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The sun had now sunk below the skyline, and Rosen and Guilden were glad for this as the moist air cooled and their eyes adjusted to the dim light of the moon. They had been wandering around the city of Vien'd'Nea scince their arival that afternoon. They were taking in all the sites, and learning what they could of the new place. The desire for knowledge was one of the many triats they had gotten from the man who raised them. Of course, they had not come to take in sites, they had come to see Govan, they had obviosuly gotten side tracked, as they often did when in new places, and it would be to late to seek her out now.
They turned towards one another, and nodded in agreement, each knowing what the other thought. They would find a tavern, and take up a room for the night, they could take up their buisness once more in the morning.
The brothers entered the first they came across. It was a cheap one, and the bar room was full of a grudgy lot. Many a stare fell on the twins, in their fancy garb they certainly did not fit in, but they srugged of the eyes. They took seats at an empty table, not ready for sleep just yet, but in no mood for walking the streets any further.

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The sky screamed with vivid purples and azures, a blaze of hot gold burning the sea to the west. I watched the sun go down, smiling grimly to myself as I once more returned to my element: Shadows and Night.

This element had been invaded by the trespassers. Vampires and demons oh my. I scowled, stalking down the cobblestone street towards the harbour.

Govan's people - her Nobles kept such a tight watch on us all, and I hated it. I pretended otherwise, of course, but it was all the same. Nobility this, honour that. I hated it, would always hated it. Me..now I was a dagger in the back, the throat slit for a few coins. That was me. Those were my people, too, before Govan's Outcasts had come here.

This island - Bran V'nea in the old tongue, meaning 'Grave of Ships' had well deserved its name. Outside of Judas Bay, there wasn't really any landable place on the island. All rocky crags and cliffs, this place was a danger to ships, and could be evinced by the jutting masts off some of the more alluring yet hiddenly dangerous points.

The street lighters - children who scampered with long, lit poles - were lighting the street lamps. These would be snuffed at dawn, refilled with oil during the day, and lit again in the evening. Another change I did not like to my island, my home. So much light.

The Virdians - the clan I had belonged to before the time of the Outcasts - had held these waters in a band of fear. No ship dare travel here unarmed. And if one was so foolish, it was scuttled - or captured, and the treasure ours. Slaves worked our industries, captured women, though rare, were our whores. It was a good life.

Until that bloody bird, Govan.

I growled, my pace quickening with my resentment.

But perhaps her time was ending. Without her here, the several distinct groups were beginning to fray. Soon, with my help, they would be at eachother's throats. We'd take over. It was the plan.

But for one small hitch.

Liaojie... I growled, deep in my throat. If there was one man - no, thing - I hated more than anything, it was that vampire. Rumours swirled around him like smoke.

Govan's enchanted pet. Man-harassing vamp. The women talked about him behind their fans at court, swooning over his tight form. They didn't care about the rumours of a pale haired elf man who kept with the vamp. Who knows? Maybe it was all rumour.

Whatever. With him here, holding up Govan's position and keeping the groups in order, things would never go the way he wanted them to.

To have chaos of order, Liaojie needed to die.

I turned a corner quickly, crashing into someone. I staggered back, head reeling. I hadn't been paying attention...who would be out this late?

Get out of my way, man, I growled angrily. I pushed him aside, into the wall, and went to get on my way.


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He had been wandering idly when the man shoved briskly by him, knocking him into the nearby wall. Tarrant spun on his heel and snarled at the steadily retreating form.

"Why don't you watch where the hell you're going, then?" His voice was acidic and not lacking in malevolent tone.

He had to remember that this wasn't his forest, otherwise he would have had the cur skinned and toyed with for hours before his 'men' put a rather bloody end to their game. However, in this case, he needed information first and foremost. He barely knew anything of the Outcasts and was beginning to distrust his cursed hunches and intuition. Still standing at the same corner, he realized that even though he had sought answers for hours, he was no closer to any sort of feasible answer.

