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OOC: Please read the notes on the island of Sci. Read the histories and the rules of the guild. If you don't, it will be hard to properly fit your character into the RP.


As the sun's bright rays began to rise over the aquamarine waters, life came back to Sci. Birds began to call to eachother in their morning routines, exchanging gossip from the day before. Fish rose to the surface of rivers, lakes, and ocean to feed on the hyper flies. Shutters opened on windows in buildings lining the streets of Vien'd'nea. At the top of the tallest hill in the Capitol of Ynis Sci, a white, gleaming fort stood, turning purple, pink, gold, then a gleaming white as the sun rose high into the sky.

Everyone emerged into the world, glad for the coming of day. All except one.

All except me.

I pulled away from my window in Fort Sci seconds before the sun would have touched my skin. Seeing the sun rise was a glorious thing, yet even the light exposure would toast my skin, and a full exposure would roast my skin off my undead bones.

Flicking the shutters closed, I crossed over the sun-warmed stones. Without thought, I locked the shutters - a good gust of wind has been known to push them open. And that hurt, I knew that from experience.

Hugging my arms against me, I revelled in the feeling of my clothing, and myself for a just a moment. For someone dead several years, I was still gorgeous. Not humble, perhaps, but good looking. My body was tight and firm despite a century of glorious blood-letting, and my taste in clothing ...was glorious.

However, I could only take moments, for I had work to do. Just because the sun was up did not mean that I could rest. Not yet. I usually rested a few hours before dusk, missing the sunset and rising into the night.

In Govan's absense, I had been left in charge along with Nathan. Nathan would handle the public sun related duties, while I handled the private and miserably evil duties, like torture, killing, and running our wars.

The Knights hated me. To them, I was an expression of evil. I had no honour, for I killed people to live.

The Sneaks didn't trust me. If there is one person who could outdo an assassin or thief - would be a vampire.

The Arctics were probably the people who trusted me the most. They didn't sense inherent evil in me. They sensed a person who was even decent, just forced by nature and fate to kill to live.

Though torture was fun. But speaking of torture...

It was time to wake Eli up.

Outcast Nobility | NimbleFingers

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Craning his neck slightly as he rose, Adam moved over to the door, placing his hand gently upon it.

Not just yet, I can still feel the warmth of the days sun.

Being a trueblood noferatu, Adam had never seen the sun, nor did he ever long to see it.

Those that had been turned had to deal with the longing to see the sun rise once again, however he had no such yearning.

Moving over to his desk he sat down upon the lightly padded chair, looking down upon the desk he opened the leather bound book thumbing slowly through the pages.

Memorizing the words within the grimoire, every incantation had to be etched into his mind perfectly.

Grimacing slighty as the twinging of his belly let him know it was nearly time to feed.

Scowling slightly as he gently closed the book.

When in the nine hells is that acursed sun going to go down.

Can't very well feed in the daylight.

Chuckling softly, he stood up and moved to the door once again.

Still warm.

Adam moved over to the bed to lay down for a rest, he had a big night ahead of him.

The old assasin lay his head down knowing the sun would eventually succumb to the power of the night.

Waiting till the comfort of the chill night air, he closes his eyes.

~Noble Sectistica~
~Order Sectica | Outcast Nobility~
~Keeper of Shadows~


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The shining sun bit harshly into Tarrant's flesh, being wholly unaccustomed to any sort of exposure. He longed for his spire-like fortress, immersed in the bowels of a great forest many, many, many leagues from this spot. It was cool there, the sun rarely peeked through the canopy and there always seemed to be a perpertual sort of mist that hung low on the topsoil. The only aspect that did not hold resemblance to any other deep forest was the express lack of any sort of wildlife, unless you counted the plants. The plants seemed more carnivorous than the animals these days.

Why he was here, on this forsaken (Actually, it was rather beautiful, but too radically different for his taste. Tarrant rather disliked being optimistic.) island of Ynis Sci, he really could not tell you. He had held countless prior allegiances with more reason and logic behind them, yet he had never been a picky man and he rarely questioned his instincts. They had told him to be on the island during the dry season (Sort of vague, he realized, but he had the feeling that he was right on time.), and lo, here he was.

