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Author Continuation of the Way (Ronin hiatus)

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It was muggy riding through the back trails of the murky swamp land that divided the mainland from the shores. Heavy moss cowered from the trees and the humidity was high weighing heavy in the air. The half worn paths were used by black market traders in and out of the port city of Imhabia. One could hardly call them roads at all and few dared to travel them fearing any chance meeting could cost them their lives.

I contemplated the flood of events that had transpired in the days gone by. Much had changed with me yet a chest of gold and jewels from conquests and matches I had won in different cities, would rebuild and help me to reestablish my home. Andrea and Ryker looked eager to place their feet on a more stable ground but my inner stirrings were of Ronin. I had missed their faces, their camaraderie. In the matches that I would enter in different cities, I often looked for their spirit in my opponents, always sadly finding them lacking. Ronin ... they were indeed a breed of their own and it was foremost on my mind to seek out and find everyone that I could.

Mythos took on new life from the mundane ride as his nostrils flared at the first scent of ocean breezes and fresh salt air. His quickened step gave new life to the entourage and escorts. The salt air meant we were nearly home. My mind was on a bottomless ale. The Fiddler Crab and Kerrick would be a sight for sore eyes and the first step to finding those of who I was seeking.


Happy are those who do not fear death. They know no fear and therefore cannot be controlled.

Lucien Starshadow

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Lucien puts on a (obviously faked) wounded expression. Bootlicker? I'm hurt, I'm a respectable business owner here in Imhabia, I even own a trading ship. He exchanges the hurt expression for his customary grin when he sees Kerrick's raised eyebrow after Lucien's last remark. The Stormrider's 'trading' voyages being wellknown in Imhabia.

Hey, it does do some trading. Besides, it keeps the local pirates wary of tangling with Imhabian ships.

Anyways, Norgy is several days ride upriver, he generally stays in his castle at Crossing. I run things for him here in Imhabia.
Settling in to catch up with his friend, Lucien orders a drink.

First blood isn't as important as last blood.

Agent of the RONIN

Yoshimutsu Watanabe

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"Martial law?!" Yoshimutsu queried.

Hai, Yoshimutsu-sama, that's how it appears. There are soldiers posted at both entrances to the town, with roadblocks and a palisade erected all around.

Yoshimutsu scratched behind his topknot, a perplexed expression upon his face. He turned to the man who spoke, the shukenja WuJen. Things had changed rapidly since the Amatsu Mikaboshi had started to make it's presence known, since Yoshimutsu Watanabe had left his lands in the control of Lia Moonflower. The once rigid control of Ronin held territory had waned, and here in the outskirts of previously staunchly loyalist holdings anything could be expected.

Most of the troubles in his homelands, many days march to the east had been resolved, the cells rooted out and destroyed, the Amatsu dispersed once more. Isonia only knew where they'd fled to, and Yoshimutsu cared little.

However, that did not change the situation before him; the town was blocking the path and thick forest surrounded it, making skirting it problematic and time-consuming. He wanted to get back as soon as possible to reclaim the lands of the cherryblossom from the stewardship of the U-nin Lia Moonflower.

Secretly he wished to see Lia herself more than the holdings, but of this none knew - though his two closest aides, the Tsuki-nin Sohei and WuJen suspected that their Jo-nin held some sort of affection for the elfin rogue.

Zero had left hours earlier bearing Yoshimutsu's own gear, thinking themselves safe inside Ronin lands, and Yoshimutsu bore a simple ashigaru's spear instead of the customary dai-sho by his side.

The shukenja WuJen coughed discreetly and Yoshimutsu returned to the present.
Hai, the town. he noted drily.We could rush it; with Sohei leading we will take the town with minimal losses and return it to rightful control.
Hai, watashi no Jo-nin - that we could, but the men are footsore and weary. Yonder militia look like they would throw their weapons down at a decent provocation. A score of men we have here; but I'm sure we could make them think we have ten times that at our command. We could take the town without loss then.