He wondered, who ran this damned island?

Suddenly a thought came to him, the man that had just so rudely passed looked different from the rest, and seemed to be one of the few still out this late, besides Tarrant. Something familiar about him gnawed at the back of his mind, and he sat pondering the point for a few seconds before the insanely obvious reason came to him.

He's pale. Just like me.

Every other inhabitant of this island seemed to be burned to a rather brownish crisp, and this man was almost as pale as Tarrant became after respite in the forest. Something was most certainly awry about that. He had probably been to preoccupied with whatever had caused his hurry and subsequent collision with Tarrant to notice the same thing about the celestial, which gave a slight edge in observation to Tarrant.

Figuring that he had no better recourse and this would at least be interesting, Tarrant decided to follow the pale man, simply to see where he was led. He might find some answers about this damnable island and could at least learn something about this deviant.

He took off at a stealthy stride in the direction the man had gone. He used a small amount of magic, probably too little to be traced by any nearby magi, simply to expedite his movement while not losing any of his stealth. He had let the man get quite far away at this time, given his hurried pace, so he could not afford to lose more ground if he truly intended to trail him. Once he got going, it was far easier to maintain the spell and keep track of signs of passing. A couple minutes later he caught a sight of a shadow passing around yet another corner.

Ah. There he is, or at least someone else I can 'question'.

Tarrant thought things were looking up from before, certainly.

And in the least, should the man prove useless for information, he would most definitely provide interesting entertainment in paying for his prior rudeness.

Tarrant smirked coldly, continuing on.

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I watched Vridik stalk down the streets from the roof of a nearby building. He was heading towards the harbour. Once I was sure he was out of auditory range, I'd drop and follow.

Having to wait for the sun to set had given him quite the edge, but I had watched this annoying prick of an assassin for long enough to know his habits. He was heading for the harbour. Once Vridik reached it, though, I'd lose him unless I kept an eye on him.

Dropping to the street, I startled the boy who was lighting the lantern. Winking at him, I quickly made my way down the street in a jog. Since most of this was downhill, it wasn't taxing. Not that I had to breathe anyways.

Get out of my way, man! I skidded to a stop and slammed myself into some shadows. Vridik sounded angry, and I waited for a response. When there wasn't one, I pulled myself up by a windowsill and hauled myself onto the roof. I peered over, and watched another man brush himself off.

He seemed disoriented, and as I studied him, I realized he wasn't from around this island. Though Vien'd'nea was big, most people gained a tan from working in the sun. He was as white as snow. He began to follow Vridik, and I smirked to myself before dropping to the ground a distance behind him and getting into line.

Well, ain't this just merry. A line to see Vriddie.

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The man ahead turned around briefly, peering into shadows in a suspicious nature, causing Tarrant to melt into the shadows rather quickly, halting any breathing for complete silence. A second later, when the man seemed satisfed, he turned again and slipped around another corner. Tarrant exhaled softly and waited a moment to continue on his way.

The air was getting moist and cool, which must mean that they were nearing a waterfront somewhere in the city. Tarrant could vaguely remember the maps he had studied, but he had taken so many turns along the way that he had lost track of memory and any hope of pinpointing location until daylight.

Tarrant was not fond of water, but given the man's comfort with the twists and turns, he doubted he was disembarking from the island, or at least the mainland. It made no difference, as Tarrant would not follow him in any event anyway. He was not fond of water.

He arrived at the corner the man had just turned and peered cautiously around it. He could see him in the distance making his way towards what appeared to be a dock district of the city, most likely along the harbour shores. Feeling vaguely comforted knowing somewhat where he was, Tarrant proceeded further in his pursuit, flickering his eyes around his surroudings for future memory reasons and keeping an ever vigilant glance on his quarry.

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Alright. I knew where Vridik was going now, but who this other git was - I had no idea. But then, if he was an outsider, no one would miss him. Hunger warred against my promise to Govan - to not feed on those in the city comitting no crime - but everyone seemed to be in line tonight and I was hungry.

