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Presumably, Foxworth was let go because the character was the least-developed and the show was beginning to focus more on the love-chase between Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) and Judy's TV sister, Laura (Kellie Wiliams).  But perhaps most troubling is that Judy's disappearance was never explained in the storyline. "All I can say is that is was really a tough time for me.  Looking back, I guess the writers and producers didn't know how to explain it, so they just choose not to.  The producers never told me why I was written out of the show." Foxworth believes her mother's demands for more money is what ultimately led to her contract not being renewed. 
The then-teenage Foxworth returned to a life away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and attended Burbank High School.  "It was a hard adjustment, I didn't really have any friends and people seem to think you're rich because they've seen you on TV, but actually, I wasn't.  I never saw a cent of the money I'd earned on 'Family Matters.' "  Foxworth's earnings, an estimated $500,000, had been put into a trust account that she couldn't touch until she turned 21.  This is a common practice to ensure financial security for most child stars, but Foxworth, who at age 19 left the home she lived in with  her mother, two sisters and niece, never got to enjoy the fruits of her labor.  "When I turned 20 my family filed for bankruptcy and a judge allowed my money from my trust fund to go toward bailing the family of out of debt. All of my money went to cover the bankruptcy. I couldn't believe it. In an instant I was dead broke."  

With the lure of fast money, Foxworth continued to make more adult films.  "Alcohol helped.  I'd do my thing for about 30 minutes, pretty much just one scene, and then the producers would cut me a check.  In 30 minutes I was $15,000 richer.  The money was great, but it was starting to wear on me, wear on my conscience. To be honest, I enjoyed the money more than I enjoyed the sex. But now I'm done with being Crave.  I haven't done a movie in awhile.  It's all behind me now. I'm more religious and I'm focusing on serious acting again."  

Foxworth has returned to auditioning for television roles and contemplating a singing career (her two sisters are vocalists).  She also works as an assistant at her mother's talent agency in California.  "When my mom found out what I had been doing, I'm glad she didn't judge me. I'm still young with a bright future ahead of me.  I'm glad my mistakes are behind me now."  

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