Yoshimutsu paused, peering at his longtime retainer.

Or you could call upon Isonia's favour and level the town to an ember. I swear sometimes I swear you have the heart of a warrior, WuJen.

WuJen laughed, Ie, no, Yoshimutsu-sama. Truth be told I am tired and weary myself, and would rather talk than fight today.
So be it. he concurred, Send the skirmishers Takao and Yamashiro down, advising them that the armies of the Ronin have returned.

Yoshimutsu looked around and smiled wryly. What he'd told was truth enough, though the 'armies' were many leagues behind; the score or so of men all that he could spare that could travel swift enough for his liking.

Watching from the hill he saw the two horsemen ride towards where two guards stood with pikes crossed. Words were exchanged, the expressions on the pikemen's face telling the story in moments. They weren't going to let them pass. Yoshimutsu frowned as the two horsemen returned.

Dismounting effortlessly, the one known as Takao bowed deeply addressing the Jo-nin.
Watashi no Jo-nin, they say that the Baron Tarakona rules here, and requires a toll of one gold per footsoldier, 5 for mounted men.

Yoshimutsu's hazel eyes flashed for a moment at this news. Over two dozen gold pieces, merely for passage! His lips set hard into a thin line as he pondered this obvious brigandry.

Calling for Sohei to accompany him, he hefted the yari he was using as his weapon and strode forward to the gate of the town. Immediately the guards tensed, their pikes crossing to prevent his passage. Planting the butt of the spear firmly in the dirt before both of them Yoshimutsu addressed the guards.

Bring this....Baron to me, in the name of Yoshimutus Watanabe. he commanded.
The two guards blanched, the Jo-nin's name not unknown to them.
We can't, orders are no-one sees the Baron.... offered one.

Yoshimutsu whirled, the butt of the spear rising up in an arc faster than the eye could track, catching the haft of the pike between the man's hands. With a splintering crack! the weapon broken in two, the man staggering backwards. Bringing the weapon to bear on the suddenly shocked second guard, Yoshimutsu repeated his command.

Who are you? queried the first guard, now being covered by the naginata of the warriormonk, Sohei.

I am Ronin, fellow. I am tired, footsore and trying to get home, and will not be bullied by brigands masquerading as Barons.

Wordlessly, the second guard moved to open the gate to let the Ronin through. Yoshimutsu smiled as the guard explained.
We can't take you to him, sir, but we can tell you where he is.
Nodding, Yoshimutsu thanked the man and waved to the remaining troop, motioning them to follow. In moments Yoshimutsu's small band stood before the gate, the guardsmen paling at the visages of the Jo-nin's battle-hardened veterans and skirmishers.

Oh crap.....

Almost jovially, Yoshimutsu spoke softly; You see, one way or another, we are going to rest here, and whether your...'Baron' dines with us, or hangs from a gibbet after we sack this place matters little to me.

The guardsmen blanched, a grin crossing Sohei's face as he listened.
Jo- Yoshimutsu's eyes flashed and Sohei fell silent, the title falling silent on his lips.

A command, and the band of warriors entered the town, the smell of cookfires hanging low in the air and murmurs came from the men who'd had little more than trailfare and the occasional game for the last week. Sohei and another Tsuki-nin, Atashi moved along the men, placating them for the moment..........

[ooc]2am sleeeep time.[/ooc]

Who wants you dead today?
The RONIN know.
Pray someone else is wanted dead more before we get to you.

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It was a gloomy stormy night when a tired travler made her way through the door. Her black dress was drenched and her spear almost decimated from the consistant battles that her journeys brought forth to her. She looks around the room for anyone that she might no. This little elf has pledged her aligance to a worthy guild, with a unbeatable cause.

She goes into a corner and shakes her head to get the last drops of water free from her hair. The young elf places her weapon adjacent to the wall and just watches as people walk around and carry on conversations. Finally some one comes by to get a drink order from the young one.

"May I have some water?"