Oh, hell with it.

Cantering up the last few steps behind the newcomer, I leapt for him, slamming into him from behind.

Move, and I kill you. Where are you from? I growled into his ear, teeth bared. My hands locked in front of him against his throat, pressing against it enough to choke. I released, and waited for an answer.

The newcomer was fit, I could tell, just from the feeling of his body. He was pale, but not a vamp - his skin was warm, and smelled deliciously human. I fought against the hunger rising inside me, and growled again for good measure.

Answer me. I'm hungry tonight.

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The impact caught him offguard, he had not been expecting outside intervention and should have considered the contigency. He cursed himself for his blunder silently while the thing attempted to choke him.

Given the fact the skin was cold and it made mention of 'hunger', Tarrant wasn't too bloody fond of his current luck. He needed problems with vampires like he needed the broad side of an axe across his skull.

He gasped reflexively as the grip was relaxed, and cleared his throat to speak.

"You probably wouldn't know of it, but it is called simply 'The Forest'. Quite the distance away, in fact."

He paused for a moment.

"And you probably shouldn't bother asking why I am here, as I have no goddamn clue myself..."

A Wanderer, Home in RONIN.
Human's Resident Asshole and Worthless Officer.
"Don't look so surprised - It's only dogma,"
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I growled and pushed the stranger away, twisting him to face me. I gripped him by both of his shoulders and shook him lightly.

You lucky, LUCKY man... I punctuated each lucky with a shake before releasing him.

The person I owe my 'life' to refuses me to feed off of those not breaking the law.

So answer me this..why do you follow Vridik? Surely you don't swing that way?
I raised an eyebrow at him, then grinned amusedly.

Man, that would freak Vridik to no extent. The thought of Vridik and another man as a lover made me chuckle, and I proferred my hand towards the newcomer.

Liaojie is my name. I'm the NightOwl of this island. You had better give me your name, though, some people don't take to newcomers and I need to check if you've signed in with the harbour. I paused, letting my eyes convey exactly what I was about to say.

Unless you want to break the law.

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He brushed himself off, for the second time that night, and scowled slightly at the vampire before him.

"My name is Tarrant. Tarrant Sinaran. I'm following that bastard you call Vridik mainly because I need answers and it's usually more interesting to get answers from people that annoy me."

He took the offered hand and shook tentatively. The vamp was strong, no doubt, and Tarrant was not in a good enough mood to see who could win a battle between the two.

"Of course, I wouldn't break any laws in questioning the man, as that would simply be wrong." He emphasized the last word as to make sure that this Liaojie knew full well it was in mocking. He ignored the unsavory implications that the vampire made, also.

"You'll find that I'm unregistered with the harbour authority, as I did not get here by boat and was not aware it was a requirement. I've been spending my time trying to figure out who these 'Outcasts' are, rather than studying Ynis Sci criminal law. I'm sure you understand."

A Wanderer, Home in RONIN.
Human's Resident Asshole and Worthless Officer.
"Don't look so surprised - It's only dogma,"
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Oh, I do, I do. There was no humour in my smile as I laid a firm hand on Tarrant's arm.

Similarily, I'm sure YOU understand why I need to take you to register. Which does deprive me of my evening of fun tormenting Vridik. But alas. It's not like he'll manage anything tonight I can't thwart in the morning.

I gave Tarrant a push towards the harbour. The building I was heading to was open all day and all night, tracking immigrants and visitors to our island. It was the only way to keep track of people who might be spies, and plus - those who didn't register were fair game for the handful of vampires living on the island.

You said you didn't get here by conventional means. Elaborate on that, for me. And if you want, I'll even take the time to answer some questions for you. I paused, then shrugged.

You're lucky you ran into me. The Raven is off on some personal quest, so the person in charge is me. Felicitous, don't you think?