He had never been this far away from his homeground for many years, perhaps even decades. He never really had favored spanning a gap across water, so he usually managed to avoid it. However, patience had been lagging since his self-imposed respite from the outside world, for he had not had any interactions since the disbanding of the Dark Aristocracy (He rather favored memory of that group, they had their priorities straight.) So when the call had come, he had been quick to answer.

So now he stood there, watching his skin turn a unfortunate shade of pink, stopped completely on this cobblestone cartpath in one of the alleyways of Vien'd'nea. A lazy bird passed by overhead and some kind of odd, four-legged beast prowled gracefully through the shadows (He figured it wasn't a Cat, given the interesting double-tail). It was at this point that he realized, much to his chagrin, that while his gut feeling had been rather insistent on Ynis Sci and Vien'd'nea, it did not say anything about specific buildings or persons to seek out. Now, this could pose a slight problem.

When the name Ynis Sci had come to him, he could not recollect anything about it. This was very odd for Tarrant, given his greatly extensive travel through the world (Though not really recently, he was quite a worldly man) and taste for historical locales. It had taken porous research of musty volumes to even find a reference to the place, which he assumed was just recently inhabited once again, as the history prior to this point had been inconclusive. But when he had found the location, he had traveled as hastily as he could in good sense.

He figured he would just an inn, or at least something possessing adequate shade so that he could heal his skin without further irritation interrupting his ministrations. He was too vain to let himself remain sunburned.

"Great." He muttered to himself, cursing his persuasive intuition in a couple different languages, one of which had been dead for over 200 years.

Finding a decent place to sit, he relaxed for a second and took a draw from his waterskin. The drink was refreshing, though he wasn't particularly thirsty. As the cool water coursed down his throat, he experienced the oddest affinity for a word that had randomly popped into his head.


Shrugging the feeling off, he finished his drink, wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand and continued on his directionless way.

A Wanderer, Home in RONIN.
Human's Resident Asshole and Worthless Officer.
"Don't look so surprised - It's only dogma,"
The Alien Prophet Cried.


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The young elf priestess stirred with the warm rays of a new day. Turning onto her back, she simply lay there taking in the peaceful sounds and smells that came with it.

Isonia be praised, She thought to herself, It has been to long since I felt this happy

With that thought, she turned to her consort, sitting on the edge of the bed. After pulling on his last boot he turned to her and leaned in.

I didn't expect you to rise so soon my love, he whispered to her after a small kiss to her forehead, You had a busy night last night. Isonia has never known a more faithful priestess

She smiled at his kiss, and her ebony liips grew broader still at his words. It was tough she knew having a lover who was married first to her faith, but no complaint was ever sent towards her.

Well, 'Lord' Shadowborn, , she teased him by stressing his new title, perhaps Isonia will grant me a night with her newest general in the near future

Moving to kiss her again, a sharp knock on the door, brought the knights head around. That was Pern he knew and his duty called him as Nightblooms had called her. With a quick kiss, not the soft one he had planned, Shadowborn was up and gone. As the door closed behind him his last words echoed off the walls.

I would wait a lifetime

~ half an hour later ~

The Dark elf walked with Pern, his brother in arms, through the streets of Vien'd'nea. He wasn't expected for the days duties for many hours hence, but as the newest knight in the order he was anxious not to be late.

It's amazing how swiftly life makes it's changes, his mind wondered, Two years ago, I was guarding noble caravans and today I'm the one taking them.

Chuckling to himself he glanced to his stoic companion who had said little during their walk. It had been Capernicus himself who had dragged from his steed and taken him prisoner, but it was Nightbloom who had shown him the way of Isonia and the wrongs he had been commiting in the names of the nobles.

So here he was. Dedicated to a new path that proved to be much more rewarding to the spirit than any he had taken before. He was here for Nightbloom and Isonia.

The two women he loved the most.