All she wanted was water, although if she wanted it bad enough she could have gotten if from her own soaked self. Melayne wonders to herself if this place is going to be like the last family she had, or another stressful circle of hell. Either way she was here for the time being and decided that she was going to make the best of it.

Go Seigen

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Go Seigen stretches.

He feels as if he is waking from a long, long sleep...how long he can not know. There were rumours of a world change... then nothing.

He looks around him, and things seem much as before. Slowly, carefully, he explores the world again... things seem much the same.

He starts rebuilding a new realm, he's been down this path a number of times, the initial plan is the same...find some land, start building, collecting followers, preparing for the day. For the day when, once again, the Ronin will ride to war.

The Ronin? Hadn't they gone too? He remember such a thing... an ending to the Ronin.. Yoshimutsu dead, or nearly dieing, the guild disbanding... feeling abandoned, alone, without a place in this world.

Yet, he has found them once again... was that all just a horrid nightmare? A bad dream? There are no answers, no way to find the answers, no way to know. He must just go on. Hope that everything is as it seems, that everything is right.

Yet, yet, there are changes... Divine Light is no longer divine...they have lost the faith. Were they ever of the faith? Or was that just another hallucination? He can not tell, and it disturbs him.


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The womenfolk of this place were soft, Osrick mused, leading an increasingly unruly band through the streets of the village. Human or elfen, there seemed to be much they could learn from a well-heeled Goblin lord, but they pretended to be repulsed nonetheless. Even a trollmistress knew there was little harm in a friendly pat on the rump, pity these sallow skinned folk did not.

Yes, soft of flesh, but their steel was hard enough. Osrick scratched again at the crude stitching on his cheek, where the elfen barmaid's blade had bit deep. His rough Goblin hide would heal on its own, and most of the time a scar was to be worn with pride. This was quite different, as the snickering and whispered jokes of his 'troops' told him often enough. How he had wanted to make an example then and there for these pups, but the local militias would have made short work of his band of mercenaries, and what would that have accomplished? No, better to bear the humiliation and avenge later than to die with the scorn still fresh.

How proud his father would have been, Osrick thought, and spit into the dust.

Stop sniggering and move yer carcasses, you lot! We don't make camp by moonshift, I'll stifle those giggles with my bare hands! Osrick shouted, not even looking behind but hearing the brunt of the chuckling fade. Throughout the human village in which they passed, people peered out at the moving band with a mixture of contempt and fear, not that any in the Goblin ranks cared a whit. Let them stare, they had paid their passage through this sinkhole, and by Isonia they would march down the center of town itself.

They reached the end of the town in a moment, and Osrick stood by the gates as his forces moved through, not the orderly and dignified ranks like the soft peoples liked, but orderly enough for him. People from the village began to go back into the streets, wanting to get a last peer at the scaly mob as it passed. One brave soul took up a stone from the road and hurled it at the departing mob. Osrick, reflexes still as sharp as ever, reached out and caught the missile mid-flight.

As his troops moved steadily down the road, Osrick stood in the center of the town gates, holding the rock aloft as those villagers that stood about gaped at him.

I... appreciate the trinket, Human, but I think we have all..., as they watched, he crushed the stone with his bare hand, the dust streaming into the breeze like a tail,... DUST we will ever have need of. Do not take it into your minds to pursue, fleshmeat! We paid our passage fair, and will not be this way again. You have my word, and only your own blood can break that!

Without another word, the Goblin lord turned, his wiry frame blending to nothing more than a fleeting shadow as he followed his army. They would settle in lands they had bought, as well, and the villagers prayed that it was far from them indeed.

Osrick, Firstpup of King Gracka, had come to stake his own claim on the fading world.

[center]Darkness called... But I was on the phone, so I missed it. I tried to star-69 Darkness, but his machine picked up. I yelled, 'PICK UP THE PHONE, DARKNESS!', but he ignored me. Darkness must have been screening his calls."?[/center

Go Seigen

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Seigen looked around his realm -- all was in reasonably stable order, it was time to pay his favourite tavern a visit, maybe spend a bit of time with old friends.

