State Fair 2002

Radio Operator Staff Schedule
American Red Cross First Aid Station
at the North Carolina State Fair!
Oct. 18 - 27, 2002

Download the Red Cross State Fair Training Manual 2002

To volunteer, email John Guerriero KG4HDT

Current as of 26-Oct-2002 02:39:54 PM

Red Cross Orientation - Sun Oct 6th from 3-5pm at the Red Cross Building, NC State Fairgrounds.
More orientation dates and times forthcoming.
Talk-in for Orientation is 147.42 simplex.
Click here for a map to the Red Cross orientation site.

Date 9am - 2pm 2pm - 7pm 7pm - midnight
Friday Oct 18 *KG4OQA, Mary *+KC4UQN, Bruce *+W4BRB, Bernard 
*+W4KGL, Kerrell *K7UGT, Ken *+Tina 
Saturday Oct 19 *+N2RJB, Clare *K1RCB, Bob *+W4BRB, Bernard 
*+KC4UQN, Bruce *K1MRB, Marian *+Tina 
Sunday Oct 20 *+KC4UQN, Bruce *+KG4AWG, Greg *+W4BRB, Bernard 
*+KC4WUH, Mike *+KC4WUH, Mike *+Tina 
Monday Oct 21 *WB4DRJ, Lee *KG4IZA, Bob *+K7UGT, Ken 
*KD4SLQ, Wayne *+KC4UQN, Bruce *+KG4FIQ, Larry 
Tuesday Oct 22 *+K4HF, Chuck *KG4IZA, Bob *+W5PGZ, Ashby 
*+W4BRB, Bernard *KG4IJQ, Bud *+K1RCB, Bob 
Wednesday Oct 23 WB4DRJ, Lee *+W4KGL, Kerrell *AG4QZ, Maury 
*+KN4AQ, Gary *+W5PGX, Ashby *+KG4AWG, Greg 
Thursday Oct 24 *+K4HF, Chuck *KG4IJQ, Bud *+KG4MYD, Matt 
*+W4BRB, Bernard *+W4KGL, Kerrell *WD4MGP, Mike 
Friday Oct 25 *+KG4KHQ, Steve *+KG4VDN, Noah *+W4BRB, Bernard 
*AG4QZ, Maury *+KG4FIQ, Larry *+Tina 
Saturday Oct 26 *+KC4WUH, Mike *K1RCB, Bob *+W4BRB, Bernard 
*+W5PGZ, Ashby *K1MRB, Marian *+Tina 
Sunday Oct 27 *+N3DWE, John *+KG4VDN, Noah *+KG4AWG, Greg 
*K1RCB, Bob *+KC4WUH, Mike *+KC4WUH, Mike 

Other Info:

Training: There will be training classes conducted in the weeks immediately preceding the Fair. Stay tuned for details on scheduling & location.

Equipment: Nope, don't need any. The Red Cross will provide us with all the radios we need (using a business band frequency). Bring your HT for use as you wander around the Fair before or after your shift, and perhaps to keep in touch with the other operator on your shift when you step out for a break. But please don't chat or even monitor repeater traffic while you're inside the Red Cross Radio Room.

Parking: Sorry, no parking for Red Cross volunteers is available on the Fairgrounds. You're on your own. There are free lots at the Vet School, at Carter-Findley, and the horse arena (don't ask me for details - I was just copying down info that was announced at the orientation meeting I attended). My personal secret: park along Powell Rd., between Hillsboro and Western. That's also the easiest way to drive in and out of the Fairgrounds area on busy days.

General Directions to Fairgrounds

Detailed Directions to Fairgrounds & Parking

The Door to The Red Cross Building

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