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Heh. First post.. and I get the wrong alt. Typical.

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The dawn came.

Anandreas looked toward it impassively, unblinking in its morning light. Today, he thought, is the beginning of a new era - for soon the outcasts will return from beyond the seas, from the haven of Ynis Sci. He was one of the knights of the Order Milistica, an average swordsman - just as he was an average man. Pale yet tanned skin matched with dark hair and eyes, he could have fit in any one of a thousand villages and none would have looked at him twice - none would have known him. Four years.. four years it has been, and still I know nothing. Four years ago he had awoken with no memory, on the outskirts of a forest near a village where noone knew him. He did not know himself - what he did know, had come from the images that haunted him still.

He shook his head, then started again on his patrol around Fort Sci. From the walls he could see the sun rising above the hills to the west, its rays illuminating the city of Vien'd'nea, where only now the common folk were awakening. His watch was near an end, for hours he had been keeping an eye out for anything untoward, him along with the other knights. He knew there was nothing to fear - for now. Soon though.. soon there would be enemies enough to assault Ynis Sci and the Outcasts, and in preparation for that day every man must perform diligently and wholeheartedly. Yet still.. he thought, glancing at the sun, has it only been four years?

With the dawn gone, a new guard came to replace him, and he descended from the walls and entered the fort proper - hoping at last to get some rest.

Outcast Nobility


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Bluril Smelt the morning sea smell of Judas Bay, he had just arived. He was new to the order of Outcast Nobility and wanted to get to know people.

He liked the sea, being an Elf coming from the forests he was new to it, he love just sitting out on the docks watching the sea birds fly.

Come patsy, let us go find a good "sea pub".

Umm Master?

Yes Patsy?

I dont think there called "Sea pubs" I think there just pubs

SILANCE! do not ever corect me for I am always right!
now come.

Bluril walked into a dark but homey pub, and looked around. then he went to the bar.

Yes I would like some of you best "Sea Rum"!

Umm we dont have "sea rum" sire, i dont know what your talking about, but i can get you some normal good oll rum if ye like sire

bluril flustered looked around to see if any one had heard him get corected, it seemed like no one had heard.

Yes, Yes that will be fine thank you

the bar tender passed a mug full with rum and Bluril went and found a seat in the conner to have a smoke.

Hate on Fire is better than knowledge on ice
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The sun tore through the cracks in the wall like a dull knife, suddenly splashing through a small cloud and directly through Torryd's bronze eyelids. He didn't exactly have sorrows to drown, but just in case, he had become well-accustomed to fill himself up to capacity in case any showed up in need of a golden brew of a watery grave. Panicking, he pulled the thin soiled excuse for a blanket over his face, but unfortunately, his eyelids shielded his frail irises more than the blanket would.


Torryd gave a greeting to all those within earshot, mostly those who were still passed out between his walls and the closest tavern, a mere five feet away. The decrepit shack he called his humble abode was empty up until three weeks prior, probably deemed unsanitary by a starving widow and her seven kids or something, but location is everything, and a hard feculent surface with a pillow (a sack of some kind of grain, quite possibly... oh, it's not important) and blanket was exactly that.

Reluctantly rising to the greeting of the piercing light of the fiery evil of the sun, he pulled a grizzled jerkin over his head and stepped into some nearly intact boots. Stretching exaggeratively, he grabbed his belt from the only other thing besides the bed in the entire structure, a wooden block used as a makeshift fashionable bed table. Strapping it around his waist, Torryd secured the slightly rusted sabre tucked away in the attached sheath.

Hobbling slowly to the knobless door, he shoved at the nearly functional collection of worn boards, allowing the blazing heat to hit Torryd face first. It was only slightly cooler in the stone shack, but in the direct line of the sun, the heat drained much of his body's water supply, sent to lubricate his most personal crevaces. Torryd's comrades were lucky he swam so much, or he'd hardly be tolerable just to be present, but that would probably be more true for his more hefty compatriots. He'd just hate to be in a desert right then.

