeves:

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Favorite Films:

Favorite Directors: David Lean. Steven Spielberg.

Favorite Actresses: Audrey Hepburn. Salma Hayak.

Favorite Actor: Omar Sharif

Favorite Comedy: Shahed Mashefsh haga (Adel Imam)...into mabetgoosh laih?

Favorite Songs:

Favorite Arabic Songs:

Favorite Musical group: Gypsy Kings, Cranberries, Ace of Base.

Favorite Singers (voice):

Favorite Jazz Score: Dreamwalk (Keiko Matsui).

Favorite Score: Laraís Theme (Maurice Jarre, great composer).

Favorite Country (tourism): France, Czech Republic, Egypt, UK, Italy, Switzerland.

Favorite Arab Countries: Syria, Lebanon & Algeria (and of course the one and only "Palestine")

Favorite Cities: Aswan (Egypt), Aix en Provence (France).

Favorite US State: Utah

Favorite Tourist Place: Alpine villages, Pyrenees villages, Upper Egypt.

Favorite Foreigners: Polish, French, Belgian, Swiss, Shami & Algerian people.

Favorite Foreign Language: French

Favorite Books: Tale of two cities (Dickens), Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky).

Favorite Authors: Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Naguib Mahfouz (Egyptian Nobel Laureate).

Favorite Writers / Thinkers: Muhamad Qutub, Fethulleh Gulen, Moustafa Mahmoud

Favorite Magazine: Paris Match.

Favorite Comic Books: Asterix. Tin Tin...they made my childhood.

Favorite TV Channel: 11-WTTW (PBS), Discovery.

Favorite TV program: Travels in Europe (Rick Steves).

Favorite Sports Commentator: Ahmad Rashad

Favorite Entertainer: Ricky Martin

Favorite TV Personality: Jay Leno

Favorite Comedians: Will Smith, Adel Imam (70ís & 80ís).

Favorite Radio Channel: Classical 98.7

Favorite Type of Music: Classical- Bolivian/Peruvian/Andean Music - Flamenco

Favorite Composers: Antonin Dvorak, Camille Saint Saens, Rodrigo.

Favorite Classical Piece: Adagio G minor (Thomaso Albinoni)

Favorite Sports: Soccer, Swimming.

Favorite Soccer Team: Juventus (Italy), Zamalek (Egypt).

Favorite Soccer Player: Zinedine Zidane

Favorite Basketball Players: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Hakeem Olaijuwan.

Favorite Heavy Weight Boxer: Muhammad Ali

Favorite Light Weight Boxer: Prince Naseem Hamed

Favorite Artists: Jacques Louis David, Gustave Courbet, Chuck Close.

Favorite Sculptors: Michelanglo, Rodin.

Favorite Presidents:

Worst Presidents:

Most Admired Man: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Favorite Historic Personality: Saladdin (better pronounced as Salaheddine), Omar Ibn Al Khattab

Favorite Modern Personality: Sayyid Qutub, Malcom X (martyred for what they stood for, same year!)

Favorite Subjects: Geography & History...they add life to life.

Favorite Colors: Burgundy & Beige.

Favorite Car: Thunderbird (My T-bird "Natasha", was born in 1995).

Favorite Food: Shrimps. My Mom's cooking.

Favorite Drink: Egyptian Mango juice...

Favorite Eyeglasses: Giorgio Armani

Favorite Cologne: Drakkar, Tommy

Favorite Sportswear: Adidas (Nike sucks)...besides, my man Zizou is sponsored by them.

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