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He let himself be shoved once again, this time towards the harbour, simply because he didn't bloody care enough anymore to prevent it.

Bah. I try one single thing and I end up having to go fill out paperwork. My luck with have this hellhole be a bureaucratic dungeon.

"Fine, we can register with this authority of yours if it will get my questions answered.

Naturally, I arrived here via teleportation, though it was an annoying process as the only images I could find of this place to focus on were quite distant from this city. But a little walk never killed anyone..."

He raked a hand through his blonde hair, trying to sift out the moisture that had been settling.

"So long as this authority isn't actually in the water, we can still be 'friends'. Who is this Vridik fellow? You seem to dislike him, but after further thought, he seems like a vampire, like yourself. Just don't tell me there is some sort of vampire power struggle going on, those always get messy and I'd rather just leave.

Who's the Raven, anyway?"

A Wanderer, Home in RONIN.
Human's Resident Asshole and Worthless Officer.
"Don't look so surprised - It's only dogma,"
The Alien Prophet Cried.


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{ooc: With the permission of Govan Vran}
{ooc: Edited for sigline, Thanks Ev!}

Noah peered down at the unfolding scene through the thin slits in the thin iron mask that hid his face. Most curious, most curious indeed that an administration that proffessed a deep running hatred of vampires would harbor one.


The stalker recoiled, nearly slipping from the roof upon which he perched and the shadows that shielded him from viewing. Pain lanced like a lash to the bone, tearing at his face and arms in vivid reminder. While he was more or less free to roam within the parameters set by them, he was not free to consider treason against his erstwhile masters.

So he contented, for the moment to watch, and wait. Eventually he would have to eat, which was one reason he'd been sent away until further notice. Better to have an untested and dangerous minion amid the flocks of the enemy than in ones own kennels...

Until then, however, he would simply bide his time and wait for answers.


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Vridik, a vampire? I laughed amusedly, rubbing my face in a gesture that could only be described as VERY Amused. No, Vridik isn't a vampire. In fact, he loathes us all with a passion. I think it's second on his list of things to eliminate on this island.

I paused to think about something a moment, then gestured for Tarrant to take a turn.

No, the authority isn't in the water itself. Just close to the harbour. With a nice 'If you don't register, you're free game for the vampires.' Generally, the Raven - that's Govan, by the way - doesn't let us vampires on the island to live. But there are a few who are the exception to the rule, and I am one of them.

I gestured to a door coming up on the left. This way. The lights were lit inside, and a bored clerk sat at the table. He paled at seeing me.

Have an unreg for you. I gestured to Tarrant. I like him, so I'll vouch for him.

I leaned against the wall while the clerk went about filling out the paperwork.

Now, Vridik..he belongs to a group of people who were here before we settled. They've pretty much sorted in, but there are a few who cause problems. Vridik doesn't think I'm bright enough to notice his attemps to usurp the Raven's power while she's gone, but I let him think that and keep myself from killing him. I took the wooden chit from the clerk and handed it to Tarrant.

Here ya go. Now, I need to go out on patrols and such. This chit will let any innkeeper know you're in for a long haul and registered, so you can get a place to stay. Stop in at the keep during the day to get a hold of me. I'll be up, likely, but inside.

I clapped Tarrant on the shoulder and slipped out the door. It was too late to stalk Vridik, but maybe I could find a thief who wanted to play.

I was hungry, after all.

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Curioser and Curiouser. Noah watched for a moment or two longer while Liaojie led Tarrant towards the harbour. It puzzled Noah dearly, this entire sequence of events...it occured to him that the vampire had no intent of harming the mortal he'd found. Found, attacked, and then chatted amiably with.

The very incongruity of it all, you know? But then, times change. Perhaps not was all what it seemed to be. Noah presumed first ignorance, having been absent so long from the affairs of the world.

Hunger nipped quietly at Noah's mind. Curiosity was well and good, but he was here for a purpose and that pale gentleman that Tarrant had been following at the outset would probably fit the bill. Answers to such questions as troubled the vampire could come after first-things-first.