After standing and moaning quietly for a few moments, he realized he was very late for duty. Especially considering guard was tightened recently, he'd best hurry.

Torryd - Outcast Nobility

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My temper was getting the better of me, I noted absently. I also 'absently' noticed my hands and jaw clenching, heart racing, blood pounding...I forced myself to take slow deep breaths. Must..not...kill..

Liao! Wait up. I called down the hall at the back of the man-thing I hated more than anything. He slowed slightly, and I caught up with him.

Is Govan back yet? The people are starting to slip free of their binds. You know you can't keep them from killing eachother for too long..

Was that a flit of irritation I saw cross his face? Maybe. With the vampire, it was always hard to tell.

You can't go out during the day, Nathan is as good a lord as a mush-rat. I don't know what the Raven sees in him, unless she likes them quiet and submissive.

I fell silent as we passed a group of people, and I nodded amicably. They slid by us, and I noticed from a window that the sun had sunk below the horizon.

Oh! Sun's down. I guess you need to um... I let myself trail off before continuing. Feed?

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Liao! Wait up!

I paused, grimacing. Vridik. Ugh, by the gods I disliked that man...I quickly schooled my face into a less annoyed one and turned slightly as he caught up. I resumed walking, having to finish a few tasks before I slid out for the night. Unfortunately, Vridic seemed to have the urge to talk. I put on my mildly interested face and tried to tune him out.

I tuned in long enough to hear him ask if Govan was back, and I shook my head. I don't know if he heard me - he kept talking. Would this man NEVER shut up? I thought in annoyance. I quickly pulled myself under control.

The more I listened to him, the more I wish I hadn't promised Govan I would never feed off her subjects. Listening to him bitch and moan like a whiny child was never fun. But the last bit of his conversation...

Don't you have to go...feed?

I glanced over at Vridic, a brow raised. He looked mildly uncomfortable - every one did when I actually paid attention to them.

Yes, I guess I do. Are you offering yourself to save myself the trouble?

Outcast Nobility | NimbleFingers

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Ugh! No, not on me! I shuddered, dropping back a step. It seemed that Liao took it as a dismissal and left - not that I wanted to follow him any longer. My hand rose to my neck and I rubbed it thoughtfully. Another shudder ran through my body as I thought of his invitation..

Maybe it was true, then. The vampire preferred men..


Turning, I began to move down the hall in the other direction. The moon would rise soon, and it was time for me to meet the others..

Some of us hated the idea of the Outcasts. Some of us preferred the old days. Simple pirates, not bound by stupid religion, or stupid honour. The Knights and the Arctics really got under my skin in a way I never knew something could. Always preaching about wrong and right, always preaching about Isonia's gifts and grace.

What had She ever done for us? What had honour ever gotten us? A trip to the scaffolding, maybe.

Yet others of my former order were able to fit in here. It was, after all, a rule of survival. Live under the thumb while stealing its money. And that was what my people were doing.

But still! Now that Govan was gone on some silly quest after some silly dream, it was time to uprise, and take over! It could be done, and we were planning nightly.

Already our spies were stirring up stories about unfairness and special treatment. Bonds between the three main groups on Sci were fraying.

Soon, it would be time to take over, time to purge the island of Knights and Arctics.

And I...

I would be the one to drive the stake through that Vampire's dark heart.


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I gave a long drawn out yawn as I awoke from my sleep... I haven�t even opened my eyes yet and I could feel the warm of the sun. I crack open my eyes from underneath the covers I could see the sun�s ray trying to creep in from underneath the shutters of the window.

Ah well as long as that stays outside and I�m inside... it can creep all it wants to.

I duck my head underneath the covers again.

Where�s Govan? I miss her so much. I wish she would come back already. That reminds me where is the rest of the people at? I�m surprise that no one has came to wake me up. I gave a little laugh... Aye at least I can get little shuteyes before they come and get me.

For being so young I do sleep more then the rest of the adults.

I gave a small little smile and propped back under the covers...

Outcast Nobility
The Young Arctic, Be afriad. Be Very Afraid.