A quick spell, and he was in Imhabia, just outside the Fiddler Crab tavern. He walked in, seeing Kerrick behind the bar, as usual.

"Kerrick, sake please, and have you seen Yoshimutsu around?"

Go Seigen
wandering Samurai from a far-off land

Lucien Starshadow

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At the sound of Seigen's voice, Lucien looked up from his conversation a little ways down the bar.

Seigen, how are you? Haven't seen you in these parts recently.

First blood isn't as important as last blood.

Agent of the RONIN


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Hearing voices around the place, Melayne looked up letting her eyes pierce out from under her hood, watching the patrons of the realm act out their every day lives. She had a soft heart, but it's been hardened due to heartbreaks of the past.

Getting her drink from the waiter she leaned back in her chair listening in to the conversations of her now guildies, and visitors of the realm. This place seemed fine for now. Melayne wondered who she would have to talk to in order to make her place in the guild of Ronin.

Go Seigen

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Seigen looks up as he hears Lucien greet him. Then walks over towards his compatriot.

"Lucien, good to see you. Has it been a long time? I can't tell, it feels like a long time, and yet, I can't remember any passing of time. Things seem changed, yet again, they seem unchanged as well. I begin to wonder if I have, somehow accidentally, once again walked between worlds -- but between worlds that are so close to the same that it seems they are nigh to the same."

Seigen frowns.

"I'm sorry... that's mighty heavy conversation for sharing over a drink."

"How have you been, and how fares your master?"


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After several more days in the wild, the roving Goblin band had reached their new post. The land itself was swampy and had somewhat of a vile odor, hence the price had been so right. Not that the Goblins cared. It felt like home.

Tents and then more sturdy structures were hastily built. Over all this Osrick watched, still absentmindedly itching at the scar on his cheek. If all went according to his plan, he could very well be his own king in time. As much as he knew that was a far long porposition, imagining himself with a golden crown amuzed him.

He was roused from his reverie when a stick slapped into his shoulder. It wasn't overlarge, and had long, decorative bands of painted on blood. A child's toy, an elfing stick. Damned pups.

Blast it all! Keep those whelps away from the work or I'll see to it they join it! Osrick was not happy to be woken by such sillyness as a whelpgame. He wheeled about, looking to find the culprit who had struck him. His next string of curses died on his lips, replaced by a sly, toothy grin.

A little Goblin lass looked back at him, not more than a few months of a pup and already having little or no fear. Her tiny eyes narrowed, staring first at the Goblin lord's imperious stare, then at the elfing stick.

...you can't keep that, you know... because... ummm... I need it for.. training! the Goblin lass put out her hand, and Osrick was pleased to note it shook only a little bit. Without taking his eyes off the little one, he placed the elfing stick in her small hand.

As fast as a hornet, the stick was aloft again, this time sailing from the child's arm to a waiting group of otyher young Goblins, who had stood quietly cowering a few dozen yards away. Osrick was more than a little pleased to see how deftly the missile was aimed, jamming into the dirt at one of the other lads' feet. The lass looked back at him, as if sensing his admiration.

Thank you, father. and, grinning ear to ear, she went running backl to her playmates, hardly paying any attention to their astonished expressions.

Little Kenrok was his pride and joy these days as ever, afact that his mate was none too pleased with of late. She had gone baren after the Goblin lass' birth, but Osrick had still steadfastly refused to take on concubines as was customary. Thus the leader of this Goblin settlement had but one child, while the entirety of the camp bred at the fastest rate they could muster. Osrick did not care, and he doted on his pup.

Tell yer mother I went to the town, pup! Osrick shouted as the gaggle of little ones came streaming by again. They stopped at his commanding shout, and Kenrok muscled forward from the group and bowed low to him. Osrick expected subservient behavior from all others but her, and he fumed at the gesture. Kenrok, grinning again so much that her pointed green ears wiggled, stood again and rushed off to Osrick's growing fortress.