The bindings agreed, cooling to a dull ache. Noah fidgeted at them for a moment, almost absently and out of habit. He clawed softly and with known futility at the bands encircling his forearms. He could almost hear the derisive laughter of his masters now.

Pushing such thoughts out of his mind, he lit out into the alleyways in pursuit of Vridik.


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Closing the old book, Adam moves back to the door, placing his slender fingers once again upon it.

A slight smile comes across his withered, face.

Finally, the time has come for me to feed.

The oaken door opened slowly creaking slightly as it did.

Moving slow and deliberate, Adam walks into the darkness of night.
His Eyes scanning the shadows for movement, he spots her.

Following silently behind her, watching her every move.
Closer, closer he aproached, unaware of the impending danger she did not run.
How could she know what was in store for her in the moments to come.

He was so close that he could smell the scented oils that she wore, the faint odour of jasmine filled the air.

Stopping for a moment, she looked around, still not seeing him, still not knowing what fate was to fall upon her.

His mouth watered slightly in anticipation, it had been so long since he had last fed, there had been no battles in which to gorge himself, now he had to do what he loathed.
Although he was was a predator, not one time did he enjoy the thought of taking an innocent life, it was out of need, not want.

Preference was always to take the life of his enemies, those that would prefer to do him harm, but this young girl was not his enemy.

Finally his hunger could no longer be contained, lunging silently he sinks his teeth in.
The red liquid flowed freely into his mouth.
Something however was not quite right.
There was no struggle.

Pulling his mouth away from the side of her neck, he slowly turned her to face him.

You fear me not?

The young girl smiled slightly, the slow trickle of crimson fluid ran down across her neck.

Why would I fear the one thing I wish to embrace?
Do you really think that I did not realize you were there m'lord?

Do you have any idea whatsoever what you wish to embrace, do you realize there is no going back?
Child, I cannot do this.

Her gentle touch upon his face, caused him to move back towards her once again.

Yes I do know what I wish to embrace, yes i do realize there will be no going back.
Do I care about going back, NO I do not.
I am asking you now, with all my heart, show me what you see, make me what you are.
Take me from this mortal life, and make me eternal.

Adam sighed slowly as he pulled her into him.
Then whispering softly.

So be it, if that is your wish.

Sinking his teeth deeply into her neck, he drains her of her life's blood bringing her nearly to death.
Releasing his teeth from her and moving to look into her eyes.
Biting deeply into his own lip, his own blood began to flow.
Leaving in and pressing his lips to hers, his tainted blood had reached her mouth.

He could feel her taking in the darkened liquid.

Her body began to shake violently as her earthly body began to perish, holding her tight until she went limp.

Adam continued to hold onto her util he heard the gasp, the gasp of a newborn nosferatu.

Welcome to my world little one, welcome to my world.

~Noble Sectistica~
~Order Sectica | Outcast Nobility~
~Keeper of Shadows~

Alexander Godhand

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It was time to move, now While he could be under the cover of night, While he could live in his own personal element. He was making a journy to a very unscheduled meeting with an old friend..Bluril. His friend from long ago if he even remembered him that is.

Perferably Bluril wouldnt kill him sence his recent change(into vampirism).
Regardless He wouldnt be done until he could at least find a life...a people who would accept his race... though it was a doubtlable and perhaps foolish wish

The beauty of civilization he said to himself sarcastically a recent habit development. One he regreted because it made him feel insane

isnt this a great quote


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So far, Lunaris hated the night. First she had to haggle with the port authority that her suspention from the port was expired. That had been a long discussion. Then she had to make sure then men actually took care of the cargo before they left to see their families and friends. Not that she could blame them, it had after all been a while since she had been in Sci. And to top it off, three morons had attempted to mug her on the way to the pub. By the third time she had lost her temper.

When the would be cutpurse's knife connected with Lunaris's purse and found it wire linned, she managed to grab his wrist and twist it behind his back.