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[ooc: With the permission of Torryd.]

He descended the stairs, and was passing by the gate when a fellow guardsman stumbled into him. With a snarl, he shoved the guard off of him and dusted the mud that had splattered onto his uniform off.

Watch yourself fool! I haven't spent half the night on these walls, only to get bowled over as soon as I get off them! Look at me while I talk to you!

The fellow had stumbled around after being shoved, his eyes kept to the ground. Now however he -nearly- snapped to attention perfectly, and looked Anandreas straight in the eye. Taking a stepped forward, he peered carefully at the guardsman. Bloodshot eyes.. slightly wobbly on his feet obviously.. and a smell of..

Drink. You would drink before going on duty! Who is your commanding officer knight?

Soon the outcasts would goto war and could ill afford such uncommitted knights, they were a weakness that too often they themselves had exploited on early morning raids - before coming to Ynis Sci that is. His rest was forgotten for the moment while he planned to make an example of this soldier.. idly he wondered whether the soldier had noticed his lack of rank.

Outcast Nobility


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His post at Fort Sci wasn't entirely that far away, probably about half a mile straight to it if you could go in a straight line, but he was supposed to have been there at daybreak. He couldn't guage what time it was since he couldn't really gaze upwards enough to figure where the sun was, nor did he possess the knowledge to actually figure the time out from that information in the first place. Even after six months in service, he hadn't quite adjusted to the appropriate schedules. Only the gods knew why he thought it was such a good idea to sign up for duty in the first place. Though the two destoryed hulls could attest that he should probably seek new horizons...

Sprinting recklessly, Torryd bumped into numerous people and objects along the way, until he arrived at the fort. There were two guards that recognized him at the main gate, though irritated, they waved him through. As soon as he passed through, he collided with an officer that was just about to leave, whom received and dispatched him in a few seconds. Dazed, he wavered for a moment while the officer shouted at him. Regaining his bearings, Torryd peered back at him.

"Hey! I didn't drink before duty! I drank before sleeping."

He was only satisfied with that answer for a split second. Dusting himself off for a moment, he realized he needed to actually wash his clothes if he were to look even slightly cleaner. Glancing up at the officer again, he detected high levels of anger and figured he really ought to be on his way.

"Uh, I'm really quite late, so I'm pretty sure I'll be choked a bit when I get upstairs! Would you please excuse me!

The officer's eyes widened marginally, and Torryd figured then that he wasn't going to finish the day unscathed.

Sir! Please excuse me sir!

Torryd - Outcast Nobility

Vincent Verez

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The lone, dark and shadowy figure walked along the long beach. It had happened to him again. He knew not why, nor how, but in his never ending quest to discover his past, he again confronted the fear of a new and different future.

he was ever tomented it seemed. And now he had somehow lost his only friend, Bluril. He had not lost him to death, or to a fight between them, at least he didn't remember it. But He was here with these people now, and his friend was not.

He grabbed a small, smooth stone from the ground and skipped it out into the waves. He thought about how he and his friend had done this before in the Crystal Valley.

Times change, and seemingly more so for Vincent Verez. Who the hell are you Vincent? he yelled at the top of his lungs.

This world was relentless. It would never yield. It would never give into him when he pressured it. He had learned that the only thing that drew him closer to where he wanted to be was when he let go and allowed the world, and the Godess to shape his destiny. And for now it was here. Here among those who were so much like him in every way.

They were all outcastst.

Some times the only thing worse than death...
is life...


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Bluril had finished his mug, and looked around the pub. No one had come up to him to talk, so he decided he better go and find his good friend Vincent.

Much thanks Tender, come Patsy.

With that Bluril left the pub, with his trusty servent patsy following him.

Come I wish to stroll along the beach, I find this place so peacefull

Bluril headed down to the beach, the waves crashed on the white sand in a repetitive song of the sea's.

He looked out at sea, he could see an endless aray of blue and green, with the light of the sun reflecting off the waves like endless dimonds.
He started looking inland down the beach, thats when he saw him, a tall thin dark figure in the distant.