Damned whelp will be the death of me yet. Osrick motioned on of his subbordinates over, and informed him to keep the watch and eye things while he was away. The scrawny fellow nodded and rushed off, flush with pride at even this temporary bit of command.

In a few hours ride, he and his guards found themselves in a place known as Imhabia, and Osrick's first order of business was to seek the tavern. A strong drink would suit him well, he knew, and his guards might need a drop or so.

They tied their horses outside the Fiddler Crab tavern. A bit clean for his tastes, but a drink was a drink was a drink, as his father had said. Pulling himself to his full height, he muscled through the door, noting the people already there with a wary eye before approaching the bar.

Ale. Strong. Lots of it.

Without much else said, Osrick led his small party to an unoccupied table, then looked at the letter he had been given, asking for his allegiance. He had come here to read it in peace, but the script was a simple summons and an offer. As the first mugs came, he was done with it, his mind made.

For the now, he would pledge his goblins to the cause of the Ronin. What place more suited than that, and fealty could be lifted if the need arose. His people would need support until they were strong. He pondered if some of those here at this tavern were of that group, and decided to wait and listen a bit.

Ugly Humanslasher

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Ugly looks up from his pitcher of ale, which pitcher he was on, he had no idea, he'd lost count quite some time ago. Lucien suddenly calling out to someone had caught his attenion. Since he'd been paying more attenion to making sure that his pitcher didn't run dry than he did to Lucien, he started to looked around to see who Lucien was calling to. After having his curiousity quenched he returned to attempting to quench his seemingly undending thirst.

After spending a fair amount of time with Lucien and listening to what Ugly was sure were slightly exagrated stories, he decided that he would take a walk and clear his head some. He excused himself in his usual goblin way, of a belch and the patting of his chest

Lucien, I be back, need walk around bar. Have much gas built up, need big burp! No want to scare others. We talk later, I go walk around now.

After leaving the table Ugly decided to walk around the bar and see if he happened to know anyone else that might have happened to stumble into the area he currently plans to call home.

Why is American beer served cold? So you can tell it from urine. - David Moulton

AGM of Legion of Steel,
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Having answered the call of the open road before Yoshimutsu's departure, Ozymandius was less affected by the loss. Really, he didn't accept it as fact, passing it off as just another story heard on the road. He hoped the man hadn't really gone...hoped to find the RONIN intact. If they were no more, he didn't really have a backup plan...but something always presented itself. He'd simply go on, as he always had.

He was getting older now, trading lightning reflexes bit by bit for an almost psychic ability to read an opponent and counter his blows almost before he decides where to strike. He didn't have any choice, really, it was either adapt to old age or die. Still, if he could predict out of necessity what a man would do before he even made his decision...imagine what a warrior he might have been if he'd cultivated the gift in his youth.

Ozymandius found himself doing that more and more these days, wistfully pondering his misspent youth and daydreaming about the future he wouldn't live to see. Maybe that's why he came back. Maybe it had been too long since "home" had had any meaning for him...

His thoughts turned again to the life he should have had...the gardens, his little house by the river, his intended. All gone, now, burned in a heathen "missionary" raid... more than thirty years of vengeance later, it still wasn't enough. Maybe killing heretical swine wouldn't heal him, but ut sure as hell did a better job of masking his pain than any drink or drug he'd tried.

"I'm getting too old for this shit," he muttered, letting his scabby nag pick her own way over what had in better days passed for a road.

I am Ozymandius, King of Kings
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

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Ancalagon paused in the shadows, the alley shrouded in darkness except for the torch light filtering down from the street.

It had been many days since the separation of the Ronin, he had sought other opportunities to increase his profits in other lands but now he returned to the only thing he could loosely consider a home.

Opening a door on one wall of the alley just enough to allow his passage he slipped into smoky room beyond. The room was much the same as it had been, a chair sat at a dagger scarred table that had been Ancalagon's preffered place to conduct his business. Although he had been away Kerrick had ensured that the room remained, ready should he return.