Damn it! You are so lazy! What happened to the days when we robbed people in the middle of the day!?! Why do you think it.... She paused in her rant when she realized that the wrist she held was cold as ice. She used her other hand to grab the man's hair and jerk his head back. Hmm...pale...cold... dried blood on the jaw... what a messy eater. I guess that confirms it. [b]She thought.

I hate vampsShe whispered.

With that she let go of his head, grabbed her knive, and scliced his neck wide open. He made a girgle and fell back, clutching at the wound. Before he could do anything else, Lunaria doused him in a flask of whisky she always carried, and pulled out her "enhanced" flint and steel. The young man staggered toward her and she struck the two together, tossing sparks it at him. He ignited: the last of the blood in his body evaporating almost instantly. The fire consumed him almost instantly as his body became a dried husk from lack of blood. Ten seconds after flint hit steel, he was nothing more than a pile of ash.

It's ok Miles. He's gone. He was very young and very weak.She called. Miles, her nephew, was terrified of vampires. Slowly he emerged from a cluster of crates, stairing at the ground. Don't worry about it Miles, even I get scared sometimes. She offered him her hand and they continued walking.

[b]So, where does this leave me tonight? Obviously I not getting a welcome home parade if no government-types knew I was allowed back. I have a depressed 8 year old boy attached to my hand. And all my whisky is gone, used to kill yet another vampire they allowed in OUR lands

She and Miles walked into the Boyant Bodice Pub, sat in the private room and waited for those who had business with her to approach. Because what those who followed the laws didn't know, those who didn't follow the law would. And those same people would know to find her here.

I am not a Pirate...
I'm a "Hostile Trade Negotiator", thank you.

Alexander Godhand

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He watched the vampire burn with moderate regret on the womens obvious hate. He couldnt blaim her, but it wasnt as though it was that mans choice.It certainly wasnt his choice to be turned into a demon, feared by most, loved by none, and hunted by many.....

Woman, good job you are a brave warrior, and a quick hand He had dropped to the ground and followed her into the pub he then let out a wry smile as he looked at the small boy a slight glimmer of sorrow in his eye at the memory of humanity

However must you feel such hatred for a damned man? It was definently not my choice to have this fate He said pointing at his fangs and laughing Slay when you must ,as do I, but to hate a man for sumthing that wasnt his choice and isnt changeable is foolish he then stood and bowed not much mind you showing forgivness and trust..to kill him or try was up to her Alexander Godhand at your servce
vampires need love to

outcast nobility

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I finally awaken from the sleep that I had taken. I look back at the window shutters and saw that the sun had already left.


My stomach grumbled quite loudly.

Bah. Sleeping takes a lot of energy. Time to go out in the cover of darkness to find prey. Let�s see if there is any low life scum lurking about the pub. This shall be fun.

I carefully make my way out of bed and walked down the hallway. Soon I was out of the keep and heading down the road. I saw that the local pub was still very active.

Ahh. Perfect. I�m sure lots of food walking about.

I walk past all the drunks. I remember Govan said only take those that do harm to others or those that commit crimes shall be the one you can feast upon. The innocent shouldn�t suffer the fate of those that already been damned to hell anyways. I look around the pub.

Hmm. Pickings are slim today.

Dissatisfied with how it was looking outside I made my way into the pub. I walked by many adults in there... They were acting a fool like always. I didn�t pay any attention to it... But something did catch my eyes... A lady with a young child... the age of the lady could not be determine exactly. But she did look quite young. Even for one to be carrying a child. Why would she bring a child to a place like this... especially in the evening times. I stared at the two for a minute or two. Then suddenly I heard my dinner bell ring... a scream of a person yelling for help. A grin quickly grew on my face. I make my out the door stealthily... the fools were to drunk to even notice me leave. Soon the hunger pains will be quenched.

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The Young Arctic, Be afriad. Be Very Afraid.

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