Good old Vincent, it hast to be him,
Bluril Chuckled to himself
Just like him to be wandering off by himself, I better go talk to him

Bluril walked fast to catch up to his friend.

He aproched Vincent from the back.

Vincent? is that you Vincent???

Hate on Fire is better than knowledge on ice
~~Outcast Nobility~~

Alexander Godhand

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As Alex awoke he realized swiftly the sun was still up. Odd...what awoke me.--He sensed it ..fear,hate,rage..a Human, with a stake no less.

People hated vampyres so he couldnt blame him, but death was no option to Alex.
Leave boy or your life will be wasted when you raise that stave.
I will kill you DEMON!!
The man, maybe considered elderly by his own people, raised the stake and lunged for the kill.

You fool!!!! Alex turned, leaped into the air and drew his twin swords which were tied behind his back he landed and ran the man through the heart he then grabed the man...the rest was pure nature. Against his life stlye, but no longer avoidable. His attempt to feed as un-often as possible was too difficult a goal to obtain for long

yummy yummy for my tummy

outcast nobility

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The brothers stepped off of the boat Judas bay, and onto the land of Ynis Sci. The sun shone brightly on their pale skin accustome to the grey overcast skies of Erindale, their home. They wore burgendy robes, each bareing a silver broach in the shape of a hawk, with it's eyes made of sapphire, such was the sybole their adoptive father had taken as the Woodson family crest. The lithe figures stroad smoothly in unison away from the port. Their short swords, each carried two, swung at their hips. Occasionally they caught glances at them from the sides of the street, for they did not exactly fit in there. They were nobles, true lords, owners of land on the mainland. But they were not like those who had cast out the founders of Outcast Nobility, no, not like them at all. Their adoptive father had instilled great values in them. And as in his life, he strove for peace, so did they now, peace which most nobles seemed to apose. And it was that which brought them here, one of the few places where their ideals might be accepted, at least in part.

Guilden and Rosen Woodson
Sons of Mantella Woodson
Rulers of Erindale
Outcast Nobility


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My meeting with Liaojie the other day had left me with a burning anger. That bastard vampire didn't trust me. I knew he would be one of the only ones who would see through my ruses, would try to stop me from taking over. No one else would know until it was too late, and by then they would all be under my command, unable to do anything.

I clenched my fists as I stormed down the dim streets. The sun was setting, and I had to make it to my meeting spot before the vampires would be out. This was the only way I could make sure Liaojie didn't follow me.

There were very few vampires on the island, most of them having wheedled or begged their way into Govan's service. It was a rule, actually, that vampires weren't accepted. Anathema to order, to life. Some more of Govan's rediculous babble.

I realized my emotions were showing through, and quickly schooled my face into a more bland one. I was reaching the harbour area, where the cheaper bars were. There was this particular pirate I was looking for, and I know she would be at this certain place if she was in harbour.

She would be the perfect one to distract Liaojie. Perfect. Of course, that's if the rumour about Govan's pet vampire were untrue..

But first, finding and convincing her.


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I watched through a slitted eye as the sun slipped beyond the horizon. Dusk had settled over the white buildings of Vien'd'Nea like a blanket, and that meant it was time to shed mine.

With a soft groan, I stretched my legs and arms, pulling myself taught. I relented, body curling around the dozing form of my partner. I nuzzled his neck softly, shivering at the softness of his skin, and the cinamonish smell that came from the elf.

Shiao... I felt him stir, and I pulled away slightly, sitting up. The scratchy wool blanket pooled in my lap and I ruffled Shiaojei's blond hair, then flicked one of his elven ears.

Time for me to head to work. I need to track down Vridik. Are you going to sleep, or join me? The groggy answer seemed to push in favour of sleep, and I stood, bare feet padding quietly across the cold stone floor. Not that the cold bothered me much.

I grabbed my clothing, pulling on my pants. The sun had totally set by now, and my hunger started to get the best of me. I pulled on my boots, slung my shirt over my arm, and slid out.

Outcast Nobility | NimbleFingers

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