He walked to the doorway that seperated his room from the tavern commons and moved the curtain aside just enough to allow him to see in. He saw a couple of familiar faces as well as some he did not recognise. Letting the curtain slip back with barely a twitch Ancalagon sat at his table, he would let the others become aware of his presence soon enough but not just yet.

And with a grin drank the blood of holy swine
Impurity made the blood turn into wine.

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Lucien Starshadow

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I've been fine, Seigen, still managing the boss's affairs here in Imhabia, occasionally I manage to fit in a chance to go out hunting with the Stormrider, the rest of the time it acts as a trading vessel. The halfelf pauses as he drains his mug and signals for more.

Norgarth is still operating out of Crossing, with contributions from the merchants guilds in Crossing and Imhabia he's been keeping the watchkeeps along the Emperor's Highway garrisoned, but a lot of the Ronin's border territories are now infested with bandits, warlords, rebels and heathens.

Just then Ugly stands and informs Lucien that he taking a walk. Just make sure you wait until you're on the other side of the room before you cut loose Ugly.

As he turns back to his conversation with Go Seigen, Lucien catches a flicker of movement from the corner of his eye, but a second look revealed nothing but a curtained doorway. Probably just a breeze. he thinks to himself, returning his attention to his companion.

First blood isn't as important as last blood.

Agent of the RONIN

Lia MoonFlower

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Her hands slowly caressed the brigandine armor, her eyes closed in thought as to how it felt to be pressed against his cheek, Yoshimutsu's arms wrapped around her in those final hours before he said goodbye. A solitary tear slowly made it's way down Lia's cheek as she stood there, memories washing over her - from seeing the Jo-nin first awake back in his keep after his serious wounding at the hands of RKoR, from his pulling her into a kiss from the fog of his mind... from yer yelling at him that he was injured and that he had no right to be up and his righteous fury... from watching him from across the room, eyes practically closed from the lack of sleep and her mind screaming for a few minutes of rest.

"I'd give everythin' I have right now to be able t' look at him, t' be in his arms and held, t' be able to just stare into his eyes..." Lia whispered to the armor, completely unaware of anyone else's prescence in the room.

She drew in a shaky breath, then turned around, her mossy eyes affixing on John London. "All right. If his stuff is here, then where in the nine hells is HE?" she demanded, throwing open closets and the like, searching for the missing Jo-nin.

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I am your mistress, your queen...
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Ugly Humanslasher

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After much belching and comotion, Ugly decided to go sit at the bar. He needed another drink. Besides that, after the display of his less than refined display in the bar, there were few that would allow the likes of him at their tables. Ugly just ignored the strange looks he recieved from the customers that happened to look his way. Obviously they hadn't seen many goblins as refined as he is.

Barkeep, another pitcher me building big thirst

Why is American beer served cold? So you can tell it from urine. - David Moulton

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Kerrick Halfhand

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Kerrick deftly poured a small tumbler of sake from the bottle below the bar, the house bottle, not the bottle of special sake that was gifted by another Isonian lord long ago, a bottle not opened yet by the Jo-nin.

Placing the tumbler on the bar before the U-nin Go Seigen, he spoke;

Well that depends, Master Seigen. I haven't seen him around, no, but some mighty strange things started happening not long ago. The Ronin are certainly back aren't they? I mean, you'd know and all, being one of the higherups and all?
Lia and that John London fellow are upstairs, Master StarShadow is here....

He trailed off as the person in question hails Go Seigen from down the bar. A twitch of a curtain out of the corner of his eye caused a momentary raise of an eyebrow. The curtain was to the back room, sole province of Ancalagon the black, and that told the story more eloquently than any word could. If Ancalagon was about, then a profit was to be made, and tied to Ronin names and accounts, indeed.

Kerrick shook his head to clear it and went to watching the common room once more, now full of even more unsavoury and strange people than it had ever been before....

Bartender/Owner of the Fiddler Crab Tavern

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